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Chuck Connors, Johnny Crawford, Paul Fix

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Lucas McCain, a Union Civil War veteran and widower, raises his son while battling desperados in New Mexico’s Wild West.
  • The Vaqueros
    Episode 1 - 25 mins
    Lucas subdues a gang of bandits singlehandedly.
  • First Wages
    Episode 2 - 26 mins
    Lucas tries to find out why Mark has taken a job as a stableboy -- against his wishes.
  • Sheer Terror
    Episode 3 - 25 mins
    Stagecoach robbers take Mark and Millie hostage.
  • The Stand-In
    Episode 4 - 25 mins
    A killer's rich father tries to bribe Lucas.
  • The Journey Back
    Episode 5 - 25 mins
    A new neighbor of the McCains' gives Mark a job on his ranch.
  • The Decision
    Episode 6 - 26 mins
    A killer's rich father tries to bribe witness Lucas.
  • Knight Errant
    Episode 7 - 25 mins
    An eccentric old friend of Lucas' arrives in North Fork.
  • Honest Abe
    Episode 8 - 25 mins
    A kindly neighbor of Lucas' believes he is President Lincoln.
  • The Long Goodbye
    Episode 9 - 25 mins
    The North Fork Town Council feels that an old man is incapable of raising his grandson.
  • The Shattered Idol
    Episode 10 - 25 mins
    Mark Twain visits North Fork.
  • Long Gun from Tucson
    Episode 11 - 25 mins
    The townspeople leave Lucas to face killers alone.
  • The High Country
    Episode 12 - 25 mins
    Lucas is accidentally responsible for the death of a young mountain boy.
  • A Friend in Need
    Episode 13 - 25 mins
    Lucas is stunned when Mark is kidnapped and a $5,000 ransom is asked.
  • Skull
    Episode 14 - 25 mins
    Outlaws force Lucas to help with a prison break.
  • The Princess
    Episode 15 - 25 mins
    A young girl asks for refuge at the McCain ranch for herself and her ill brother.
  • Gunfire
    Episode 16 - 25 mins
    A gang comes to town to free a jailed member.
  • The Quiet Fire
    Episode 17 - 25 mins
    A drifter forces his attentions on a deaf girl.
  • Sporting Chance
    Episode 18 - 25 mins
    A dapper man arrives on the stage and announces that he has come to kill Lucas.
  • Young Man's Fancy
    Episode 19 - 25 mins
    Mark falls head-over-heels into his first puppy love.
  • The Man from Salinas
    Episode 20 - 25 mins
    A young man arrives in North Fork to claim the body of his dead brother.
  • Two Ounces of Tin
    Episode 21 - 25 mins
    A gunman threatens to kill Micah, and Lucas tries to help.
  • Deadly Image
    Episode 22 - 25 mins
    Lucas is accused of murder by a man who claims to be an eyewitness.
  • The Debt
    Episode 23 - 25 mins
    Mark deliberately disobeys his father and a convicted prisoner escapes.
  • Tinhorn
    Episode 24 - 25 mins
    Lucas' friends label him a tinhorn because of his gambling.
  • None So Blind
    Episode 25 - 25 mins
    A blind banjo-playing wanderer strikes up an acquaintance with Mark.
  • Jealous Man
    Episode 26 - 25 mins
    The McCains get new neighbors when a couple moves into a nearby ranch.
  • Guilty Conscience
    Episode 27 - 25 mins
    A Southern belle arrives in North Fork claiming that Micah is her husband.
  • Day of Reckoning
    Episode 28 - 25 mins
    Lucas regrets his attitude toward a reformed outlaw.
  • The Day the Town Slept
    Episode 29 - 25 mins
    The new marshal is friends with a known outlaw.
  • Milly's Brother
    Episode 30 - 25 mins
    A gambler moves into North Fork and begins courting a local girl.
  • Outlaw's Shoes
    Episode 31 - 25 mins
    Lucas develops temporary amnesia while visiting a strange town.
  • The Executioner
    Episode 32 - 25 mins
    A former friend of Lucas' is released from prison and asks him for a job.

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