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Jail: Big Texas

Jail: Big Texas

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For crimes big and small, cameras document the lives of inmates through their first moments behind bars at county jails in the Lone Star state.
  • Family First

    Episode 1 - 20 mins
    A driver with a baby texts, drinks and drives; a man realizes the consequences of shoplifting.
  • Over Cooked

    Episode 2 - 20 mins
    A man arrested on drug warrants gets upset about the brisket he left on the grill.
  • Heart to Heart

    Episode 3 - 20 mins
    Welcoming an eccentric regular back to jail; a man fleeing Mexico details the horrors he escaped.
  • Sunshine on a Cloudy Day

    Episode 4 - 20 mins
    A woman who calls herself "Sunshine" has a dark disposition; a man leaves a halfway house.
  • Overflowed

    Episode 5 - 20 mins
    An inmate claims to be the victim of an internet scam; an inmate struggles with a spiritual crisis.
  • Sinister Sisters

    Episode 6 - 20 mins
    Two sisters have no one to bail them out after a mini-crime spree.
  • Old Habits Die Hard

    Episode 7 - 20 mins
    An inmate demands officers follow her instructions; a man insists he was kidnapped by the police.
  • Monkey Unmasked

    Episode 8 - 20 mins
    A women goes to jail after telling police she was frightened by a monkey mask.
  • Cell Block Scuffle

    Episode 9 - 20 mins
    Officers deal with an inmate refusing to change cells, and with a houseless man wanting room service.
  • Kick Door Dad

    Episode 10 - 20 mins
    A young father pulls a desperate double robbery to make ends meet; a routine shakedown gets deadly.
  • Charging Forward

    Episode 11 - 20 mins
    A trustee finds himself in hot water after officers discover his contraband.
  • Throw in the Towel

    Episode 12 - 20 mins
    A man arrested for domestic violence threatens to put the officers in jail.
  • No Good Deed

    Episode 13 - 20 mins
    A woman confesses to having drugs hidden somewhere unseen; exotic makeup is cleverly created.
  • Flee the Coop

    Episode 14 - 20 mins
    Cameras catch an arrested man making a run for freedom; an addict thinks drugs are controlling him.
  • In the Same League

    Episode 15 - 20 mins
    Alcohol and a cellphone dispute lead one man to the "green suit"; panhandlers profess their love.
  • Lone Star Clown

    Episode 16 - 20 mins
    Officers warn a man that dressing up like a clown in Texas is not a good idea.
  • Gone to the Dogs

    Episode 17 - 20 mins
    Officers find drugs on a burglary suspect during a pat down, leading to a tense confrontation.
  • Permission to Panhandle

    Episode 18 - 20 mins
    Angry over her arrest, a woman becomes combative with officers; a woman can't stop using drugs.
  • Fight Night

    Episode 19 - 20 mins
    Officers must get hands-on when a man tries to swallow his ring; a heroin addict wants help.
  • Stairway to Jail

    Episode 20 - 20 mins
    After falling down a flight of stairs while drunk, a young man is amazed he is in jail.

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