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A crusty, misogynistic shoe salesman and his lazy, spendthrift housewife manage to tolerate each other while raising their socially inept son and their promiscuous daughter.
  • She's Having My Baby Part 1
    Episode 123 mins
    Al is shocked when Peg makes the announcement that she is pregnant again.
  • She's Having My Baby Part 2
    Episode 223 mins
    Al and Jefferson plan an escape from their demanding pregnant wives.
  • If Al Had a Hammer
    Episode 323 mins
    Al builds an extra room to get space away from a pregnant Peg.
  • Cheese, Cues and Blood
    Episode 423 mins
    A suspicious Al learns Kelly is earning money by hustling pool.
  • Looking for a Desk in All the Wrong Places
    Episode 523 mins
    Marcy tries to recover her valuable furniture, which Jefferson sold to raise gambling money.
  • Buck Has a Belly Ache
    Episode 623 mins
    A pregnant Peg returns to her family when Buck is the only one getting sympathy at home.
  • If I Could See Me Now
    Episode 723 mins
    Al experiences a crisis when it appears he must get eyeglasses.
  • God's Shoes
    Episode 823 mins
    Al's out-of-body experience sends him in search of the perfect pair of shoes.
  • Kelly Does Hollywood Part 1
    Episode 923 mins
    Kelly goes to Hollywood and quickly lands her own television show.
  • Kelly Does Hollywood Part 2
    Episode 1023 mins
    Kelly faces difficulties while starring in her own Hollywood television show.
  • Al Bundy, Shoe Dick
    Episode 1123 mins
    Pressured to earn more money, Al moonlights as a private detective.
  • So This Is How Sinatra Felt
    Episode 1223 mins
    Al proves he really loves Peg when he refuses a groupie's advances.
  • I Who Have Nothing
    Episode 1323 mins
    Al looks up an old flame to get back a high-school memento for Bud.
  • The Mystery of Skull Island
    Episode 1423 mins
    While attempting to impress a girl, Bud is beaten up, nearly drowns and goes sky diving.
  • Just Shoe It
    Episode 1523 mins
    Al pitches a new line of super sneakers in a television commercial.
  • Rites of Passage
    Episode 1623 mins
    On Bud's 18th birthday, Al takes him to his first "girlie" bar.
  • The Egg and I
    Episode 1723 mins
    Marcy's ex-husband Steve returns to her -- on the run from the law.
  • My Dinner with Anthrax
    Episode 1823 mins
    Bud wins a dinner at his house with the metal band Anthrax but has to get the parents out first.
  • Psychic Avengers
    Episode 1923 mins
    Al uses Jefferson's fortunetelling scam in an attempt to make easy money.
  • Hi, I.Q.
    Episode 2023 mins
    Kelly is invited to a mixer at a club for those with high IQs.
  • Teacher Pets
    Episode 2123 mins
    The Bundys can't believe Bud is dating his English professor.
  • The Goodbye Girl
    Episode 2223 mins
    Kelly gets a job at her favorite theme park; Al sees the world from his couch.
  • The Gas Station Show
    Episode 2323 mins
    Al plans a day of family fun, highlighted by a visit to the local gas station.
  • England Show Part 1
    Episode 2423 mins
    The unknowing Bundys become part of an ancient plot when they win a trip to England.
  • England Show Part 2
    Episode 2523 mins
    Kelly must save Al and Bud when Lower Uncton citizens plot to kill them.
  • England Show Part 3
    Episode 2623 mins
    Al agrees to a duel with Igor to forestall the battle between Upper and Lower Uncton.

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