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Matt Frewer, Barclay Hope, Nancy Anne Sakovich

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  • Jaunt
    Episode 145 mins
    The team reunite despite their differences when a scientist returns from the Arch, giving them hope for Hendricks.
  • Comings and Goings
    Episode 245 mins
    Hendricks, who disappeared into the arch and was given up for dead, turns up at a hospital.
  • Heartland
    Episode 345 mins
    Virtually overnight a Cree burial ground becomes a bone-dry wasteland.
  • The Kiss
    Episode 445 mins
    A trigger-happy cop, Praeger's ex-wife and a case of possession link to murder.
  • Absolution
    Episode 545 mins
    An institutionalized Praeger becomes the target of a demonic cult.
  • All Hallows Eve
    Episode 645 mins
    A novelist with multiple personalities writes a pattern for murder.
  • Palimpsest
    Episode 745 mins
    The corpse of a woman from the future appears in the basement of a condemned apartment building.
  • Return
    Episode 845 mins
    Hendricks' wife returns from the arch possessed by a spirit.
  • Harlequin
    Episode 945 mins
    An animal at a wildlife hospice dies under bizarre circumstances.
  • Little People
    Episode 1045 mins
    Trolls are suspected of frightening Praeger's daughter.
  • The Winding Cloth
    Episode 1145 mins
    The team travels to England to uncover the authenticity of an ancient burial shroud.
  • Chango
    Episode 1245 mins
    A colleague who apparently died of a heart attack is revived at his funeral.
  • Solitary Confinement
    Episode 1345 mins
    Prisoners in solitary confinement die mysteriously, each of a different cause.
  • Valentine
    Episode 1445 mins
    A St. Valentine's Day murder leads investigators to vampires.
  • Old Wounds
    Episode 1545 mins
    A woman is wounded while playing a virtual reality war game and the O.S.I.R. team must investigate.
  • The Observer Effect
    Episode 1645 mins
    Two residents of a private community say they were abducted by a UFO.
  • School of Thought
    Episode 1745 mins
    The team goes under cover at a reform school after students begin exhibiting psychokinesis.
  • Y2K
    Episode 1845 mins
    Two computer programmers are killed trying to develop an anti-Y2K program.
  • The Tribunal
    Episode 1945 mins
    Aliens abduct a woman while she is in the custody of O.S.I.R. investigators.
  • John Doe
    Episode 2045 mins
    A genius tries to regain his memory while working as a janitor at Tessler Industries.
  • Forever and a Day
    Episode 2145 mins
    The team investigates a psychic healer; upper echelons of the OSIR are implicated in a murder plot.
  • Forever and a Day
    Episode 2245 mins
    The team encounters a seemingly immortal man as it continues searching for the chairman.

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