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Affluent women attempt to balance their ever-evolving friendships with the demands of family life and growing business ventures while living in Beverly Hills.?
  • Guess Who's Coming to the White Party?
    Episode 143 mins
    The women come face to face at Kyle's annual White Party, which is more extravagant than ever.
  • Who Stalked J.R.?
    Episode 243 mins
    Kim and Brandi don disguises to spy on Brandi's ex-boyfriend, J.R.; Kyle flies to Lake Tahoe.
  • Pay Attention to Me!
    Episode 343 mins
    Lisa Vanderpump throws Lisa Rinna a private birthday dinner; Brandi settles into her new home.
  • Livin' la Vida Housewife
    Episode 443 mins
    Lisa Vanderpump receives a plaque on the Palm Springs Walk of Stars; Kyle flies to Spain.
  • Star Sighting
    Episode 543 mins
    Kyle returns from Spain to attend Kim's daughter's wedding; Eileen reprises her soap opera role.
  • Medford, 90210
    Episode 643 mins
    Lisa Rinna returns to her hometown of Medford, Ore., to visit her ailing parents.
  • Breaking Branches
    Episode 743 mins
    An unexpected guest shows up at Brandi's party; Lisa Rinna hosts "Access Hollywood Live."
  • Wining and Dining
    Episode 843 mins
    Yolanda struggles to trust Bella; Eileen and Brandi tell stories about their marriages.
  • Live and Learn
    Episode 943 mins
    Lisa Rinna shoots a movie with her husband, Harry Hamlin, and magician, Penn Jillette.
  • House of Cards
    Episode 1043 mins
    Eileen invites everyone over for a night of poker; Kim's erratic behavior puts everyone on edge.
  • It's Just a Scratch
    Episode 1143 mins
    Kyle and Brandi argue over Kim in the wake of Eileen's party; Lisa Rinna hosts a jewelry party.
  • Drama Queens
    Episode 1243 mins
    Lisa Vanderpump's adopted son, Max, decides he wants to take a DNA test; Brandi and Kyle visit Kim.
  • Sister Act
    Episode 1343 mins
    The women discuss Brandi's influence over Kim; Lisa Vanderpump's son receives his test results.
  • Surprise!
    Episode 1443 mins
    Eileen organizes a table-read for her husband's latest script; Brandi agrees to a 21-day cleanse.
  • Welcome to Amsterdam?
    Episode 1543 mins
    The women take part in Yolanda's scavenger hunt; the women embark on a group trip to Amsterdam.
  • Amster-Damn!
    Episode 1643 mins
    In Amsterdam, Kyle flees an explosive dinner; the women enjoy space cakes; Brandi blows up at Kyle.
  • Amster-Damn Slap
    Episode 1743 mins
    The women explore Amsterdam, then have dinner on a riverboat; Brandi slaps Lisa Vanderpump.
  • Confessions of a Housewife
    Episode 1843 mins
    Lisa Vanderpump refuses to accept Brandi's apology; the women return home from Amsterdam.
  • The Party's Over
    Episode 1943 mins
    The women attend an over-the-top party; Lisa Vanderpump confronts Brandi about the slap.
  • Reunion Part 1
    Episode 2043 mins
    Lisa Vanderpump and Brandi get into an argument; Yolanda defends her daughter.
  • Reunion Part 2
    Episode 2143 mins
    Eileen discusses how Brandi went from fan to foe; Kim and Kyle vacillate between anger and tears.
  • Reunion Part 3
    Episode 2243 mins
    Kim shares threatening texts she received from Lisa Rinna; Kyle and Brandi argue about space cakes.
  • Secrets Revealed
    Episode 2343 mins
    Never-before-seen moments; Eileen primps for the Emmy Awards; the women probe Yolanda's past.

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