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Fifty TV stars live together in an enormous mansion and compete against each other in a relentless and unpredictable game to win a grand prize.
  • Warriors on the Expectation

    Episode 50 - 128 mins
    Only six players reach the Grand Final; the viewers have the final word. The voting has closed.
  • Everything Is About to Happen

    Episode 49 - 128 mins
    Advancing to the final depends on teamwork, holding your breath and having perfect aim. The voting has closed.
  • Another Broken Heart

    Episode 48 - 89 mins
    The tension increases in the latest challenges; Julia experiences the most bitter moment.
  • A Just Injustice

    Episode 47 - 84 mins
    Brandon has to compete with a committed heart; the accumulated amount exceeds 300 thousand dollars.
  • To Decree Dreams

    Episode 46 - 84 mins
    Everyone thinks what they could do if they win the prize; the Lion sets new rules for the last week.
  • Bound by Words

    Episode 45 - 89 mins
    The voting ceremony pushes emotions to their limits; claims, excuses and firm promises are made.
  • Circumstantial Support

    Episode 44 - 84 mins
    Four men who were strong in the competition end up being sentenced, and priorities take a turn.
  • Exchange

    Episode 43 - 89 mins
    El Escuadrón Suicida has a strong strategy; the sacrifice is imminent, and they must stay together.
  • Macabre Tactics

    Episode 42 - 84 mins
    The sentencing election causes an uproar, and the new Joker increases instability.
  • Between Vermin

    Episode 41 - 84 mins
    Potro has pinpointed his target; the gem winners sentence a player, and someone must give in.
  • Respect What Is Mine

    Episode 40 - 89 mins
    Rafa is ready to fight back against El Cuarto Feliz; his best option is to become allies with the enemy.
  • Backstabbing

    Episode 39 - 84 mins
    Potro confirms Julia's disloyalty; Rey is astonished to find out who voted for him.
  • Desperate Demand

    Episode 38 - 90 mins
    Julia wants to adjust the votes, but her demanding attitude and temper create discomfort.
  • Where It Hurts the Most

    Episode 37 - 84 mins
    The Lion is relentless when it comes to penalizing; the players are challenged by a new Joker.
  • Sent into Exile

    Episode 36 - 84 mins
    A couple is banished and has to live unsheltered and deprived of all communication for 48 hours.
  • The Victory of Perseverance

    Episode 35 - 89 mins
    Brandon goes into crisis and Bebeshita advises him, achieving her goal; doubts about Potro arise.
  • Each for Themselves

    Episode 34 - 84 mins
    Douglas can't forgive Macky's team; breaking the rules is necessary to play the dirty game.
  • Accusations and Crying

    Episode 33 - 89 mins
    Manelyk and Julia sign an agreement to protect their interests; eventually, betrayal comes to light.
  • Test of Faith

    Episode 32 - 84 mins
    Trust is put to the test after being blindfolded; with only 20 questions, guessing won't be easy.
  • The Amazons

    Episode 31 - 84 mins
    Julia, Glenda and Macky seek gender equality; Lozada thinks about his team's well-being.
  • To the Ring

    Episode 30 - 89 mins
    Rey Grupero is angry because he's labeled as a gossip; Lozada prevents the issue from getting worse.
  • Because of You

    Episode 29 - 84 mins
    Macky breaks the rules and the Lion keeps his word; Manelyk's goal is more than obvious.
  • After the Tornado

    Episode 28 - 89 mins
    In the arena, a game of Twister becomes a filter; the owners of the Jokers keep their wildcard.
  • Split Up and See What Happens

    Episode 27 - 84 mins
    Everyone wants to win the new Joker, and the Lion decides to change the rooms; there are protests.
  • The Mansion Trembles

    Episode 26 - 84 mins
    The Lion announces an unprecedented opportunity; an eliminee returns to the competition.
  • The Numbers Don't Add Up

    Episode 25 - 89 mins
    The gossip comes and goes; at this point, loyalty is questionable; no vote is certain.
  • Between Tears and Laughter

    Episode 24 - 84 mins
    The players face a very difficult challenge, but it's not all drama, there's also fun to be had.
  • Endurance

    Episode 23 - 89 mins
    Potro and Fer have many enemies, and being sentenced upsets them; Manelyk is also worried.
  • Nothing Personal

    Episode 22 - 84 mins
    After the confrontation, Potro and Isa have to overcome their differences and work together.
  • Dangerous Women

    Episode 21 - 84 mins
    Manelyk, Isa and Dania are furious; although mistrust is an everyday thing, the money is flowing.
  • Warned

    Episode 20 - 89 mins
    Douglas and Macky enjoy a special date, but Rey Grupero ruins the moment.
  • A Very Dirty Play

    Episode 19 - 85 mins
    Manelyk confirms who didn't keep their word; the twins have a goal.
  • Counterbalance

    Episode 18 - 64 mins
    The intentions of Manelik and the Conclave girls do not go unnoticed; a leader must leave.
  • Runaway Hunk

    Episode 17 - 85 mins
    Bebeshita is up for anything, and Brandon gets desperate; Jose makes the temperature hotter.
  • Fleeting Joy

    Episode 16 - 85 mins
    The Lion's new rules affect everyone's good mood; Julia, Rafa and Beta must sentence a teammate.
  • Everyone Against Everyone

    Episode 15 - 85 mins
    The Mexican Conclave, the Colombian Combo Mor and the Neutrals face off in a battle to the death.
  • Broken Factions

    Episode 14 - 85 mins
    Tension increases when Beta leaves out part of the Combo Mor Colombiano; Rey makes everybody laugh.
  • Checkmate

    Episode 13 - 85 mins
    Zerboni takes the challenge but fails and can’t handle it; Manelyk's alliances are not reliable.
  • Declaration of Love

    Episode 12 - 85 mins
    Suavecito has something very important to tell Kim; romance invades the mansion.
  • Joint Effort

    Episode 11 - 85 mins
    The competition gets wet while bills fly; rivalry grows as much as confessions.
  • The Unwanted

    Episode 10 - 85 mins
    Zerboni is sentenced and in the crosshairs; they want him out, but he's a tough nut to crack.
  • Tumbles and Sabotage

    Episode 9 - 85 mins
    The rabbits do their thing and take off a garment of clothing from every player.
  • On the Warpath

    Episode 8 - 85 mins
    Hitting the target guarantees more money; five hunters are elected, but there is no easy prey.
  • The Joker

    Episode 7 - 64 mins
    The 39 players still in the competition want to win a valuable benefit.
  • Time to Amass a Fortune

    Episode 6 - 85 mins
    The Gold Carriage is the fastest way to accumulate money; it all depends on teamwork.
  • Balance for the Permanence

    Episode 5 - 85 mins
    Improvisation, skill, strength and team spirit are on trial; not everybody is supportive.
  • First to Decline

    Episode 4 - 64 mins
    Nicky surprises everyone, but a wet challenge solves the problem by adding $8,000 to the jackpot.
  • The Power of Alliances

    Episode 3 - 85 mins
    All players are aware of the danger; they must gather enough votes to stay.
  • Drama Explodes

    Episode 2 - 101 mins
    A slap strains the situation; Shirley and Thali come to blows, and the ranch splits apart.
  • Adrenaline Rush

    Episode 1 - 128 mins
    The challenges start, and every event impacts the jackpot; three participants leave the ranch.

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