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Fred Gwynne, Yvonne De Carlo, Al Lewis

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The adventures of a Transylvanian-American family of friendly monsters residing at 1313 Mockingbird Lane.
  • Munster Masquerade

    Episode 1 - 25 mins
    The Munsters are invited to a masquerade dance party to meet the family of Marilyn's beau.
  • My Fair Munster

    Episode 2 - 25 mins
    Grandpa's love potion affects the wrong people.
  • A Walk on the Mild Side

    Episode 3 - 25 mins
    Herman is mistaken for a monster when he takes a walk in the local park.
  • Rock-a-Bye Munster

    Episode 4 - 25 mins
    Herman and Grandpa mistakenly think that Lily is pregnant.
  • Pike's Pique

    Episode 5 - 25 mins
    Hysterical gas company workers inform their boss of the Munsters' existence.
  • Low-Cal Munster

    Episode 6 - 25 mins
    Herman diets to fit into his Army uniform.
  • Tin Can Man

    Episode 7 - 25 mins
    Eddie's science project, a robot, malfunctions.
  • Herman the Great

    Episode 8 - 25 mins
    Herman attempts to earn money for Eddie's college education by moonlighting as a pro wrestler.
  • Knock Wood, Here Comes Charlie

    Episode 9 - 25 mins
    Herman's twin brother, a known con artist, visits the Munsters.
  • Autumn Croakus

    Episode 10 - 25 mins
    Grandpa writes to a matrimonial agency hoping to find a wife.
  • The Midnight Ride of Herman Munster

    Episode 11 - 25 mins
    Bank robbers mistake Herman for the getaway driver.
  • The Sleeping Cutie

    Episode 12 - 25 mins
    Treating her insomnia, Grandpa puts Marilyn in a coma.
  • Family Portrait

    Episode 13 - 25 mins
    A national magazine's computers pick the Munsters as the "Average American Family.".
  • Grandpa Leaves Home

    Episode 14 - 25 mins
    Unappreciated Grandpa leaves home and performs a magic act at a local nightclub.
  • Herman's Rival

    Episode 15 - 25 mins
    Lily secretly goes to work to help out the family's finances.
  • Grandpa's Call of the Wild

    Episode 16 - 25 mins
    Grandpa turns himself into a wolf while camping.
  • All-Star Munster

    Episode 17 - 25 mins
    Due to an error, Marilyn's college tuition is not paid and she is told that she cannot return.
  • If a Martian Answers, Hang Up

    Episode 18 - 25 mins
    While listening to his ham radio, Herman mistakes some playing children for beings from outer space.
  • Eddie's Nickname

    Episode 19 - 25 mins
    Eddie refuses to return to school because the students call him "Shorty.".
  • Bats of a Feather

    Episode 20 - 25 mins
    Grandpa may become the first bat in space.
  • Don't Bank on Herman

    Episode 21 - 25 mins
    When Lily sends Grandpa and Herman to the bank, they wind up involved in a robbery.
  • Dance With Me, Herman

    Episode 22 - 25 mins
    Herman takes dancing lessons from a shady dance instructor (Don Rickles).
  • Follow That Munster

    Episode 23 - 25 mins
    Herman takes a correspondence course to become a private detective.
  • Love Locked Out

    Episode 24 - 25 mins
    Herman infuriates Lily when he gets a little tipsy at an office party.
  • Come Back, Little Googie

    Episode 25 - 25 mins
    Grandpa tries to turn Eddie's nasty pal (Bill Mumy) into a rabbit.
  • Far Out Munsters

    Episode 26 - 25 mins
    A visiting rock 'n' roll group attempts to rent the Munster house for privacy.
  • Munsters on the Move

    Episode 27 - 25 mins
    Herman is offered a job promotion that would mean moving out of town.
  • Movie Star Munster

    Episode 28 - 25 mins
    Two gangsters try to use Herman to swindle insurance companies.
  • Herman the Rookie

    Episode 29 - 25 mins
    Leo Durocher admires Herman's batting ability.
  • Country Club Munsters

    Episode 30 - 25 mins
    Herman wins a family membership in an exclusive country club.
  • Love Comes to Mockingbird Heights

    Episode 31 - 25 mins
    Marilyn decides to elope with a bank employee who is interested in the Munsters' money.
  • Mummy Munster

    Episode 32 - 25 mins
    Herman is mistaken for a perfectly preserved mummy.
  • Lily Munster, Girl Model

    Episode 33 - 25 mins
    Lily works as a model.
  • Munster the Magnificent

    Episode 34 - 25 mins
    Eddie volunteers to have Herman perform in a school talent show.
  • Herman's Happy Valley

    Episode 35 - 25 mins
    Herman, taken in by a magazine advertisement, buys 10 acres of remote land.
  • Hot Rod Herman

    Episode 36 - 25 mins
    Herman defends the family honor in a drag race.
  • Herman's Raise

    Episode 37 - 25 mins
    Herman is fired from his job at the funeral parlor when he demands an increase in pay.
  • Yes, Galen, There Is a Herman

    Episode 38 - 25 mins
    Herman strikes up a friendship with a youngster he finds trapped in an iron fence.

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