Postman Pat: Special Delivery Service

Postman Pat: Special Delivery Service

Kids3 SeasonsTVG
Lewis Macleod, Carole Boyd, Kulvinder Ghir
Postman Pat has been promoted to head of the Special Delivery Service.
  • A Runaway Cow
    A Runaway Cow
    Episode 115 mins
    Pat must deliver a new cow to Alf, but his delivery becomes an exciting rescue when the cow causes chaos in Pencaster.
  • A Tepee
    A Tepee
    Episode 215 mins
    Only Lauren knows the location of the prize for the annual treasure hunt.
  • A Wind Machine
    A Wind Machine
    Episode 315 mins
    Pat must deliver a wind generator to Ted Glen's workshop, but strong winds make the job very difficult.
  • Crazy Robots
    Crazy Robots
    Episode 415 mins
    When the sorting machine breaks at the mail center, Pat is asked to deliver two of Ted's robots to help Ben.
  • Big Balloons
    Big Balloons
    Episode 515 mins
    Pat delivers helium balloons to celebrate the re-opening of Pencaster Town Hall.
  • Bouncy Castle
    Bouncy Castle
    Episode 615 mins
    Pat needs to deliver a bouncy castle to Lauren's class, but when the castle accidentally inflates inside the sorting office, Pat must use the helicopter to get to the school on time.
  • Charlie's Telescope
    Charlie's Telescope
    Episode 715 mins
    Pat is delivering a telescope to Charlie at Greendale Peak for the once-in-a-lifetime comet that's appearing that night.
  • Fruit Bats
    Fruit Bats
    Episode 815 mins
    Pat's mission is to deliver a family of hibernating fruit bats to Amy for her Animal Day.
  • Precious Eggs
    Precious Eggs
    Episode 915 mins
    Amy is waiting for a delivery of some special duck eggs.
  • Naughty Pumpkin
    Naughty Pumpkin
    Episode 1015 mins
    Lizzy and Lauren have arranged a surprise horse riding lesson for Ben.
  • A Movie Feast
    A Movie Feast
    Episode 1115 mins
    Pat must deliver the film and projector for an open-air movie night.
  • A Speedy Car
    A Speedy Car
    Episode 1215 mins
    A remote-control car and a new TV remote get switched, with hilarious results.
  • A Wobbly Piano
    A Wobbly Piano
    Episode 1315 mins
    Pat needs to deliver a piano for Lizzy's first-ever concert.
  • A Slippery Ice Cube
    A Slippery Ice Cube
    Episode 1415 mins
    Pat is asked to deliver a huge block of ice to Michael for the Chinese Summer Festival.
  • A Magic Jewel
    A Magic Jewel
    Episode 1515 mins
    Pat delivers an elephant to Meera.
  • A Teddy
    A Teddy
    Episode 1615 mins
    Pat must deliver a special teddy bear before the Teddy Bears Picnic.
  • Super Magnet
    Super Magnet
    Episode 1715 mins
    Pat saves the day when the water tower falls across the train tracks at the station.
  • Treehouse
    Episode 1815 mins
    Amy is waiting for a new hibernation home for Dora the dormouse, but disaster strikes when Pat's special delivery lands in a tree.
  • Green Rabbit
    Green Rabbit
    Episode 1915 mins
    Baby Nik has lost his green rabbit and he can't sleep without it; but Pat's flyer breaks down, making delivery difficult.
  • A Surprise
    A Surprise
    Episode 2015 mins
    Ben has organized a special surprise party for Pat where he will be awarded the gold star for being the best postman.
  • Bernie the Parrot
    Bernie the Parrot
    Episode 2115 mins
    Postman Pat has been promoted to Head of the Special Delivery Service, which means he will now be called upon to deliver anything, anytime, anywhere; Pat gets into all sorts of mischief with escaped parrot, Bernie.
  • Red Rocket
    Red Rocket
    Episode 2215 mins
    Ted has entered his red rocket into the Pencaster Flying Machine Challenge, but when the rocket takes off unexpectedly, it is up to Pat and Jess to win the trophy.
  • Disco Machine
    Disco Machine
    Episode 2315 mins
    The children are looking forward to the school disco, but when the disco machine is damaged, Pat must find a way to save the day.
  • Giant Cake
    Giant Cake
    Episode 2415 mins
    Lucy Selby has been missing her dad, so a surprise party is organized, with a very special guest popping out of a giant cake.
  • Ice Skates
    Ice Skates
    Episode 2515 mins
    On the snowiest day of the year, Pat has to deliver a pair of ice skates to Meera but the snow falls so quickly that he gets trapped inside the sorting office.
  • The Flying Christmas Stocking
    The Flying Christmas Stocking
    Episode 2615 mins
    It's Christmas Eve and Pat must collect all the Secret Santa presents.

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