The Profit

The Profit

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Marcus Lemonis invests in struggling businesses in efforts to save them.
  • NYC Bagel Deli
    NYC Bagel Deli
    Episode 143 mins
    A master bagel maker builds a big following in Chicago, but even as he dreams of expanding beyond the Windy City his business is growing stale; if Marcus can't push him to rise to the occasion, this would-be mogul won't be going anywhere.
  • Queork
    Episode 243 mins
    A manufacturer and retailer with a unique product experiences early success, but the owner's poor communication skills and reckless spending puts her business at risk; Marcus strives to teach her how to put a cork in her mounting debt.
  • Santa's Toys
    Santa's Toys
    Episode 343 mins
    Marcus travels to Santa Claus, Ind., to save Santa's Toys. Hardworking owners Mark and Heidi's business practices have landed their business on the naughty list, and they must follow Marcus' protocol to save their business.
  • Ben's Garden
    Ben's Garden
    Episode 443 mins
    Ben Busko starts designing and selling home decor at age eight; decades later, his revenue is dropping and employees are jumping ship; if Marcus can't help him, this company will become damaged goods.
  • After the Casery
    After the Casery
    Episode 543 mins
    Two former employees from The Casery want to start their own cell phone case brand; Marcus tries to help Charlotte overcome her confidence issues to become a CEO, so she and Skyler can build a new company from the ground up.
  • Jackie's Cookie Connection
    Jackie's Cookie Connection
    Episode 643 mins
    A cookie business grows too quickly from a tiny shop to a full-production wholesale company, and it is now at the mercy of angry lenders; Marcus tries to teach owner Rachel how to stay in business despite heavy financial consequences.
  • Lyles BBQ
    Lyles BBQ
    Episode 743 mins
    Greg and Jennifer Lyles want to keep their Kentucky BBQ restaurant small and local, but their son, Chandler, has dreams of going national; as the threat of bankruptcy looms, Marcus strives to put this family on the same road to success.
  • Snowdays NYC
    Snowdays NYC
    Episode 843 mins
    The owner of an Asian-inspired shaved-cream shop expands his business before perfecting his concept; now, his company is on the verge of bankruptcy; Marcus tries to push him to change his concept and let go of the manufacturing process.
  • Feat Socks NYC
    Feat Socks NYC
    Episode 943 mins
    Two brash social media influencers build a million dollar sock company but suffer major losses bringing the company to a standstill; Marcus may get cold feet if arrogance prevents the business owners from meeting their goals.
  • Smithfly Designs
    Smithfly Designs
    Episode 1043 mins
    The owner of a fly-fishing boat and apparel company designs a unique floating tent, but his defensive nature prevents him from taking feedback to improve his brand; Marcus encourages the owner to open up to new ideas.
  • Handi Products
    Handi Products
    Episode 1143 mins
    The owner of a multimillion-dollar ramp and safety company avoids conflict with his staff members, including his son; Marcus tries to help them overcome their troubled past.

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