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Three unlikely and awkward heroes are entrusted with a mission to save humanity and protect the balance of nature and harmony from an underworld leader and his band of misfit mutant monsters.
  • Get That Glove
    Episode 1 - 12 mins
    The Guardians do whatever it takes to protect the Glove of the North from all kinds of threats.
  • Dance Dojo
    Episode 2 - 12 mins
    The Guardians train in dance; Xia learns something that wins him a battle and a milestone.
  • Big Bunny
    Episode 3 - 12 mins
    Pai's Mystic Stick helps him defeat the Mutant.
  • Baby Dragon
    Episode 4 - 12 mins
    Xia trains relentlessly; Negu's mutant dragon grows too fond of April and Pai's dragon-shaped ship.
  • Game Over
    Episode 5 - 12 mins
    The Elders order the Guardians to climb a mountain; Negu tries to distract the Guardians.
  • Tree Trouble
    Episode 6 - 12 mins
    Negu sends a beaver mutant to eat the Yan's world trees; Pai masters cooking slippery jade noodles.
  • Dog Danger
    Episode 7 - 12 mins
    April practices her warrior transformation; a big mutant dog chases April's cat.
  • The Pai Problem
    Episode 8 - 12 mins
    The Elders assign the Guardians to guard the Magic Fort overnight; a clone of Pai fights Pai.
  • Joy Ride
    Episode 9 - 12 mins
    The Guardians must clean the Lord of the Wind; Xia and April are captured by the Wind Beast.
  • That Sinking Feeling
    Episode 10 - 12 mins
    Mei decides to impress Negu with an art museum; old buildings are pulled down to build the museum.
  • Baby Pox
    Episode 11 - 12 mins
    Pai has to get a mushroom that cures a pox that makes one act like a baby.
  • Mondo Yawn
    Episode 12 - 12 mins
    Maestro Woof is having trouble sleeping and the Guardians try to cure his insomnia.
  • Ice Attack
    Episode 13 - 12 mins
    The Elders confiscate the Guardians' weapons; Ice Poppy can shoot ice and freeze people.
  • Locked Up
    Episode 14 - 12 mins
    Negu tries to get his hands on the Glove of the North with the help of a mutant meerkat.
  • Giveaway
    Episode 15 - 12 mins
    Negu tries to take advantage of the Elders' excessive benevolence to acquire the Glove of the North.
  • Buddy System
    Episode 16 - 12 mins
    The Guardians have a new training called the Buddy System where each Guardian will be paired with an Elder.
  • Love Is Blind
    Episode 17 - 12 mins
    An unsuspecting Pai develops feelings which can cost the Guardians dearly.
  • Something Stinks
    Episode 18 - 12 mins
    Negu has his henchmen pump a green fog up to the Yan World, forcing the Elders to evacuate.
  • Chicken
    Episode 19 - 12 mins
    Pai thinks he's going to fight Xia in a chicken costume to earn his Orange Underbelt.
  • Pet Peeves
    Episode 20 - 12 mins
    April strives for Xia's attention, but he's too busy doting on his new pet bird, Peachy Woo.
  • Xia's Bad Dream
    Episode 21 - 12 mins
    April and Xia go into Xia's nightmare and give him advice to conquer his dream enemies.
  • The Trojan Hedgehog
    Episode 22 - 12 mins
    A wooden hedgehog shows up as a gift for Maestra Saku's birthday, but the gift has enemies inside.
  • The Pai Who Cried Wolf
    Episode 23 - 12 mins
    Pai goes on a solo quest to discover his powers as the Rodent Warrior; he battles the Wolf Warrior.
  • Waterfall of Life
    Episode 24 - 12 mins
    There is an imbalance in the wolrd when a giant toad is sent to plug up the Waterfall of Life.
  • School's Out
    Episode 25 - 12 mins
    April's fan falls down to the Chou World, so Amkko and Koto use it to fly up to the Yan World.
