Love Child

Love Child

Drama4 Seasons
Jessica Marais, Jonathan LaPaglia, Mandy McElhinney
A modern, spirited midwife turns life on its head for everyone at Kings Cross General Hospital and Stanton House, a home for young unwed pregnant women.
  • Episode #01
    Episode #01
    Episode 143 mins
    The unorthodox new head of obstetrics helps Joan during her early labor; Matron must deal with three new pregnant girls in Stanton House.
  • Episode #02
    Episode #02
    Episode 243 mins
    Elena dreads her brother's reaction as Matron refuses to allow guilt to undermine her work; Joan comes to terms with the challenges of her new life; Martha seeks information about Patty.
  • Episode #03
    Episode #03
    Episode 341 mins
    Martha's car is stolen; Joan faces opposition at work as her future success is compromised by discrimination.
  • Episode #04
    Episode #04
    Episode 441 mins
    Martha and Viv attend a women's rights march together; Debbie refuses to stay away from a married man; Matron struggles with her actions after hearing news about Joan's baby.
  • Episode #05
    Episode #05
    Episode 541 mins
    Joan throws herself into work to bury her grief; Elena struggles to choose between love and duty when the father of her child proposes; Martha holds her first dinner party, but things go wry when it starts to affect her marriage.
  • Episode #06
    Episode #06
    Episode 641 mins
    Rita refuses medical help that could save her and her baby's life; Simon reveals the truth behind his involvement with the hit and run; Elena is shocked when she finds her lover, Ed, in critical condition at the hospital.
  • Episode #07
    Episode #07
    Episode 741 mins
    Joan's world is turned upside down when her ex-fiancé arrives from London; Bowditch and Martha are blackmailed over the hit-and-run accident; Rita has second thoughts about returning to the convent following the birth of her baby.
  • Episode #08
    Episode #08
    Episode 841 mins
    Joan makes a pivotal decision about Lawrence; Debbie is shocked when she finds out Matron has made a secret agreement.
  • Episode #09
    Episode #09
    Episode 942 mins
    Joan finds the proof that shows that her baby was swapped at birth; Matron tries to cover it up; Debbie's jealousy ruins Elena's wedding plans.
  • Episode #10
    Episode #10
    Episode 1042 mins
    Joan risks her entire career so she can be reunited with her missing baby; Matron is accused of unethical practices; Debbie takes action to locate Ed and bring him back to Elena.

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