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After 17 years of happily married life, the Altamiras face a crisis when their daughter doesn't come home one night and everything points to a kidnapping.
  • Elisa Vanishes
    Episode 143 mins
    Elisa disappears while out dancing with her cousins at a club; police find evidence at the beach.
  • Kidnapping, Not Only for Money
    Episode 242 mins
    The abductor claiming to have Elisa wants more than money; Mariano keeps his call secret.
  • A Trap for Mariano
    Episode 344 mins
    Mariano becomes frantic when he realizes Elisa is not in the old wine cellar.
  • Identifying a Kidnapper
    Episode 442 mins
    Mariano recognizes Alberto Ventura's voice; the police locate him and his hostage.
  • A Mass for Elisa
    Episode 545 mins
    The entire family goes to church to pray for Elisa's safe return; Santiago does not attend.
  • Everybody Lies
    Episode 643 mins
    Mariano refuses to answer a call, but Danna forces him to; Cristóbal arrests Santiago.
  • Traces of Blood
    Episode 745 mins
    Cristóbal takes Eduardo to the station to interrogate him about the blood stain found on his jacket.
  • Media Scandal
    Episode 844 mins
    Viviana and Cecilia are enraged about the article accusing Santiago and Eduardo as suspects.
  • The Truth She Knew
    Episode 945 mins
    The police learn that it was Isabel Ríos who found the doctor that expedited Elisa's certificate.
  • Someone Has Seen Elisa
    Episode 1043 mins
    While Danna waits for Cristóbal at the police station, Norma tells her she saw Elisa.
  • Cristobal Confesses
    Episode 1142 mins
    Grisela believes that Danna is manipulating Cristóbal; something goes wrong at a family lunch.
  • Jealousy
    Episode 1242 mins
    Mariano goes to the cabin looking for Danna and has a confrontation with Cristóbal.
  • Composite Drawing
    Episode 1341 mins
    Deputy Rivas and Detective Cruz locate the witness who saw Elisa with a man.
  • Believed Dead
    Episode 1442 mins
    Cristóbal goes to the cemetery and finds Danna; Nicolás asks Cecilia to move in together.
  • A Theory
    Episode 1542 mins
    Danna and Mariano search Malibu for clues; they start having doubts when a reporter talks to them.
  • A Homosexual on Sight
    Episode 1641 mins
    Viviana tells Santiago that Ricardo could be gay because of his behavior around homosexuals.
  • Hidden Desires
    Episode 1742 mins
    Danna is confused and nervous after kissing Cristóbal; Olga makes a drawing of her sister.
  • Danna Is Distant
    Episode 1842 mins
    Cristóbal calls Danna to apologize for what happened and to ask him to never call her again.
  • Recognition of a Corpse
    Episode 1942 mins
    The police find a dead body and wait for DNA test results; Danna and Mariano go to the morgue.
  • Hallucinations of Reality
    Episode 2042 mins
    Mariano thinks that Danna is hallucinating and Danna gets infuriated because he doesn't believe her.
  • Displaced
    Episode 2142 mins
    After giving Bruno a bonus for the tower project, Mariano removes him from the project completely.
  • Acting Suspicious
    Episode 2242 mins
    Isabel and Mariano meet at the office, where he doesn't realize he received an email from Elisa.
  • Million Dollar Ransom
    Episode 2342 mins
    Danna receives another email, wherein the kidnappers demand $1 million as ransom for Elisa.
  • Lawsuit
    Episode 2442 mins
    Bruno informs Viviana that he has just filed a suit against Mariano for taking him off the project.
  • Under Pressure
    Episode 2542 mins
    Mariano gets upset when he finds Bruno at his house speaking to Danna and threatens to kill Bruno.
  • Explosive Scandal
    Episode 2642 mins
    Danna confronts Isabel regarding her affair with Mariano and starts a scandal.
  • A Passionate Night
    Episode 2742 mins
    Mariano confronts Bruno and Cecilia; Isabel is determined to take her own life.
  • Betting on Love
    Episode 2842 mins
    Gisela believes that Cristóbal is risking his career by being romantically involved with Danna.
  • Hostage Rescue
    Episode 2942 mins
    Elisa's rescue operation begins; the police place a wire on Danna to communicate with her.
  • Blood Enemies
    Episode 3042 mins
    Cristóbal analyzes the case from a different point of view; Elisa's credit card appears.
  • Summoned
    Episode 3141 mins
    Mariano reproaches Danna for not warning him about finding Elisa's bank card in his wallet.
  • A Reasonable Doubt
    Episode 3242 mins
    Danna begins to doubt her husband; Cristóbal calls for Mariano to be interrogated.
  • Lawsuit Against the Press
    Episode 3342 mins
    Mariano is determined to sue; Mr. Altamira calls for Rivas to be removed from the case.
  • Evidence
    Episode 3442 mins
    Mariano tells the district attorney to investigate the officers assigned to his daughter's case.
