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Angela Lansbury, William Windom, Tom Bosley

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Mystery writer and amateur detective Jessica Fletcher solves crimes in idyllic Cabot Cove, Maine -- the murder capital of the United States.
  • Trials & Tribulations

    Episode 1 - 47 mins
    Jessica is accused of bribery by the daughter of a convicted murderer.
  • Deadly Misunderstanding

    Episode 2 - 47 mins
    Jessica tries to exonerate a temporary employee (Lise Cutter) accused of her husband's murder.
  • See You in Court, Baby

    Episode 3 - 47 mins
    Investigator Dennis Stanton becomes involved in a complex murder probe.
  • Hannigan's Wake

    Episode 4 - 47 mins
    Jessica probes a 16-year-old murder at the request of a dying author.
  • Family Jewels

    Episode 5 - 47 mins
    A murder during a fundraiser reveals a wealthy woman's colorful past.
  • A Body to Die For

    Episode 6 - 48 mins
    A handsome physical instructor inspires a wave of female fitness, then is found dead.
  • The Return of Preston Giles

    Episode 7 - 47 mins
    Out on parole, Jessica's former publisher tries to woo her back into the fold.
  • The Great Twain Robbery

    Episode 8 - 48 mins
    Dennis Stanton suspects a con man who insures a Mark Twain manuscript.
  • Ballad for a Blue Lady

    Episode 9 - 47 mins
    In Nashville, Tenn., Jessica discovers a web of infidelity and greed.
  • Murder in F Sharp

    Episode 10 - 48 mins
    A former jewel thief turned insurance investigator untangles a murder mystery.
  • Family Doctor

    Episode 11 - 47 mins
    Jessica investigates a mob hit when Seth is asked to help a crime boss shot at a Boston restaurant.
  • Suspicion of Murder

    Episode 12 - 48 mins
    Dennis Stanton is a suspect when an old flame's husband is murdered.
  • Moving Violation

    Episode 13 - 48 mins
    Jessica tries to clear Sheriff Metzger of killing an ambassador's son.
  • Who Killed J.B. Fletcher?

    Episode 14 - 48 mins
    A fan, posing as Jessica, is arrested and later murdered.
  • The Taxman Cometh

    Episode 15 - 47 mins
    An IRS-plagued woman is suspected of having killed her informer husband.
  • From the Horse's Mouth

    Episode 16 - 47 mins
    A clash between Kentucky Thoroughbred breeders leads to murder.
  • The Prodigal Father

    Episode 17 - 47 mins
    Jessica probes the murder of a suspected robber believed already dead.
  • Where Have You Gone, Billy Boy?

    Episode 18 - 48 mins
    A shy ventriloquist is suspected of murdering a ruthless comedy club owner.
  • Thursday's Child

    Episode 19 - 47 mins
    A woman claims her accused son was fathered by Jessica's late husband.
  • Murder, Plain and Simple

    Episode 20 - 47 mins
    During Jessica's trip to Amish country, her escort (Hunt Block) is accused of murder.
  • Tainted Lady

    Episode 21 - 47 mins
    The poisoning deaths of three customers point to the local diner owner.
  • The Skinny According to Nick Cullhane

    Episode 22 - 47 mins
    A writer sends Jessica a kidnapping expose which results in murder.

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