Unsolved Mysteries

Unsolved Mysteries

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Reenactments and interviews retell the circumstances of unsolved crimes, tales of lost love, unexplained history and paranormal events.
  • Episode: 1
    Episode: 1
    Episode 148 mins
    Gulf Breeze UFO sightings; the hunt for accused Tennessee killer Joe Shepard; missing person Gail DeLano; an update on Louis Carlucci, wanted for fraud.
  • Episode 250 mins
    Jerry Strickland and Missy Mundy are wanted for kidnapping and murder; a final appeal for Michael Martin, convicted in a gas station robbery; the unexplained death of Kurt McFall; an update on the heirs of Charlie Scheel.
  • Episode 346 mins
    Report investigates hauntings of the Queen Mary, an 18th-century Pennsylvania inn and houses in Atlanta and Wisconsin.
  • Episode: 4
    Episode: 4
    Episode 445 mins
    A satanic cult may be linked to the "Son of Sam" murders; swindler found dead; unclaimed $200,000 in Nebraska.
  • Episode: 5
    Episode: 5
    Episode 543 mins
    New evidence in the "Son of Sam" murders; Janet O'Regan searches for her natural father; insurance-fraud murders; Anne Hearin, kidnapped wife of a millionaire.
  • Episode: 6
    Episode: 6
    Episode 650 mins
    A child left in a box dies; authorities search for San Quentin escapee Mark Adams; Christi Nichols disappears while planning to leave her abusive husband; Gail Delano woman disappears after meeting a date from a personal ad.
  • Episode: 9
    Episode: 9
    Episode 743 mins
    Teenager Kurt Sova dies after a Halloween party; two L.A. men are the "Shopping Bag Bandits"; puzzling murders of priests Reynaldo Rivera and John Kerrigan; lucky rock found in Washington State.
  • Episode: 8
    Episode: 8
    Episode 848 mins
    Murder of Charlie Sigman; hypnotized Kristina Florence recalls a 10-year-old UFO encounter; two teenage Arkansas boys are run over by a train; Steve Cox scams women out of large sums of money then disappears.
  • Episode: 10
    Episode: 10
    Episode 1048 mins
    A Hungarian emigrant searches for Philip Pelletier, a U.S. serviceman who entertained his family; the search for Matthew Chase; the 1986 murder of Texas resident Merilu Geri; Dolores Valadez searches for her family.
  • Episode: 11
    Episode: 11
    Episode 1146 mins
    Michael Rosenblum disappears on Valentine's Day; death of Los Angeles radio personality Lee Selwyn; Arthur Frankford cons Florida women.
  • Episode: 12
    Episode: 12
    Episode 1246 mins
    British prospector Dan Willans vanishes during the 1930s, leaving $300,000; Jeremy Bright disappears en route to a county fair; Virginia patrolman John Martin is murdered; search for fugitive Leo Koury.
  • Episodes: 13
    Episodes: 13
    Episode 1349 mins
    Deaths of wild horses in Nevada; kidnapping of babies from a New York hospital; Micki Jo West, a Missouri nurse's aid, disappears; Sylvia Wemhoff searches for her brother; Robert Leads wanted for Los Angeles art theft.
  • Episode: 14
    Episode: 14
    Episode 1448 mins
    A face on Mars; teenager Kathy Hobbs murdered in Nevada; telephone tip reunites two World War II buddies; Bill Purinton searches for his long-lost sister; the disappearance of Phoenix businessman, and former ex-monk, Angelo Desideri.
  • Episode: 16
    Episode: 16
    Episode 1644 mins
    The search for the killers of race car driver Mickey Thompson and his wife; man uses glue in California bank robbery; murder of Maine teenager Joyce McLain; Sasquatch sightings in Colorado; searching for the heirs of George J. Stein.
  • Episode: 17
    Episode: 17
    Episode 1757 mins
    Bank robbers use tunnels; out-of-body and near-death experiences; Ohio repairman Permon Gilbert is murdered; Michigan embezzler Ronald Denslow.
  • Episode: 18
    Episode: 18
    Episode 1846 mins
    New theory on who shot Billy the Kid; police officer Charles Mule, accused of child molestation, vanishes; Donald Smith is murdered while visiting his daughter in Idaho.
  • Episode: 19
    Episode: 19
    Episode 1945 mins
    A Colorado woman, Lisa Marie Kimmell, disappears in Wyoming; the 1956 murders of Thomas Hotard and Audrey Moate in Louisiana; the haunted Lost Dutchman Mine in Arizona.
  • Episode: 20
    Episode: 20
    Episode 2044 mins
    Georgia restaurateur John Mooney contracts a competitor's murder; Liz Carmichael and an auto fraud case; the murder of Nevada woman Terri McClure; Charles Wickman skips bail, causing his sister to lose her home.
  • Episode: 21
    Episode: 21
    Episode 2145 mins
    Phony California folk healer Jorge Cortez; clumsy Florida bank robber; search for the killers of Montana resident Dexter Stefonek; Arizona police seek escaped convict Michael Mohon.
  • Episode: 22
    Episode: 22
    Episode 2248 mins
    Woman goes under cover to seek the killers of her son, Gus Hoffman; Ron Rushton wanted for fraud; loss of the USS Muskogee; mysterious strychnine death.
  • Episode: 24
    Episode: 24
    Episode 2449 mins
    Theft of the Victorio Peak treasure from a New Mexico gold mine; the disappearance of Keri Lynn Nixon from AuSable Forks, N.Y.; David Rhodes disappears with his two children.

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