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Jay Ryan, Bronwyn Turei, Alix Bushnell

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  • Dream On
    Episode 144 mins
    The girls are suffering from a quarter life crisis; they're 25 and they haven't achieved anything.
  • Signs and Obstacles
    Episode 243 mins
    Amy starts working with her dad selling cars and is on her way to achieving her goal.
  • First Catch Monkey
    Episode 344 mins
    The girls are still on track to achieving their goals and decide to help Cody find a man.
  • Mothers and Daughters
    Episode 444 mins
    Cody reacts badly when she finds out that Possum has been bullied at school.
  • Loyal
    Episode 543 mins
    Amy feels betrayed when she shows up to Scott's party and her mother has invited Brad and Angelina.
  • Less Than Zero
    Episode 644 mins
    Britta gets some bad news about her dad and she sees an opportunity for herself.
  • I Should Be So Lucky
    Episode 744 mins
    The girls are still on track to achieving the goals they set, but a launch party causes some havoc.
  • Great Expectations
    Episode 843 mins
    A long-lost relative comes back into Britta's life; however, things aren't what they seem.
  • Faking It
    Episode 944 mins
    After drinking way too much, Amy has the hangover from hell and things are looking up for Kevin.
  • Changes
    Episode 1044 mins
    After suffering a devastating lost, Britta tries hard to see the upside.
  • Do the Right Thing
    Episode 1144 mins
    Still trying to get famous, Britta now considers a new type of fame.
  • Sex, Lies and Home Renovations
    Episode 1244 mins
    With Brad still in the picture, Amy and him exchange mixed messages.
  • Dream Believers
    Episode 1344 mins
    Cody's big day has arrived and with it brings surprise and heartbreak.
  • Starting Over
    Episode 144 mins
    A new year brings with it new resolutions; this time they all decide on bigger objectives.
  • Nothing but The Truth
    Episode 244 mins
    Amy and Cody have a secret that they can't share with the others.
  • We Are Family
    Episode 344 mins
    Amy's old school friend is back in town and stirs up a cat fight that gets ugly.
  • Crazy Enough to Work
    Episode 444 mins
    Kevin surprises everyone when he takes the plunge.
  • Best Days of Your Life
    Episode 544 mins
    It's the ten year school reunion for the group, giving them a chance to close old wounds.
  • What Becomes Of The Broken Hearted
    Episode 644 mins
    Kevin is in over his head when he ends up with a nightmare flatmate and a dangerous love interest.
  • No Going Back
    Episode 744 mins
    Britta's new man, Chad, seems to be the perfect guy... but only time will tell.
  • How Low Can You Go?
    Episode 844 mins
    Kevin has fallen in love with Kirby, but he quickly finds the downside of being the other man.
  • Boys Behaving Badly
    Episode 944 mins
    Kevin and Brad are both single and ready to mingle, picking up women from bars.
  • Spring Rolls
    Episode 1044 mins
    Britta thinks Joseph is Mr. Right, however, Brad believes that he is cheater and a liar.
  • It Ain't Over Till It's Over
    Episode 1144 mins
    Cody feels insecure when Eli's ex-boyfriend, Philippe, comes to visit.
  • Together Alone
    Episode 1244 mins
    Britta is learning fast that her relationship with Joseph isn't what she thought it was.
  • The More Things Change...
    Episode 1344 mins
    Britta is horrified when she discovers Kevin has invited Angelina the witch into the house.
  • Situation Not Normal
    Episode 144 mins
    Kevin feels he has met the perfect woman, but Danni freaks out when Kevin suggests having a baby.
  • It's Not About You
    Episode 244 mins
    Britta and Brad's relationship is going well, until she realizes that Brad hasn't told his parents.
  • Playing Grownups
    Episode 344 mins
    Olivia is in denial about her melanoma diagnosis but tells her parents she will have the surgery.
  • Be My Baby
    Episode 443 mins
    Everything is going well for Brad and Britta until Mia shows up, Brad's one night stand.
  • Family Matters
    Episode 544 mins
    Kevin is amazed to find out that he has an English cousin, Shane, who he hasn't seen in years.
  • He's Gonna Be Thirty
    Episode 644 mins
    Kevin is turning 30 and avoiding Britta, who wants to throw him a party.
  • A Life-Changing Experience
    Episode 744 mins
    Britta's fairy business is booming when she secures a different role, Britta the Corporate Fairy.