  • Fire Away
    Episode 26 - 12 mins
    Xia tries to heat things up with his Golden Katana, but keeps accidentally setting fires.
  • Home Alone
    Episode 27 - 12 mins
    The Guardians argue about who's in charge; Negu takes advantage of the Elders' absence.
  • Good Croc, Bad Croc
    Episode 28 - 12 mins
    The Guardians enjoy a baby croc until it grows into an unmanageable mutant.
  • Brush with Danger
    Episode 29 - 12 mins
    The Guardians' art lesson in brushwork pays off when they battle a big color-blasting mutant snail.
  • Clean Break
    Episode 30 - 12 mins
    The Guardians want a maid to clean up their mess, but the maid turns out to be a robot.
  • The Lily of the East
    Episode 31 - 12 mins
    The Guardians take a welcome break from brainteasers to go fetch pollen from the Lily of the East.
  • Oh, Rats
    Episode 32 - 12 mins
    The Guardians laugh at Mei and his rats, but the rats have horrible, high-pitched screams.
  • Pai the Pirate
    Episode 33 - 12 mins
    The Guardians stumble across a treasure map and Pai happily starts playing pirate.
  • Sticky Situation
    Episode 34 - 12 mins
    The Guardians battle the mutant and defeat it using Pai's beloved Mystic Stick.
  • Borrowed Glove
    Episode 35 - 12 mins
    Xia finds he's surprisingly bad at archery, so he borrows the Glove of the North.
  • Be Quiet
    Episode 36 - 12 mins
    The Guardians travel to Anjing Island to retrieve Maestro Meow's drum from the island's ogre.
  • Switching Places
    Episode 37 - 12 mins
    After arguing about whose avatar is more difficult to control, Xia and April swap magic accessories.
  • Pai the Wizard
    Episode 38 - 12 mins
    Pai uses the Elder's conch horn (which Pai thinks is magic) to summon the Cleaner Birds.
  • Glove of the South
    Episode 39 - 12 mins
    Negu is thrilled to learn there is a Glove of the South hidden on the Guardians' island.
  • Panda-Monium
    Episode 40 - 12 mins
    Maestro Woof needs the kind of bamboo that the Purple Panda eats so he can make a new flute.
  • The Controllator
    Episode 41 - 12 mins
    Everyone has forgotten April's birthday, so she happily accepts a present from a stranger.
  • April's Rain
    Episode 42 - 12 mins
    The Wise Elders ask the Guardians to tidy up their island; Pai and Xia ask April to make it rain.
  • Let's Dance
    Episode 43 - 12 mins
    To complete the next step on her Mondojitsu Path, April has to master the dance of the falcon.
  • Mystic Stick Gone Wild
    Episode 44 - 12 mins
    Negu sends a horde of fake sticks, fans and swords to the Guardians.
  • The Fallen Star
    Episode 45 - 12 mins
    Maestra Saku teaches the Guardians how to connect with the constellations and use their powers.
  • Atchoo
    Episode 46 - 12 mins
    When the Guardians see that the gates of the Magic Fort open, they think Atchoo has betrayed them.
  • You're All Useless
    Episode 47 - 12 mins
    The Guardians take Amkko, Koto and Mei under their wing, but soon start regretting their decision.
  • The Lord, Lost
    Episode 48 - 12 mins
    The Glove of the North and the Lord of the Wind mysteriously go missing on the same night.
  • The Heroes' Path
    Episode 49 - 12 mins
    Xia plays the Heroes' Path, a game which seems fun till he comes across a suspicious instruction.
  • Bad Luck, Good Luck
    Episode 50 - 12 mins
    Pai and Xia become jealous of April's sudden success after she receives a lucky amulet in the mail.
  • The Vegetable Guardians
    Episode 51 - 12 mins
    The Wise Elders ask the Guardians to take care of their vegetable garden while they go on a trip.
  • Final Attack
    Episode 52 - 12 mins
    Negu decides to send out all of his mutants; Xia and Pai are captured.

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