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Highway to Heaven

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Michael Landon, Victor French, James Troesh

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An angel teams up with an embittered ex-policeman to help troubled people find a better path.
  • Whose Trash Is It, Anyway?

    Episode 1 - 48 mins
    Jonathan and Mark help an honest mayoral candidate campaign against his unethical opponent.
  • Hello and Farewell Part 1

    Episode 2 - 47 mins
    As a Marine psychologist, Jonathan meets a former Vietnam nurse with post-traumatic stress disorder.
  • Hello and Farewell Part 2

    Episode 3 - 45 mins
    Kimberly agrees to treatment with a veterans outreach group, then makes a startling discovery.
  • The Silent Bell

    Episode 4 - 48 mins
    Jonathan and Mark take jobs at a church's preschool just before an upheaval closes it.
  • The Reunion

    Episode 5 - 48 mins
    At Mark's high-school reunion, Jonathan helps a prom queen and a film star deal with faded glory.
  • The Source

    Episode 6 - 46 mins
    Teaching journalism, Jonathan stresses ethics to two students whose flawed story may ruin lives.
  • The Squeaky Wheel

    Episode 7 - 47 mins
    A paraplegic struggles for the rights of people with disabilities.
  • Goodbye, Mr. Zelinka

    Episode 8 - 49 mins
    Students fight the forced retirement of a beloved teacher.
  • Choices

    Episode 9 - 48 mins
    Jonathan and Mark, acting as private investigators, attempt to reunite a Vietnamese family.
  • Summer Camp

    Episode 10 - 49 mins
    Jonathan and Mark help a scarred starlet regain her confidence.
  • The Inner Limits

    Episode 11 - 49 mins
    Jonathan helps unlock the mind of a man incapacitated by birth defects; guest Tom Troupe.
  • It's a Dog's Life

    Episode 12 - 46 mins
    Mark suspects a stray dog is actually Jonathan, who has mysteriously disappeared.
  • Merry Christmas from Grandpa

    Episode 13 - 47 mins
    Jonathan accompanies a farmer and an industrialist into the future.

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