Roger Ramjet

Roger Ramjet

Cartoon & Animation5 Seasons
A patriotic superhero tries to save the world.
  • Dr. Ivan Evilkisser; The Sheik; Bat Guy; The Shaft
    Episode 122 mins
    Light bulbs going dark; bodyguard for the sheikh of Lompakia; Count Bat Guy; a rocket goes backward.
  • Kokomo; Baseball; The Pirates; The Cowboy;
    Episode 221 mins
    Roger is in an auto race; stolen anchors; Roger is lassoed by cowboys.
  • Dee Kidnap; Drafted; TV Crisis; Revolution
    Episode 321 mins
    Noodles Romanoff kidnaps Dee; Doodle is drafted; Solenoid Robots take over the TVs.
  • Torture; Miss America; The Race; Jack the Nipper
    Episode 421 mins
    Roger is asked to spy on Jaqueline Hyde; contestants are disappearing from Miss America.
  • Ma Ramjet; The Cockroaches; Moon; HI-Noon
    Episode 521 mins
    Mother Ramjet visits; a new singing group; Roger the babysitter; law to the Old West.
  • Bank Robbers; Sun Clouds; Football; Bullfight
    Episode 621 mins
    Roger the bank robber; the Solenoid Robots are heating the Earth; Roger saves the day for Chicken U.
  • Bathyspher; Sky Diving; Monkey; Martin & Cows
    Episode 721 mins
    Roger helps the Navy; competing for Lotta; a feud; the Solenoid Robots are capturing jets.
  • Planets; Orbits; Tennis; Werewolf
    Episode 821 mins
    Roger surfs in space; Roger plays tennis with Pouch, a kangaroo.
  • Flying Saucer; Dr. Frank N. Schwine; Skateboard; Scotland Yards
    Episode 921 mins
    Dr. Frank N. Schwein needs help; a skateboarding contest for Lotta; Scotland Yard has been stolen.
  • Dentist; Rip Van Ramjet; Lompoc Cannonball; School
    Episode 2121 mins
    Roger has hallucinations; Roger and the American Eagles visit Lompoc; Roger posses as a student.
  • Private Eye; Espionage Express; Branch Office; Wedding Bells
    Episode 3121 mins
    Roger is hired to protect Hip Hoptoon; a train full of spies want to steal secrets.
  • Bunny; Doctor; Winfield of the Infield; Jolly Rancher
    Episode 3221 mins
    Roger has his annual checkup, but there is a mix up with his x-rays.
  • Long John Silver; Spy in the Sky; Comics; Moonshot
    Episode 1021 mins
    Pinky Finger is kidnapped by the Solenoid Robots; Roger wants to win the space race.
  • Jet Boots; Hollywood; Little Roger; Treasure of the Sierra's Mattress
    Episode 1121 mins
    A patriotic superhero tries to save the world.
  • Tarzap; Cycles; Track Meet; Coffee
    Episode 1221 mins
    Roger crashes in the jungle looking for Tarzap; a track meet between Runovia and the US.
  • Assassins; Genie; Woodsman; Pirate Gold
    Episode 1321 mins
    Noodles Romanoff launches an array of assassination attempts against Roger.
  • Airplane; KO at Gun Fight Corral; Mars; Puck
    Episode 1421 mins
    Yank is kidnapped by aliens who want to operate on him.
  • Gamey; Super Mother; Dr. What; Fox
    Episode 1620 mins
    A patriotic superhero tries to save the world.
  • Party; Large Leslie; Horse; Big Woof
    Episode 1521 mins
    Frank N. Schwein creates Large Leslie; a talking horse invites Roger to its ranch.
  • Time Machine; Pool; Ancestors; Hoop De Doo
    Episode 1721 mins
    A mad scientist kidnaps the American Eagles.
  • Robot Plant; Robot Plot; Turkey; Fishing
    Episode 1821 mins
    A Solenoid robot wants to run for president; a turkey shortage on Thanksgiving.
  • Purloined Pinky; Snow; Ripley; Monster Masquerade
    Episode 1921 mins
    Robots steal the world's snow; Roger wants a story written; a masquerade party.
  • Lompoc Diamond; Coffee House; Pirate Games; Horse Race
    Episode 2021 mins
    Roger inherits a baseball field; General Brassbottom shares government secrets with his girlfriend.
  • Vaudeville; Missing; Desert OX; Ad game
    Episode 2221 mins
    Roger and Lance try Vaudeville; Roger has disappeared; TV ads make people commit crimes.
  • Lotsa Pizza; Land Rush; Show Business; The Catnapper
    Episode 2321 mins
    Doodle enters a pizza eating contest; Roger wants to by land in Oregon; Roger part of a comedy duo.
  • Opera Phantom; Pies; Small World; Ark
    Episode 2421 mins
    Dee enters a pie contest; the robots shrink the world; a madman invents a rain machine.
  • Sauce; Cousin; Whale; Doodle League
    Episode 2521 mins
    Stolen hot sauce; Noodles Romanoff kidnaps Cockeye; a whale swallows Roger and Red Dog.
  • For the Birds; Abdominal Snowman; Safari; Blast Off
    Episode 2621 mins
    Roger goes bird watching; rescuing Sir Hilary; an invitation to Africa; Roger tests a new rocket.
  • Twas the Night Before; Water Sucker; Hero Training; Tiger
    Episode 2721 mins
    Noodles Romanoff as Santa Claus; Roger becomes a trainer; the Maharaja diamonds.
  • Rodeo; Dumb Waiter; Portrait of Roger; Prince and the Doodle
    Episode 2821 mins
    The gang attends a rodeo; Roger goes undercover; a painting of Roger is auctioned.
  • Volcano; Drought; How's Your Pass; Three Faces of Roger
    Episode 2921 mins
    Roger's driver license is expired; Dr. I.R.'s device can change a persons personality.
  • Limberlost; General Kidnap; Rabbit Man; Pill Caper
    Episode 3021 mins
    Roger has to save Lance Crossfire; Noodles Romanoff kidnaps General Brassbottom.
  • Little Monster; Flying Town; Daring Young Man; Crown Jewels
    Episode 3321 mins
    A patriotic superhero tries to save the world.
  • Pay Cut; Killer Doodle; Nut; Hypochick
    Episode 3421 mins
    Roger consider retirement, when the pressures of the hero lifestyle get to be too much.
  • April Fool; Polar Bear; Decorator; The Law
    Episode 3521 mins
    A patriotic superhero tries to save the world.
  • Lompac Lizards; Dry Sea; Hassenfeffer; Ruggers
    Episode 3621 mins
    A patriotic superhero tries to save the world.
  • manhole; Blockbuster; Sellout; Scout Outing
    Episode 3721 mins
    A patriotic superhero tries to save the world.
  • Love; Blunderosa; General Doodle
    Episode 3815 mins
    The personalities of Doodle and General Brassbottom are switched.

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