Warehouse 13

Warehouse 13

Drama5 SeasonsTV14
Eddie McClintock, Joanne Kelly, Saul Rubinek
Two government agents search the country for supernatural objects.
  • Pilot Part 1
    Pilot Part 1
    Episode 145 mins
    Two government agents search the country for supernatural objects.
  • Pilot, Part 2
    Pilot, Part 2
    Episode 244 mins
    Two government agents search the country for supernatural objects.
  • Resonance
    Episode 344 mins
    Pete and Myka must stop a team of bank robbers who have an unusual weapon; Artie pinpoints the breach at the warehouse.
  • Magnetism
    Episode 444 mins
    Pete and Myka are sent to investigate a town where the inhabitants are acting out their subconscious desires; Artie is puzzled by the building's sudden energy surges.
  • Claudia
    Episode 543 mins
    Artie is kidnapped by a woman who blames him for the death of her brother.
  • Elements
    Episode 643 mins
    Pete and Myka are sent to New York City to investigate a stolen sculpture.
  • Burnout
    Episode 743 mins
    Pete and Myka must complete the hunt for an artifact for a long-dead agent.
  • Implosion
    Episode 843 mins
    Myka and Pete rejoin Secret Service detail to intercept a samurai sword.
  • Duped
    Episode 943 mins
    While in Las Vegas on a retrieval, Myka is trapped in Lewis Carroll's mirror.
  • Regrets
    Episode 1043 mins
    Pete and Myka are sent to investigate a rash of unexplained suicides at a Florida prison; Claudia decides to change a light bulb with the help of an artifact.
  • Breakdown
    Episode 1143 mins
    Pete, Myka and Claudia find themselves trapped in the warehouse while Artie is away.
  • Nevermore
    Episode 1243 mins
    Myka discovers that her father has a bifurcated artifact that belonged to Edgar Allan Poe.
  • MacPherson
    Episode 1343 mins
    The team discovers that MacPherson is auctioning artifacts he has siphoned from the Warehouse shelves.
  • Time Will Tell
    Time Will Tell
    Episode 143 mins
    McPherson escapes after setting an explosion and Myka and Pete search for clues.
  • Mild Mannered
    Mild Mannered
    Episode 243 mins
    A vigilante with an artifact is cleaning up the mean streets of Detroit.
  • Beyond Our Control
    Beyond Our Control
    Episode 343 mins
    The teams finds themselves in the middle of a B movie with cowboys, gladiators, robots and beach storming marines.
  • Age Before Beauty
    Age Before Beauty
    Episode 443 mins
    Pete and Myka try to uncover what is making the super models age 50 years.
  • 13.1
    Episode 543 mins
    A computer update triggers a virus within the Warehouse 13 system, resulting in a lockdown that leaves the team trapped inside the compound.
  • Around the Bend
    Around the Bend
    Episode 643 mins
    Pete searches for a walking stick that creates earthquakes; Myka discusses Pete with Kate.
  • For the Team
    For the Team
    Episode 743 mins
    Myka and Claudia investigate mysterious deaths on a wrestling team.
  • Merge With Caution
    Merge With Caution
    Episode 843 mins
    The agents hope to spend a weekend relaxing until an artifact gets in the way.
  • Vendetta
    Episode 943 mins
    Someone is using Artie's artifacts to commit a series of murders.
  • Where and When
    Where and When
    Episode 1043 mins
    Pete and Myka use H.G. Wells' time machine to travel back to 1961.
  • Buried
    Episode 1143 mins
    Mrs. Frederic becomes ill and Pete, Myka and H.G race to save her.
  • Reset
    Episode 1243 mins
    After the events at Warehouse 2, the team tries to stop a new threat.
  • Secret Santa
    Secret Santa
    Episode 1343 mins
    The team prepares to celebrate the holidays in snowy South Dakota, Pete and Myka are called upon to hunt down a malevolent Santa Claus.
  • The New Guy
    The New Guy
    Episode 143 mins
    Warehouse 13's newest agent, Steve Jinks, is on his first mission accompanying Pete to solve mysterious deaths related to a covert banking conference Denver.
  • Trials
    Episode 243 mins
    Myka gets thrown into a new case in which the witnesses fall into dementia.
  • Love Sick
    Love Sick
    Episode 343 mins
    Artie gets called into a case in which the victims disintegrate into clay.
  • Queen for a Day
    Queen for a Day
    Episode 443 mins
    Pete's ex-wife comes to town to remarry.
  • 3...2...1
    Episode 543 mins
    Three generations of Warehouse agents have unsuccessfully been able to retrieve an artifact that has vaporized three separate victims and is about to destroy a packed baseball stadium.
  • Don't Hate the Player
    Don't Hate the Player
    Episode 643 mins
    The team rescues video game developers, and a Van Gogh painting makes for a "Stormy Night."
  • Past Imperfect
    Past Imperfect
    Episode 743 mins
    Myka finds Leo, who brings back painful memories and escapes again with a device that allows him to freeze time.
  • The 40th Floor
    The 40th Floor
    Episode 842 mins
    Agents have Stukowski under interrogation, but more regents are still in danger.
  • Shadows
    Episode 943 mins
    The team has to determine how anyone who angers a woman is instantly vaporized.
  • Insatiable
    Episode 1043 mins
    Zombies are on the prowl and a member of the team will be lost.
  • Emily Lake: Part 1
    Emily Lake: Part 1
