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Jerry O'Connell, John Rhys-Davies, Kari Wuhrer

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A grad student accidently opens a wormhole to parallel universes.
  • Into the Mystic
    Episode 1 - 42 mins
    The sliders seek a sorcerer beyond the Golden Gargoyle Gate Bridge for wounded Quinn.
  • Love Gods
    Episode 2 - 42 mins
    Women want the male sliders to help them repopulate a world where a virus decimated men.
  • Gillian of the Spirits
    Episode 3 - 44 mins
    Quinn ends up alone on an astral plane where only one person can see or hear him.
  • The Good, the Bad and the Wealthy
    Episode 4 - 44 mins
    Quinn is mistaken for a gunslinger in a world where the code of the Wild West still prevails.
  • El Sid
    Episode 5 - 43 mins
    The sliders land on this Earth in a San Francisco used as a prison facility.
  • Time Again and World
    Episode 6 - 43 mins
    A world that mirrors a previous world gives Wade the chance to prevent murders.
  • In Dino Veritas
    Episode 7 - 44 mins
    Quinn faces a man-eating allosaurus in an attempt to retrieve the timer.
  • Post-Traumatic Slide Syndrome
    Episode 8 - 44 mins
    Quinn senses something is amiss when the Sliders make it back to their own Earth.
  • Obsession
    Episode 9 - 44 mins
    Wade meets the man of her dreams, only to discover he is obsessed with her.
  • Greatfellas
    Episode 10 - 42 mins
    The Sliders get involved in a turf war on a world where Rembrandt is the top federal agent.
  • The Young and the Relentless
    Episode 11 - 42 mins
    The Sliders land on a world where society is ruled by the young.
  • Invasion
    Episode 12 - 44 mins
    Quinn defeats a marauding ship when the Sliders land in the middle of an invasion.
  • As Time Goes By
    Episode 13 - 44 mins
    Quinn lands in a world where he could be forever reunited with Daelin, a long-lost love.

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