Ray Donovan

Ray Donovan

Drama7 SeasonsTVMA
Liev Schreiber, Jon Voight, Eddie Marsan
A Los Angeles trouble shooter is called in to solve problems of the city's elite.
  • Girl, With Guitar
    Girl, With Guitar
    Episode 159 mins
    Ray attempts to reconnect with his family and repair his relationship with Bridget following the shootout; Abby's medical diagnosis threatens to upend the Donovan family; Mickey plans a heist as Detective Muncie closes in on his whereabouts.
  • Marisol
    Episode 254 mins
    Ray helps Hector handle someone; Bunchy learns a lesson about marital compromise; Terry has a renewed sense of purpose; Detective Muncie uses evidence against the Donovans.
  • Little Bill Primm's Big Green Horseshoe
    Little Bill Primm's Big Green Horseshoe
    Episode 355 mins
    An intruder breaks into the Donovans' house; Bridget tries to maintain her independence; Mickey plans to rob a casino; Bunchy and Teresa navigate marital woes; Ray visits Belikov in prison.
  • Federal Boobie Inspector
    Federal Boobie Inspector
    Episode 458 mins
    Ray visits a Hollywood power-player to get the mob off his back; Lena and an ex take Abby for a night on the town; Mickey offers up a job prospect.
  • Get Even Before Leavin'
    Get Even Before Leavin'
    Episode 550 mins
    With the Russian mob threatening his family, Ray goes on a road trip to Primm; Bunchy and Bridget look after the baby.
  • Fish and Bird
    Fish and Bird
    Episode 658 mins
    Ray waits to see if Belikov will be released from prison; Ray encounters former clients at a benefit; Teresa battles postpartum depression; Mickey tries to convince the DA that he was behind the Minnassian massacre.
  • Norman Saves the World
    Norman Saves the World
    Episode 754 mins
    Ray has a confrontation with a Hollywood agent and a former fixer; without the protection of the Russians, Ray helps Mickey secure his own safety.
  • The Texan
    The Texan
    Episode 856 mins
    Ray enlists Lena and Daryll's help to cement Hector's rematch with Whittaker; an angry neighbor confronts the Donovans; Teresa's depression takes a turn.
  • Goodbye Beautiful
    Goodbye Beautiful
    Episode 947 mins
    The head of the Russian mob wants to find out what happened to Belikov; Sonia and her daughter take refuge at the Donovan's; Avi and Lena question Ray's loyalty to Sonia; Mickey returns to Primm to search for stolen money and Sylvie.
  • Lake Hollywood
    Lake Hollywood
    Episode 1051 mins
    Facing a crisis, Ray and the team devise strategies about leverage; Hector's wife plans to move, and he reaches a breaking point.
  • Chinese Algebra
    Chinese Algebra
    Episode 1148 mins
    After devising a plan to save Avi, Ray is detained by Agent Barnes before he can act; Mickey places a high-stakes bet; Barnes makes Ray an offer.
  • Rattus Rattus
    Rattus Rattus
    Episode 1263 mins
    Sonia gives incriminating evidence to Agent Barnes; Ray tries to play the Russian mob against the FBI; Mickey tries to cash in on a big fight.

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