Drama5 SeasonsTVPG
Jerry O'Connell, John Rhys-Davies, Kari Wuhrer
A grad student accidently opens a wormhole to parallel universes.
  • The Unstuck Man
    The Unstuck Man
    Episode 144 mins
    When Colin and Quinn disappear during a slide, Maggie and Rembrandt meet a new Mallory who holds the key to what happened to the two brothers.
  • Applied Physics
    Applied Physics
    Episode 244 mins
    The sliders land on a college campus where Diana's alternate appears, a distressed version of herself; Mallory experiences violent flashbacks from Quinn's life.
  • Strangers & Comrades
    Strangers & Comrades
    Episode 344 mins
    After landing in a world which looks like Purgatory, the sliders find a war raging between earthlings and Kromaggs and are recruited against their will to fight.
  • The Great Work
    The Great Work
    Episode 444 mins
    The weary sliders are nursed back to health in a monastery run by a group of people who are recording civilization's achievements to help future generations.
  • New Gods for Old
    New Gods for Old
    Episode 544 mins
    After landing in a totalitarian world, Mallory is paralyzed by a laser beam hit but later joins a commune of healers who alter him with a glittering liquid.
  • Please Press One
    Please Press One
    Episode 644 mins
    Maggie is kidnapped and deposited in a processing center while trying to get food from a vending machine owned by a company that dominates the world.
  • A Current Affair
    A Current Affair
    Episode 744 mins
    Maggie is accused of having an affair with the president to distract the public from a war with Switzerland.
  • Java Jive
    Java Jive
    Episode 844 mins
    The sliders land in a world very reminiscent of the Roaring '20s and confront Rembrandt's evil double, who deals in bootleg coffee.
  • The Return of Maggie Beckett
    The Return of Maggie Beckett
    Episode 944 mins
    After landing in Maggie's hometown, the sliders discover that her double was a decorated astronaut, presumed dead from a mission to Mars.
  • Easy Slider
    Easy Slider
    Episode 1044 mins
    The sliders land in a world where internal combustion engines are outlawed; Mallory falls for an employee of a major gas company.
  • Requiem
    Episode 1144 mins
    Rembrandt has hallucinations about Wade and eventually enters a vortex that leads the sliders to a Kromagg military complex where she is being held.
  • Map of the Mind
    Map of the Mind
    Episode 1244 mins
    The sliders land behind the gates of what appears to be a mental institution and later discover that it is a neural re-mapping center, where individualism is discouraged.
  • A Thousand Deaths
    A Thousand Deaths
    Episode 1344 mins
    Fast-food workers in clown costumes chase the sliders to a resort where Maggie is traumatized by a sadistic, virtual reality Civil War game.
  • Heavy Metal
    Heavy Metal
    Episode 1444 mins
    After being dumped in the middle of the Pacific ocean, the sliders are rescued by a merchant ship populated by a band of pirates.
  • To Catch a Slider
    To Catch a Slider
    Episode 1544 mins
    The sliders must pull off the heist of a precious gem that they need to fix their malfunctioning timer.
  • Dust
    Episode 1644 mins
    The sliders discover Los Angeles under a desert and Rembrandt (Cleavant Derricks) is worshipped as an ancient deity. With Kari Wuhrer, Robert Floyd and Tembi Locke.
  • Eye of the Storm
    Eye of the Storm
    Episode 1744 mins
    An energy barrier threatens to consume everything in its path as the sliders rush to prevent Mallory from being transformed into their nemesis, Dr. Geiger.
  • The Seer
    The Seer
    Episode 1844 mins
    The mysterious final slide begins as the group's travels through many parallel worlds comes to a dramatic end.

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