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  • Hopalong Cassidy
    Episode 160 mins
    An evil ranch foreman tries to provoke a range war by playing two cattlemen against each other.
  • The Eagle's Brood
    Episode 260 mins
    When the outlaw El Toro saves Hoppy's life, Hoppy agrees to find his missing grandson.
  • Bar 20 Rides Again
    Episode 361 mins
    Cattle rustler Nevada dreams of living like an emperor, but Hoppy puts an end to his dream.
  • Heart of the West
    Episode 450 mins
    Ranch owner Sally Jordan is engaged in a fence war with rancher Big John Trumbull.
  • Call of the Prairie
    Episode 564 mins
    Hoppy busts up a gang of outlaws with the help of some friends.
  • Three on the Trail
    Episode 664 mins
    Hoppy springs into action when a gang is robbing stagecoaches and rustling cattle.
  • Hopalong Cassidy Returns
    Episode 774 mins
    A crusading newspaper editor recruits his old friend Hoppy to take the job of marshal.
  • Trail Dust
    Episode 870 mins
    Hoppy, Johnny and Windy take on a gang that's trying to interfere with a cattle drive.
  • Borderland
    Episode 981 mins
    Hoppy goes undercover to track down a bunch of outlaws operating along the border.
  • Hills of Old Wyoming
    Episode 1070 mins
    An evil deputy uses Indigenous Americans to rustle cattle; Hoppy sees that justice is served.
  • North of the Rio Grande
    Episode 1171 mins
    Deputy Sheriff Plunkett shoots Hoppy's brother, Buddy, in the back, leading Hoppy to seek revenge.
  • Rustler's Valley
    Episode 160 mins
    A posse runs Lucky off a cliff and into a river; a devious lawyer seeks to dominate the valley.
  • Hopalong Rides Again
    Episode 262 mins
    On a cattle drive, Hoppy and the gang encounter an eccentric professor.
  • Texas Trail
    Episode 359 mins
    Hopalong and his friends are sent to round up a bunch of wild horses for the Rough Riders.
  • Partners of the Plains
    Episode 467 mins
    Lorna Drake has inherited a ranch, so Hoppy teaches her a bit about ranching.
  • Cassidy of Bar 20
    Episode 557 mins
    Hoppy rushes to rid former sweetheart Nora Blake and Pappy's range of rustlers and bad guys.
  • Heart of Arizona
    Episode 666 mins
    Cassidy traces a herd of cattle back to the source of a rustling operation.
  • Bar 20 Justice
    Episode 765 mins
    Hoppy hunts down outlaw miners who have been stealing ore from Ann Dennis' mine.
  • Pride of the West
    Episode 853 mins
    Caldwell and Nixon have their men rob the stage and then criticize the sheriff.
  • In Old Mexico
    Episode 967 mins
    Escaped criminal "The Fox" hates Hoppy and a Rurales colonel for imprisoning him.
  • The Frontiersmen
    Episode 1070 mins
    When Bar 20 cattle are stolen from the local school, the new teacher hinders the investigation.
  • Sunset Trail
    Episode 1169 mins
    Hoppy enrolls in a dude ranch in order to unmask the murderer of the owner's husband.
  • Silver on the Sage
    Episode 168 mins
    The foreman at Lazy J Ranch is behind the rustling of the ranch's own delivery of cattle.
  • Renegade Trail
    Episode 257 mins
    Hoppy goes to town when con-men try to take a widow's herd.
  • Range War
    Episode 366 mins
    Local ranchers scheme to protect their revenue when a new railroad line threatens their business.
  • Law of the Pampas
    Episode 470 mins
    Hoppy and his friend Lucky deliver a herd of cattle to a rancher in Argentina and fight off thieves.
  • Santa Fe Marshal
    Episode 566 mins
    Hopalong infiltrates a town run by crooks and discovers the chief is none other than Ma Burton.
  • The Showdown
    Episode 665 mins
    Hoppy is up against a phony European "baron" and his gang of horse thieves.
  • Hidden Gold
    Episode 761 mins
    Hoppy and Lucky arrive in a troubled mining town and hunt for gold thieves.
  • Stagecoach War
    Episode 860 mins
    While Hopalong tries to foil a Wells Fargo stagecoach robbery, Lucky falls in love.
  • Three Men from Texas
    Episode 970 mins
    Hoppy and California Carlson head to California to help out Lucky Jenkins.
  • Doomed Caravan
    Episode 1062 mins
    Jane Travers enlists Hoppy and Lucky to help ferry a gold shipment across the Mexican border.
