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Watch as prickly anti-hero Dr. Gregory House wields flawless instincts and unconventional thinking to tackle health mysteries with brutal honesty. Stream all eight seasons of House on Peacock.
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Prickly anti-hero Dr. Gregory House wields flawless instincts and unconventional thinking to tackle health mysteries with brutal honesty.
  • Dying Changes Everything

    Episode 1 - 43 mins
    Still mourning the death of his girlfriend, Wilson resigns from Princeton Plainsboro.
  • Not Cancer

    Episode 2 - 43 mins
    House and the team investigate a string of deaths centering around a single organ donor.
  • Adverse Events

    Episode 3 - 44 mins
    House and the team take on the case of a struggling artist with an undiagnosed illness.
  • Birthmarks

    Episode 4 - 44 mins
    House attends a funeral; the team tries to diagnose the illness of a woman who was in China.
  • Lucky Thirteen

    Episode 5 - 44 mins
    Thirteen's date falls ill after a night of partying, and House takes on her case.
  • Joy

    Episode 6 - 43 mins
    The team treats a sleepwalking patient experiencing unexplained blackouts.
  • The Itch

    Episode 7 - 44 mins
    House and the team treat an agoraphobic who adamantly refuses to leave his home.
  • Emancipation

    Episode 8 - 44 mins
    An emancipated minor working as a factory manager falls ill on the job.
  • Last Resort

    Episode 9 - 50 mins
    A man willing to kill or die for a diagnosis takes House and several patients hostage.
  • Let Them Eat Cake

    Episode 10 - 43 mins
    A high-profile fitness trainer collapses while shooting an infomercial.
  • Joy to the World

    Episode 11 - 44 mins
    Foreman and Thirteen's relationship progresses; unexpected gift.
  • Painless

    Episode 12 - 44 mins
    House and the team try to diagnose a man's severe, chronic pain.
  • Big Baby

    Episode 13 - 44 mins
    The team takes on the case of a teacher who collapsed after spitting up blood during a class.
  • The Greater Good

    Episode 14 - 44 mins
    House and his staff begin to question their life choices while treating a former cancer researcher.
  • Unfaithful

    Episode 15 - 44 mins
    A priest is admitted to the ER after he sees a bleeding Jesus hovering at his doorstep.
  • The Softer Side

    Episode 16 - 44 mins
    The team treats a teenager who doesn't know that he has genetic mosaicism.
  • The Social Contract

    Episode 17 - 44 mins
    House and the team treat a patient who speaks his mind uncontrollably.
  • Here Kitty

    Episode 18 - 44 mins
    House sets out to disprove the allegations of a nursing home worker who feigns illness.
  • Locked In

    Episode 19 - 44 mins
    A man awakes in a New York hospital after a bicycle accident, unable to move or communicate.
  • Simple Explanation

    Episode 20 - 44 mins
    After spending the last several months caring for her dying husband, a woman collapses.
  • Saviors

    Episode 21 - 43 mins
    Cameron asks House to accept the case of an environmental activist who collapsed at a protest.
  • House Divided

    Episode 22 - 44 mins
    A deaf 14-year-old collapses while competing in a wrestling match.
  • Under My Skin

    Episode 23 - 44 mins
    House and the team treat a ballerina whose lungs collapse during a performance.
  • Both Sides Now

    Episode 24 - 44 mins
    House treats a patient whose left brain and right brain operate independently.

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