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Highway to Heaven

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Michael Landon, Victor French, James Troesh

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An angel teams up with an embittered ex-policeman to help troubled people find a better path.
  • A Song for Jason Part 1

    Episode 1 - 49 mins
    As counselors at a camp for youths with cancer, Jonathan and Mark help a former teenage athlete.
  • A Song for Jason Part 2

    Episode 2 - 49 mins
    While most of the campers find contentment, Jonathan encourages Jason's reluctant father to join in.
  • Bless the Boys in Blue

    Episode 3 - 47 mins
    Guilt plagues a policeman who shot a teenager brandishing an empty gun.
  • Cindy

    Episode 4 - 47 mins
    Jonathan helps a struggling agent and his actress daughter.
  • The Devil and Jonathan Smith

    Episode 5 - 49 mins
    Jonathan enlists the help of a con man when Mark is tricked into selling his soul to Satan.
  • Birds of a Feather

    Episode 6 - 48 mins
    Jonathan makes the ultimate sacrifice to force townspeople to fight a water polluter.
  • Popcorn, Peanuts and Cracker Jacks

    Episode 7 - 56 mins
    Jonathan inspires a former baseball star to revitalize a struggling minor league team.
  • The Smile in the Third Row

    Episode 8 - 46 mins
    Jonathan is intrigued when an actor claims he saw God while performing in a Broadway flop.
  • The Secret

    Episode 9 - 47 mins
    Mark helps longtime friends cope when their adopted daughter wants to find her natural parents.
  • The Monster Part 1

    Episode 10 - 49 mins
    Jonathan plays matchmaker for a young blind woman and a reclusive sculptor, labeled a monster by the townspeople.
  • The Monster Part 2

    Episode 11 - 50 mins
    Scotty faces prejudice when he defends a disfigured artist on an assault charge.
  • The Good Doctor

    Episode 12 - 48 mins
    Jonathan and Mark discover that the star player for a football team is hooked on painkillers.
  • Alone

    Episode 13 - 48 mins
    Jonathan places a homeless, mentally impaired teen with a wealthy, but troubled, family.
  • Close Encounters of the Heavenly Kind

    Episode 14 - 49 mins
    To help a UFO watcher keep custody of his grandson, Jonathan and Mark convince the boy they are aliens.
  • Change of Life

    Episode 15 - 46 mins
    Mark and an actress suddenly switch physical appearances.
  • Keep Smiling

    Episode 16 - 48 mins
    Jonathan helps reunite his lonely widow and their estranged daughter.
  • The Last Assignment

    Episode 17 - 49 mins
    Mark and Jonathan help an overeager angel who has been on probation for 200 years.
  • To Bind the Wounds

    Episode 18 - 48 mins
    Jonathan helps a town remember a soldier fallen in Vietnam.
  • Heaven on Earth

    Episode 19 - 46 mins
    When Mark blames himself for a girl's death, Jonathan gives him special powers to undo past actions.
  • Summit

    Episode 20 - 48 mins
    Jonathan reunites a Soviet official with his long-lost mother.
  • The Torch

    Episode 21 - 49 mins
    Jonathan helps a Holocaust survivor overcome tragedy at the hands of a neo-Nazi enemy.
  • Sail Away

    Episode 22 - 46 mins
    A despondent novelist finds inspiration in reliving a teenage romance.
  • Children's Children

    Episode 23 - 49 mins
    Media makes accusation of misdirecting funds.
  • Friends

    Episode 24 - 49 mins
    Two students receive some angelic motivation.

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