Swedish Dicks

Swedish Dicks

Comedy2 SeasonsTVPG
Peter Stormare, Johan Glans, Vivian Bang
Two Swedish private investigators form a private detective firm, Swedish Dicks, in Los Angeles.
  • When Ingmar Met Axel
    When Ingmar Met Axel
    Episode 121 mins
    Former stuntman Ingmar Andersson is trying to make a living as a private investigator; during an investigation, Ingmar encounters Axel Kruse, an incredibly annoying disc jockey, who decides he wants to become a partner in Ingmar's detective firm.
  • The Blind Leading the Blind
    The Blind Leading the Blind
    Episode 221 mins
    When Ingmar and Axel get a classic cheating spouse case to solve, it's time for Axel to prove himself as a private investigator; Ingmar runs into his rival, Jane McKinney; Axel is challenged to a duel.
  • The Very Brief Adventures of Maintenance Guy and Plant Man
    The Very Brief Adventures of Maintenance Guy and Plant Man
    Episode 321 mins
    Ingmar's daughter, Sarah, helps the guys get a case at an advertising agency to find out who is stealing secret data; the undercover job takes a turn when Ingmar and Axel's client makes a fatal decision; Sun works on the firm's marketing strategy.
  • Let's Talk About Cults
    Let's Talk About Cults
    Episode 421 mins
    Haunted by the ghost of his former stunt buddy, an unstable Ingmar makes an embarrassing mistake; Axel takes it upon himself to infiltrate a cult.
  • Howl Like a Big Dog
    Howl Like a Big Dog
    Episode 521 mins
    Porn actress Taylor Slow asks the guys to find her stalker; Sarah asks her father to check out her new boyfriend, Steve; Ingmar is sure he'll find some dirt on Steve; Axel infiltrates Jane McKinney's agency.
  • Tale of the Tape
    Tale of the Tape
    Episode 621 mins
    A client wants Ingmar and Axel to find out if the competing pet cemetery is burning animals in large groups; the case is complicated by Axel's decision to go off his anti-depressants; Ingmar's nightmares lead them to the house of a cameraman.
  • The Curse of the North Korean Curse
    The Curse of the North Korean Curse
    Episode 721 mins
    Ingmar finds a way to get the money he needs to solve the mystery involving Tex, but he is distracted by Axel's newfound friendship with Sarah; Sun decides to confront the porn producer, Saul, who has sued the Swedish Dicks.
  • Back to School
    Back to School
    Episode 821 mins
    When a movie star hires the detective agency to find out who is cyber-bullying his daughter, Axel goes undercover as an exchange student; Ingmar is finally ready to meet the mob boss, Dmitri, who may have murdered Tex.
  • There's Something About Tex
    There's Something About Tex
    Episode 921 mins
    Ingmar and Axel are hired to find a breeding ram called Russel Crowe; the FBI picks up Ingmar and offers him a deal.
  • See you later, Alligator.
    See you later, Alligator.
    Episode 1021 mins
    Ingmar becomes convinced he should move back to Sweden, then the gang gets dragged into a dangerous case, leading to Ingmar's mysterious past.

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