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Hugh Laurie, Robert Sean Leonard, Omar Epps
Prickly genius Dr. Gregory House tackles health mysteries with his team of young diagnosticians; flawless instincts and unconventional thinking help earn him great respect, despite his brutal honesty and antisocial tendencies.
  • Dying Changes Everything
    Dying Changes Everything
    Episode 143 mins
    Still mourning the death of his girlfriend, Wilson resigns from Princeton Plainsboro; House must determine if he is responsible for the death of his best friend's girlfriend; Thirteen struggles to treat a patient objectively.
  • Not Cancer
    Not Cancer
    Episode 243 mins
    House and the team investigate a string of deaths centering around a single organ donor, then rush to save the only two surviving recipients; House auditions new best friends and uses a detective to spy on Wilson.
  • Adverse Events
    Adverse Events
    Episode 344 mins
    House and the team take on the case of a struggling artist with an undiagnosed illness that's distorting his perception and threatening his career; House continues to have a private investigator dig up dirt on everyone on his team.
  • Birthmarks
    Episode 444 mins
    After receiving word that his father has passed away, House is coerced into attending the funeral; the team tries to diagnose the illness of a woman who was in China searching for her birth mother.
  • Lucky Thirteen
    Lucky Thirteen
    Episode 544 mins
    Thirteen's date gets ill after a night of partying, and House takes on her case; Foreman confronts Thirteen about her self-destructive lifestyle; private investigator Lucas is hot on Wilson's trail.
  • Joy
    Episode 643 mins
    The team takes on the case of a sleepwalking patient experiencing unexplained blackouts; House discovers that Cuddy is planning to adopt a baby that is due in two weeks.
  • The Itch
    The Itch
    Episode 744 mins
    House and the team treat an agoraphobic who adamantly refuses to leave his home and get treatment at the hospital; Chase and Cameron try to work through some kinks in their relationship; House deals with an itch he can't seem to scratch.
  • Emancipation
    Episode 844 mins
    An emancipated minor (Emily Rios) working as a factory manager falls ill on the job; Foreman takes on a pediatric case that has him questioning whether he can function without House's oversight.
  • Last Resort
    Last Resort
    Episode 950 mins
    A man (Zeljko Ivanek) willing to kill or die for a diagnosis takes House, Thirteen and a number of patients hostage in Cuddy's office, where House tries to come up with the correct diagnosis.
  • Let Them Eat Cake
    Let Them Eat Cake
    Episode 1043 mins
    House and the team treat a high-profile fitness trainer who collapses while shooting an infomercial; Thirteen participates in a clinical trial led by Foreman.
  • Joy to the World
    Joy to the World
    Episode 1144 mins
    House and the team treat a teenager who collapsed during her high-school Christmas program; Foreman and Thirteen's relationship progresses; Cuddy receives an unexpected gift.
  • Painless
    Episode 1244 mins
    House and the team try to diagnose a man's severe, chronic pain; Thirteen and Foreman explore their complicated relationship; Cuddy discovers that caring for her baby leaves her with little time to run the hospital.
  • Big Baby
    Big Baby
    Episode 1344 mins
    Cuddy gives some of her day-to-day responsibilities to Cameron; the team takes on the case of a teacher who collapsed after spitting up blood during a class.
  • The Greater Good
    The Greater Good
    Episode 1444 mins
    While treating a former cancer researcher who gave up her career to pursue her own personal happiness, House and his staff begin to question their own choices; Thirteen begins to show serious reactions to her experimental treatment.
  • Unfaithful
    Episode 1544 mins
    A priest is admitted to the ER after he sees a bleeding Jesus hovering at his doorstep; House confronts Thirteen and Foreman about their relationship.
  • The Softer Side
    The Softer Side
    Episode 1644 mins
    The team treats a teenager who doesn't know that he has genetic mosaicism; Wilson and Cuddy think something is wrong with House when he starts acting nice.
  • The Social Contract
    The Social Contract
    Episode 1744 mins
    House and the team treat a patient who speaks his mind uncontrollably; House thinks Taub and Wilson are keeping something from him.
  • Here Kitty
    Here Kitty
    Episode 1844 mins
    House sets out to disprove the allegations of a nursing home worker who feigns illness after being visited by the facility's pet cat, which has a reputation for visiting people who are about to die.
  • Locked In
    Locked In
    Episode 1944 mins
    A man (Mos Def) awakes in a New York hospital after a bicycle accident, unable to move or communicate; injured and in the next bed, Dr. House insists he knows what is affecting the man and has him transferred to Princeton Plainsboro.
  • Simple Explanation
    Simple Explanation
    Episode 2044 mins
    After caring for her dying husband (Meat Loaf Aday) for several months, a woman (Colleen Camp) collapses and, while his condition mysteriously improves, hers deteriorates.
  • Saviors
    Episode 2143 mins
    Cameron asks House to accept the case of an environmental activist who collapsed at a protest with mysterious symptoms.
  • House Divided
    House Divided
    Episode 2244 mins
    The team treats a deaf 14-year-old who collapses while competing in a wrestling match; House has trouble sleeping.
  • Under My Skin
    Under My Skin
    Episode 2344 mins
    House and the team treat a ballerina whose lungs collapse during a performance; House is desperate to find a cure for his insomnia.
  • Both Sides Now
    Both Sides Now
    Episode 2444 mins
    House is intrigued by a patient whose left brain and right brain operate independently, creating two distinct personalities.

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