  • Where We Are Now
    Episode 844 mins
    Gwen's Alzheimer’s is getting worse as she worries about a foster child they raised years ago.
  • 30 Days Hath September
    Episode 944 mins
    Mia's ex insists on a DNA test to find out whether Brad is Delilah's father.
  • Conflict Resolution
    Episode 1044 mins
    Amy is back and is staying at Kevin's place, but Amanda reveals she is uncomfortable with Amy.
  • Choice
    Episode 1144 mins
    Kevin gets cold feet when Amanda and the girls ask him about seating arrangements for the wedding.
  • The Beginning of the End
    Episode 1244 mins
    Amy wants to have a Go Girls weekend away but Britta's too busy and still annoyed at her.
  • The Brave and The Really Stupid
    Episode 1344 mins
    Kevin's conscience gets the better of him and he tells Amanda the truth.
  • Consequences
    Episode 144 mins
    Kevin helps Amy celebrate a new job; Amy finally reveals her true feelings to him.
  • Two Trolls
    Episode 244 mins
    After Kevin is beaten up by Amanda's brothers, they plead not guilty, claiming it was self-defense.
  • Love Hurts
    Episode 343 mins
    Brad is back in town and a changed man; confident, suave and a lady's man.
  • A Better Man
    Episode 443 mins
    Britta fears that Leo's bad habits are putting Hero at risk, so she bans him from seeing her.
  • Kevin and Amy Up A Tree
    Episode 544 mins
    Kevin and Amy are together and finally happy, but Kevin feels guilty by the way he treated Amanda.
  • Bad Mothers
    Episode 643 mins
    Kevin leaves town to take the job and leaves Brad to look after the Go Girls.
  • What A Difference A Frock Makes
    Episode 743 mins
    Cody gets a call from Eli; he's back in town and wants to get together.
  • Pleasure and Pain
    Episode 843 mins
    Leo gets a new job on the show Morena! He later finds out the producer is his scary ex-girlfriend.
  • Don't Look Back
    Episode 943 mins
    Gwen and Wiri move back to NZ from Perth and are looking to buy a big house.
  • Give and Take
    Episode 1043 mins
    While Britta is looking for childcare she meets Ross, a single dad who needs to go back to work.
  • Trouble
    Episode 1144 mins
    After Brad finishes off Amy's drink and passes out, his blood results show Rohypnol.
  • Home is Where the Heart is
    Episode 1243 mins
    Gwen's condition worsens and she goes missing.
  • Happily Ever After
    Episode 1344 mins
    Britta is disappointed when the McMann's big wedding surprise for her is revealed.
  • The Witch is Back
    Episode 144 mins
    Ted is not happy to have Candy McCann back in his life after years of being his school bully.
  • Total Control
    Episode 243 mins
    Sarah is away and Ted is missing her, so Levi tries to set him up with Tiana.
  • Expect the Unexpected
    Episode 343 mins
    Bennie is horrified to find out who she drunk texted after the Real Estate Awards.
  • Pushing Buttons
    Episode 443 mins
    Candy takes Alice shopping for a new sexy dress, which spirals out of control.
  • Fate, Karma, Whatever...
    Episode 543 mins
    Ted is determined to win Sarah back, so he enrolls into an art class that Sarah attends.
  • Feel the Fear
    Episode 643 mins
    Bennie is serious about opening a fish and chip food truck but Ted feels she can't handle pressure.
  • Hide the Poo
    Episode 744 mins
    Alice is back from Bali where she met an Irish guy, Fergus.
  • Not High School Anymore
    Episode 843 mins
    Everyone is shocked when they find out that Nicole from high school has died.
  • A Man of Action
    Episode 944 mins
    Candy is a bad girl again, she steals a cash box from Gordons office.
  • Relativity
    Episode 1043 mins
    Alice is finding life with Fergus exhausting and it is starting to interfere with her career.
  • The Problem with Maths
    Episode 1144 mins
    Candy finds out that Gordon was planning on selling his house to pay his creditors.
  • Different, Strange
    Episode 1243 mins
    After Gordon gives Sarah the house, Ted moves in and it's not long before Gordon finds out.
  • Curses
    Episode 1343 mins
    Nancy is appalled to hear of the hasty wedding and thinks Alice is pregnant.

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