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Jonathan LaPaglia, Sophie Okonedo, Melissa George

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A happy family begins to fall apart after a minor domestic dispute at a party exposes secrets that could permanently change their relationships.
  • Hector
    Episode 1 - 51 mins
    An adult slaps a child across the face during a 40th birthday party.
  • Anouk
    Episode 2 - 54 mins
    The slap proves to be trivial for Anouk, who is going through things herself.
  • Harry
    Episode 3 - 55 mins
    Harry's business, his family and his friends all come under scrutiny as a result of a slap.
  • Connie
    Episode 4 - 55 mins
    When 17-year-old Connie comes to babysit, she sees an opportunity to get close to Hector.
  • Rosie
    Episode 5 - 53 mins
    The slap has turned Rosie into an obsessive and threatens relationships with friends and family.
  • Manolis
    Episode 6 - 52 mins
    For Manolis, the slap illuminates the selfishness and greed of his children's generation.
  • Aisha
    Episode 7 - 52 mins
    On their anniversary, Aisha meets temptation and Hector makes a confession.
  • Richie
    Episode 8 - 54 mins
    Richie is confused about his sexuality and cracking under the strain of keeping Connie's secret.

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