Unsolved Mysteries

Unsolved Mysteries

Crime12 SeasonsTVPG
Reenactments and interviews retell the circumstances of unsolved crimes, tales of lost love, unexplained history and paranormal events.
  • Episode #01
    Episode #01
    Episode 147 mins
    The Zodiac killer and the Unabomber; teenager recovers from a rare disorder; Georgia school teacher's killer on the lam.
  • Episode #02
    Episode #02
    Episode 244 mins
    Margaux Hemingway's suicide; playboy con man poses as a British race car driver; the death of two college students in Georgia.
  • Episode #03
    Episode #03
    Episode 345 mins
    The suicide of '60s rock star Bobby Fuller; African fertility statues; Tennessee intruder; diaries lead police to a murder suspect.
  • Episode #04
    Episode #04
    Episode 444 mins
    Psychic witch helps police in Salem, Mass.; DEA agent's murder; TV reporter searches for his birth mother; Holocaust survivor wins the lottery.
  • Episode #05
    Episode #05
    Episode 543 mins
    New research on Mars; abductor on the lam; deadly blast rocked Kansas City in 1988.
  • Episode #06
    Episode #06
    Episode 649 mins
    Sleep disorders; adoptee searches for her twin sister; missing woman; custody case; slain bank robber's widow and missing funds sought.
  • Episode #07
    Episode #07
    Episode 743 mins
    A minister's near-death experience; abductee's murder; hit-and-run boating accident.
  • Episode #08
    Episode #08
    Episode 844 mins
    Fugitive James Bulger, of Boston; Chinese miracle cures.
  • Episode #09
    Episode #09
    Episode 945 mins
    Girlfriend helps a convict flee; woman survives failed bone-marrow transplant; high-school sweethearts meet again at their 20-year class reunion.
  • Episode 1046 mins
    Oliver, a manpanzee; Dennis Keith Smith; blood ties; desperately seeking Susan; little beauty queen death.
  • Episode #11
    Episode #11
    Episode 1144 mins
    Heroic pets; woman falls to her death from a hotel balcony; grandparents abduct 2-year-old; woman seeks her niece regarding inheritance.
  • Episode #12
    Episode #12
    Episode 1246 mins
    Rape case ends in mistrial; bee venom helps curb a crippling disease; anonymous 911 call leads paramedics to a dead body.
  • Episode #13
    Episode #13
    Episode 1342 mins
    A primate exhibits human characteristics; aspiring reporter disappears; JonBenet Ramsey case; murder suspect is a parolee.
  • Episode #14
    Episode #14
    Episode 1444 mins
    Kurt Cobain's death; dogs may detect cancer; furniture store owner faces death sentence in Florida.
  • Episode 1544 mins
    Aphrodisiacs; massive asteroid's path; a shot grounds a White House helicopter; family maintains an apparent suicide is murder.
  • Episode #16
    Episode #16
    Episode 1646 mins
    Florida couple's death linked to self-proclaimed vampires; American student dies in Mexico; lightning strikes a family twice.
  • Episode #17
    Episode #17
    Episode 1748 mins
    The shooting deaths of Tupac Shakur and Biggie Smalls; fugitive brothers; woman abducts her son; spontaneous human combustion.
  • Episode #18
    Episode #18
    Episode 1844 mins
    A nanny is linked to charges' deaths; Army officer works as a psychic spy; cloning the dead; counterfeiter's family helps law enforcement; fugitive child-molesting cop.

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