  • Tampering With Evidence
    Episode 3542 mins
    Mariano convinces Gisela to be his informant, wanting her to find out who is incriminating him.
  • Conflicts Between Colleagues
    Episode 3642 mins
    Gisela confronts Cristóbal about his love affair with Danna; Salazar sees them arguing.
  • Adultery
    Episode 3742 mins
    Mariano hires a P.I. to find out if his wife is seeing Cristóbal; Bruno wants Cecilia to resign.
  • In Her Shadow
    Episode 3841 mins
    Nicolás gives instructions to the private investigator; he tracks Danna to Cristóbal's apartment.
  • Resignation
    Episode 3950 mins
    Cecilia resigns from Altamira Enterprises; José Ángel and Nicolás ask Mariano to reconsider.
  • What Yours Is Mine
    Episode 4049 mins
    Mariano tells Gisela that Cristóbal wants Danna; Mariano finds his wife in Cristóbal's apartment.
  • Breaking Point
    Episode 4149 mins
    Mariano has a heart attack after learning his wife is having an affair with the detective in charge.
  • An Irreversible Decision
    Episode 4249 mins
    The prosecutor confronts Danna over endangering the investigation; Cristóbal is suspended.
  • A Crucial Clue
    Episode 4341 mins
    Mr. Altamira is released from the hospital; Rivas returns to the case and asks for Danna's help.
  • A Guilty Father
    Episode 4442 mins
    Cristóbal shows Elisa's pictures -- found in Mariano's vehicle -- to Castañeda.
  • A Formal Questioning
    Episode 4541 mins
    Mariano is arrested and interrogated; Nicolás tells Cecilia that Danna accused Mariano.
  • The Smell of Truth
    Episode 4642 mins
    Cristóbal begins to believe that Marino Altamira is telling the truth and makes a determination.
  • A Perfect Alibi
    Episode 4741 mins
    Isabel provides Cristóbal evidence that demonstrates Mariano was not involved in Elisa's kidnapping.
  • Betrayal and Payback
    Episode 4842 mins
    Briceño betrays Gisela, telling the prosecutor that she is providing info about the case to Rivas.
  • Lover and Abductor
    Episode 4941 mins
    The board wants Mariano's resignation; Bruno catches Elisa writing a letter to her father.
  • Close to Solving the Case
    Episode 5042 mins
    Cristóbal invites Danna to go over some evidence; Rivas tells the prosecutor he visited the cabin.
  • Unexpected Twist
    Episode 5141 mins
    Cristóbal tells Danna they have a new lead: the cabin's owner; the prosecutor manipulates the case.
  • Mariano Is on the Radar
    Episode 5242 mins
    Cristóbal decides speak with Vincet Fabulet, but Gisela notifies him that he died two weeks ago.
  • Violence in the Cabin
    Episode 5342 mins
    Cristóbal is suspicious of Bruno; Bruno visits Elisa in the cabin, but she attempts to escape.
  • Threads of Power
    Episode 5442 mins
    Castañeda tells Salazar to dismiss Cristóbal, but she refuses; Danna supports Mariano's release.
  • A Change of Heart
    Episode 5542 mins
    Cristóbal and Danna end their relationship; Cecilia lies to Detective Rivas about knowing Fabulet.
  • Out of the Investigation
    Episode 5642 mins
    Detective Rivas is dismissed; Cristóbal insists they should keep investigating Fabulet.
  • Breaking the Silence
    Episode 5742 mins
    Bruno admits his crime to his wife, but when he takes Cecilia to the woods, he can't find Elisa.
  • The Hero
    Episode 5842 mins
    Cristóbal finds Elisa in the woods with a gunshot wound and she is taken to the hospital.
  • Hidden Crime
    Episode 5942 mins
    Elisa opens her eyes at the sound of her mother's voice; Bruno is terrified about getting caught.
  • A Letter's Value
    Episode 6042 mins
    Cristóbal believes Elisa's letter confirms Mariano's innocence; Cecilia looks for Bruno.
  • The Confession
    Episode 6141 mins
    Bruno makes a video confession; Cecilia learns that her husband made reservations for a trip.
  • Partners in Crime
    Episode 6242 mins
    Bruno confronts Cecilia about shooting Elisa; the Altamira family receives bad news.
  • Deception
    Episode 6342 mins
    Cristóbal tells Gisela that his romance with Danna has ended and doesn't plan to interfere.
  • Cornered
    Episode 6441 mins
    Cristóbal sees the photo of Bruno with Fabulet and interrogates him, but Bruno denies accusations.
  • Intimidation
    Episode 6541 mins
    Cristóbal takes Bruno to the cabin to force him to confess; Cecilia tries to control her husband.
  • Creating Distance
    Episode 6641 mins
    Cristobál admits to Gisela that he loves her; they follow Bruno hoping he will make a mistake.
