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Seventeen-year-old Elena is torn between two vampire brothers, good Stefan and the evil Damon, who face new dangers in the town of Mystic Falls.
  • I'll Remember
    Episode 1 - 42 mins
    Elena returns to college after months of coping with loss in a potentially dangerous way.
  • Yellow Ledbetter
    Episode 2 - 42 mins
    Elena turns to Alaric for help getting past her loss; Damon and Bonnie try to find a way home.
  • Welcome to Paradise
    Episode 3 - 42 mins
    Elena plans to introduce Caroline to Liam; Liv makes a confession to Tyler.
  • Black Hole Sun
    Episode 4 - 42 mins
    Damon must re-experience a terrible day; Stefan shows Elena what it is like to start over.
  • The World Has Turned and Left Me Here
    Episode 5 - 42 mins
    Elena invites Liam to a party; Stefan shows up asking Caroline for help with a mess created by Enzo.
  • The More You Ignore Me, the Closer I Get
    Episode 6 - 42 mins
    Alaric asks Elena to look into Jo's background; Damon receives upsetting news.
  • Do You Remember the First Time?
    Episode 7 - 42 mins
    Elena is forced to confront her problems; Liv and Tyler get closer; Damon finds a surprising clue.
  • Fade into You
    Episode 8 - 42 mins
    Elena gets some hopeful news from Alaric and Stefan regarding the Gemini Coven.
  • I Alone
    Episode 9 - 42 mins
    Damon finds himself in hot water after he carries out a plan that requires Alaric's unwilling participation.
  • Christmas Through Your Eyes
    Episode 10 - 41 mins
    Bonnie reminisces about happier times as she tries to replicate her favorite holiday traditions.
  • Woke up with a Monster
    Episode 11 - 42 mins
    Kai learns how to control his magic; Damon realizes Elena has been kidnapped.
  • Prayer for the Dying
    Episode 12 - 42 mins
    Luke and Liv try to talk their dad into letting Jo and Kai take their place in the merge ceremony.
  • The Day I Tried to Live
    Episode 13 - 42 mins
    Elena is determined to celebrate Bonnie's birthday; Enzo wants to interfere in Sarah's life.
  • Stay
    Episode 14 - 42 mins
    Sheriff Forbes asks Damon for help with a case involving Elena's parents.
  • Let Her Go
    Episode 15 - 42 mins
    Elena notices a strange change in Caroline's behavior; Damon revisits painful memories.
  • The Downward Spiral
    Episode 16 - 42 mins
    Caroline gives her friends a surprising ultimatum; Damon learns devastating news.
  • A Bird in a Gilded Cage
    Episode 17 - 42 mins
    Bonnie and Kai help Damon and Elena as they try to rescue Damon's mother from a prison world.
  • I Could Never Love Like That
    Episode 18 - 42 mins
    Damon concocts a risky plan to stop Caroline and Stefan from wreaking havoc.
  • Because
    Episode 19 - 42 mins
    Damon tries to decide if he should tell Elena about the cure; Bonnie learns that she was betrayed.
  • I'd Leave My Happy Home for You
    Episode 20 - 42 mins
    Damon and Elena talk about the consequences of Damon's offer; Enzo asks Stefan to help with Lily.
  • I'll Wed You in the Golden Summertime
    Episode 21 - 42 mins
    Elena and Bonnie help Jo with last minute wedding preparations.
  • I'm Thinking of You All the While
    Episode 22 - 42 mins
    An uninvited guest leaves Elena in terrible jeopardy; Damon must make a difficult decision.

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