  • In Old Colorado
    Episode 1163 mins
    Hoppy discovers a scheming foreman is stirring up trouble between the seller and a ranch owner.
  • Border Vigilantes
    Episode 159 mins
    A town bedeviled by outlaws sends for Hoppy, Lucky and California.
  • Pirates on Horseback
    Episode 266 mins
    Hoppy, Lucky and California search for a mine owned by Trudy Pendleton.
  • Wide Open Town
    Episode 378 mins
    Hoppy and the Bar 20 boys are temporarily deputized and asked to wrestle control of the town back.
  • Riders of the Timberline
    Episode 456 mins
    A lumberman is pitted against despoiler capitalist Preston Yates and his hired goons.
  • Stick to Your Guns
    Episode 562 mins
    A former Bar 20 cowhand needs to stop the rustlers raiding his land.
  • Twilight on the Trail
    Episode 656 mins
    Hopalong, California and Johnny pose as English detectives to find disappearing cattle.
  • Outlaws of the Desert
    Episode 766 mins
    A wealthy horse owner invites Hoppy to accompany him to Saudi Arabia to purchase prize horses.
  • Secrets of the Wastelands
    Episode 863 mins
    Hoppy leads an expedition to find a gold cache among ancient Indigenous American ruins.
  • Undercover Man
    Episode 966 mins
    A bandit who robs both Americans and Mexicans is causing each side of the border to blame the other.
  • Lost Canyon
    Episode 1056 mins
    When Johnny is accused of robbing a bank, Hoppy tries to prove his innocence.
  • Hoppy Serves a Writ
    Episode 1164 mins
    Sheriff Hoppy must find a way to bring a group of outlaws outside of his jurisdiction to justice.
  • Border Patrol
    Episode 163 mins
    Three Texas Rangers try to investigate kidnapped Mexicans being used as forced labor.
  • The Leather Burners
    Episode 267 mins
    As rustled cattle mysteriously disappear, Johnny sends for his friend Hoppy.
  • Colt Comrades
    Episode 364 mins
    While oil drilling, Hoppy and California discover an underground well.
  • Bar 20
    Episode 453 mins
    Stagecoach robbers take the money Hoppy was going to use to buy cattle.
  • False Colors
    Episode 565 mins
    A bad guy named Mark Foster murders the heir to a cattle ranch and puts an imposter in his place.
  • Riders of the Deadline
    Episode 670 mins
    Hoppy is blamed when his falsely accused young friend is killed while trying to escape from jail.
  • Texas Masquerade
    Episode 757 mins
    A gang of outlaws is using force to become possessors of every ranch in the area.
  • Lumberjack
    Episode 865 mins
    Julie's husband has been murdered and land agents want her to sign away her property rights.
  • Mystery Man
    Episode 956 mins
    Hoppy's ranch is threatened by rustlers; Hoppy and the gang oblige as usual.
  • Forty Thieves
    Episode 1061 mins
    When he runs for sheriff, Hoppy is beaten by Jerry Doyle, voted for by the town's crooks.
  • Fool's Gold
    Episode 1164 mins
    The son of an Army friend is about to join an outlaw gang.
  • The Devil's Playground
    Episode 165 mins
    Hoppy, California and Lucky must rescue Mrs. Evans from the corrupt sheriff.
  • Unexpected Guest
    Episode 260 mins
    California learns the estate of his cousin will be divvied up between seven relatives.
  • Dangerous Venture
    Episode 360 mins
    Sue Harmon gets Hoppy and his friends to join their expedition looking for Indigenous American artifacts.
  • The Marauders
    Episode 462 mins
    A bad guy has used several murders to drive all the inhabitants out of town.
  • Hoppy's Holiday
    Episode 560 mins
    Hoppy, California and Lucky come across bank robbers who drive automobiles.
  • Silent Conflict
    Episode 661 mins
    One of Hoppy's Bar 20 ranch hands is tricked into participating in nefarious activities.
  • The Dead Don't Dream
    Episode 762 mins
    Three bodies turn up in a frontier hotel; Hoppy solves the murders.
  • Sinister Journey
    Episode 859 mins
    Lee Garvin has eloped with the daughter of a railroad man who didn't approve of the marriage.
  • Borrowed Trouble
    Episode 959 mins
    Teacher Lola Blair is against building the saloon right next to her schoolhouse.
  • False Paradise
    Episode 1060 mins
    A banker is trying to cheat people out of their silver-rich land.
  • Strange Gamble
    Episode 1161 mins
    Hoppy is a federal agent investigating the counterfeiting of both U.S. and Mexican money.

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