  • A Homicide Case
    Episode 6742 mins
    The prosecutor informs her team the investigation must continue, but as a homicide case.
  • Secret Affairs
    Episode 6842 mins
    Bruno is taken to the police station, but he doesn't confess; Isabel learns of a secretive affair.
  • Unsuspected Love
    Episode 6942 mins
    Bruno confesses to Cristóbal that he was in a relationship with Elisa but did not kill her.
  • Behind Bars
    Episode 7042 mins
    Bruno is sentenced to prison while he waits for his trial; Cecilia seeks the comfort of alcohol.
  • A Mother's Pain
    Episode 7142 mins
    Danna visits Bruno in prison to hear the truth; Cristóbal worries about her state of mind.
  • A Change of Plea
    Episode 7242 mins
    Bruno is forced to take a polygraph test and denies everything he confessed to Cristóbal.
  • Reliving the Crime
    Episode 7342 mins
    Bruno is taken back to the cabin, but he denies ever being there; Briceño digs up Bruno's dark past.
  • Bruno Is Attacked
    Episode 7442 mins
    The other inmates harass Bruno; Danna believes that her deceased daughter is trying to contact her.
  • Bruno Fears for His Life
    Episode 7542 mins
    Cecilia finds graffiti at her front door; Bruno receives a terrible beating and begs to be freed.
  • Premonitions
    Episode 7642 mins
    Mariano refuses to believe that Elisa is trying to contact his wife to reveal who her murderer is.
  • From Beyond the Grave
    Episode 7742 mins
    Believing Elisa is communicating with Olga, Danna takes Olga to the woods where Elisa was found.
  • Behind the Truth
    Episode 7842 mins
    A psychic arrives at Danna's house; Eduardo demands Cecilia to tell him the truth about his father.
  • Bribery of a Witness
    Episode 7941 mins
    The prosecutor has a witness called Lorena Sandoval, who had accused Bruno of sexual harassment.
  • Playing the Victim
    Episode 8042 mins
    During the trial, Bruno accuses Cristóbal of torturing and pressuring him to admit his guilt.
  • Injustice
    Episode 8141 mins
    Danna seeks a psychologist to help interpret her latest dream; the jury announces its verdict.
  • Vengeance
    Episode 8241 mins
    The jury's decision hurts Mariano terribly and he promises he will take revenge into his own hands.
  • No Way Out
    Episode 8342 mins
    Mariano takes Cecilia's shares from Altamira Enterprises to prevent her and Bruno from fleeing.
  • Elisa's Voice
    Episode 8441 mins
    While looking at photos in Elisa's bedroom, Danna hears her voice and is suddenly locked inside.
  • Bribery Scheme Unveiled
    Episode 8541 mins
    Castañeda arrives at Cecilia's house to question her about bribing the witness.
  • Under Suspicion
    Episode 8645 mins
    Cristóbal announces that Elisa's murderer is Cecilia and not her husband.
  • Heavy Surveillance
    Episode 8742 mins
    Briceño begins to follow Bruno and reports to Mariano; José Ángel tells Viviana his sexuality.
  • Valuable Evidence
    Episode 8841 mins
    Cristóbal questions Mariano in reference to his sister's character; police find the murder weapon.
  • Isabel Is Missing
    Episode 8941 mins
    Nicolás searches for Isabel and finds her dead; something at the scene catches Cristóbal's eye.
  • An Impossible Love
    Episode 9041 mins
    Danna and Cristóbal confess their love to each other; Mariano thinks Bruno murdered Isabel.
  • Reasonable Doubt
    Episode 9142 mins
    Gisela confronts Cristóbal and asks him if he is still in love with Mrs. Altamira.
  • Decisions
    Episode 9239 mins
    Santiago hangs out with the wrong crowd who plan to attack an LGBT parade.
  • Gut Instincts
    Episode 9341 mins
    Cristóbal tells Mariano he knows what he is up to and he stopped the attack on his brother-in-law.
  • Surrender
    Episode 9436 mins
    Eduardo and Flor are afraid and refuse to go home; Cecilia and Bruno decide to turn themselves in.
  • A Crime of Passion
    Episode 9536 mins
    Nicolás refuses to believe Cecilia murdered Isabel; a date night turns deadly.
  • Deadly Women
    Episode 9639 mins
    Mariano invites his sister to celebrate Eduardo's graduation; Cecilia gets rid of the evidence.
  • False Tears
    Episode 9739 mins
    Cristóbal arrives at the Cáceres residence and suspects that Bruno did not actually kill himself.
  • Flor Is Taken
    Episode 9840 mins
    Cecilia sneaks into her brother's house and forces Flor to go with her to an abandoned warehouse.
  • Trying to Flee
    Episode 9941 mins
    Cristóbal is concerned for Mariano's safety and asks him to leave; Cecilia tries to escape.
  • Case Closed
    Episode 10041 mins
    Castañeda commends Cristóbal for a job well done; Mariano goes to see his sister.

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