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Behind the scenes of Las Vegas law enforcement.
  • Footloose
    Episode 1 - 20 mins
    A search uncovers a kinky stash; two unruly inmates invade each other's personal space.
  • Cupcake
    Episode 2 - 20 mins
    Skipping out on a limo tab; talking dirty to the jail nurse; dreams of sex toy entrepreneurship.
  • Biting Comments
    Episode 3 - 20 mins
    An inmate threatens to get crazy; an elderly woman is confused; violence between two girlfriends.
  • Reefer Madness
    Episode 4 - 20 mins
    A trip to isolation; refusing to admit wrongdoing; a food tray becomes a weapon.
  • Little Big Man
    Episode 5 - 20 mins
    Rough romance; a feisty father; a negative attitude.
  • Domestic Mess
    Episode 6 - 20 mins
    A female inmate uses her breast size to interrupt the booking process.
  • Army Brat
    Episode 7 - 20 mins
    Guards uncover a woman's grooming aids; a tourist-turned-inmate threatens to sue police.
  • Landlord Attack
    Episode 8 - 20 mins
    An inmate gets a case of the munchies after swallowing his stash of drugs; Don Rickles look-alike.
  • Under Mom's Thumb
    Episode 9 - 20 mins
    A sex worker is busted on a slow work day; a drunken inmate tussles with the guards.
  • Too Much Drama
    Episode 10 - 20 mins
    Behind the scenes of Las Vegas law enforcement.

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