    Episode 1185 mins
    The group must stop a crazed man.
  • Stand: Part 2
    Stand: Part 2
    Episode 1243 mins
    The group must stop a crazed man.
  • The Greatest Gift
    The Greatest Gift
    Episode 1339 mins
    After being hit on the head by an artifact, Pete Lattimer wakes up to a life where he was never born.
  • A New Hope
    A New Hope
    Episode 142 mins
    The team's only hope is racing to the other side of the Earth to hunt down an obscure and dangerous artifact.
  • An Evil Within
    An Evil Within
    Episode 243 mins
    Pete and Myka investigate a mysterious case where mobs of angry people are hallucinating.
  • Personal Effects
    Personal Effects
    Episode 343 mins
    All hands are on deck to prevent a small town from being wiped off the map when a box of artifacts is accidently unleashed.
  • There's Always a Downside
    There's Always a Downside
    Episode 443 mins
    Pete and Claudia reunite with Hugo to track down a deadly artifact at his nephew's prep school; Myka and Steve investigate an artifact that is killing a musician in New Orleans.
  • No Pain, No Gain
    No Pain, No Gain
    Episode 543 mins
    Pete and Myka investigate a hockey player who is miraculously recovering from his injuries; Claudia is invited to a mysterious lunch with Mrs. Frederic; Artie and Steve have discovered that someone is stealing artifacts from the warehouse.
  • Fractures
    Episode 643 mins
    The team discovers someone has stolen Lewis Carroll's mirror from the warehouse.
  • Endless Wonder
    Endless Wonder
    Episode 743 mins
    Pete and Myka cross paths with an inquisitive drug company exec; a pill is making people taller; Artie, Steve and Claudia track Brother Adrian to his hideout.
  • Second Chances
    Second Chances
    Episode 843 mins
    Pete and Myka investigate a case of people rusting away; Steve and Claudia visit Steve's hometown to end his dependence on the Metronome; Artie tells the truth about Brother Adrian and his use of the Astrolabe.
  • The Ones You Love
    The Ones You Love
    Episode 943 mins
    Brother Adrian sends deadly artifacts to the agents' loved ones; Mrs. Frederic and Steve discover the truth about Artie and Adrian.
  • We All Fall Down
    We All Fall Down
    Episode 1043 mins
    Artie tries to release a deadly virus that could wipe out half the world's population.
  • The Living and the Dead
    The Living and the Dead
    Episode 1143 mins
    Pete and Myka race to stop a global plague before it kills half the world's population.
  • Parks and Rehabilitation
    Parks and Rehabilitation
    Episode 1243 mins
    Pete and Claudia investigate a series of earthquake-related accidents.
  • The Big Snag
    The Big Snag
    Episode 1343 mins
    Pete and Myka are transported into a crime novel.
  • The Sky's the Limit
    The Sky's the Limit
    Episode 1443 mins
    Mrs. Frederic introduces Artie to Abigail Chow, the new B&B manager.
  • Instinct
    Episode 1543 mins
    HG Wells contacts Pete and Myka out of the blue to give them a tip, launching an investigation into an artifact that scares people to death.
  • Runaway
    Episode 1643 mins
    When a volcanic event at an Ark. State Prison allows two inmates to escape, Pete, Myka and Steve must partner with a U.S. Marshal to track down the fugitives.
  • What Matters Most
    What Matters Most
    Episode 1743 mins
    When residents of a posh gated community begin to be affected by a mysterious, versatile artifact, Myka and Pete investigate.
  • Lost & Found
    Lost & Found
    Episode 1843 mins
    A lead on a cache of artifacts stolen from Warehouse 12 by the infamous pirate, Roaring Dan Seavey.
  • All the Time in the World
    All the Time in the World
    Episode 1943 mins
    The team tracks an evil alchemist who has bronzed Claudia and stolen the only artifact that can reverse the process; Claudia's condition apparently affects both Mrs. Frederic and the Warehouse.
  • The Truth Hurts
    The Truth Hurts
    Episode 2043 mins
    The evil alchemist Paracelsus is on the run, and Pete and Myka must stop him before he achieves immortality; Myka fights what appears to be a losing battle against cancer.
  • Endless Terror
    Endless Terror
    Episode 143 mins
    Claudia, Steve and Artie discovers Paracelsus has turned the Warehouse into a house of horrors.
  • Secret Services
    Secret Services
    Episode 243 mins
    Pete and Myka investigate a series of victims drowning and run into a pair of fellow Secret Service agents with a secret.
  • A Faire to Remember
    A Faire to Remember
    Episode 342 mins
    Pete and Steve search for an artifact that makes a horseless chariot and a life-size chess piece come to life; Claudia combines artifacts in a desperate attempt to revive her sister.
  • Savage Seduction
    Savage Seduction
    Episode 443 mins
    Kelly tries to save her grandmother, who is trapped in a soap opera; Claudia and Steve investigate an artifact that duplicates its users.
  • Cangku Shisi
    Cangku Shisi
    Episode 543 mins
    Valda tries to move the warehouse to China and use Claudia's comatose sister as a puppet caretaker.
  • Endless
    Episode 643 mins
    The team struggles with the news that Warehouse 13 will be moving to a new host country.

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