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  • Pirate Scourge
    Episode 122 mins
    Pirate Scourge: After Exosquad comes to the rescue of a freighter being attacked by Tethysian Pirates, the General Assembly commissions EXOSQUAD to eliminate the Tethysian Pirate menace once and for all. Robby Benson, Richard Newman.
  • Seeds of Deception
    Episode 222 mins
    Exosquad battles Tethysian Pirates; Phaeton gives a speech in Phaeton City.
  • Hidden Terrors
    Episode 322 mins
    Hidden Terrors: Exosquad continues its battle with Tethysian Pirates, until it gets word that Neosapiens have attacked the Homeworlds. Robby Benson, Richard Newman.
  • Blitzkrieg
    Episode 422 mins
    Blitzkrieg: Neosapiens are in near total control of the Homeworlds, and Lt. J.T. Marsh is imprisoned after being charged with mutiny. Robby Benson, Richard Newman.
  • Resist!
    Episode 522 mins
    Resist!: J.T. escapes from imprisonment, and with Exosquad, he joins forces with Sean and the Resistance squad to battle Phaeton. Robby Benson, Richard Newman.
  • Target: Earth
    Episode 622 mins
    J.T. and Exosquad help Sean and the Resistance team dismantle Phaeton's GRAF shield.
  • A Traitor Among Us
    Episode 722 mins
    A Traitor Among Us: J.T. communicates with the fleet that the Earth GRAF shield is operational and that a Venus GRAF shield will soon be. A traitor named Diana is discovered among the Resistance troops. Robby Benson, Richard Newman.
  • Scorched Venus
    Episode 822 mins
    Scorched Venus: As Marsala rescues J.T. and his crew from an ill-fated journey to the sun, Nara learns that except for a brother, James, now a Resistance leader, her family on Venus has been eliminated. Robby Benson, Richard Newman.
  • Sabotage
    Episode 922 mins
    James and J.T. come up with a plan to capture Algeron and destroy the GRAF shield.
  • Abandoned!
    Episode 1022 mins
    Abandoned!: The fleet is secretly taken control of by Marcus and Captain Furlong, who subsequently sends J.T. and Exosquad on a 'top secret' mission to Mars. Robby Benson, Richard Newman.
  • The Brood
    Episode 1122 mins
    Marcus is able to lead the fleet straight into the heart of Neosapien flagship territory.
  • Betrayal
    Episode 1222 mins
    Marsala and Phaeton square off; Marsala proves his allegiance.
  • Defying Olympus
    Episode 1322 mins
    Defying Olympus: J.T., Marsala and Exosquad troops injure Phaeton as they battle on the mountains of Olympus. J.T. attempts to forge a bond of peace with Tethysian Pirates. Robby Benson, Richard Newman.
  • The Gathering
    Episode 122 mins
    The General Assembly commissions Exosquad to eliminate the Tethysian Pirate.
  • The Embassy
    Episode 222 mins
    The Embassy: A pirate spy for the Neosapiens threatens Marsh and DeLeon's mission. The Exofleet is blockaded on Io. Robby Benson, Richard Newman.
  • Pirate's Ransom
    Episode 322 mins
    Pirate's Ransom: Simbacca is held hostage by Typhonus. To gain his freedom, the pirates must hand over Marsh and DeLeon to the Neosapiens. Robby Benson, Richard Newman.
  • Ultimate Weapon
    Episode 422 mins
    Marsh and DeLeon must knock out the Neosapiens' secret weapon.
  • Expendable
    Episode 522 mins
    Expendable: The Neosapien spy in the pirate fleet informs Typhonus that the GRAF shield on Io is down. Robby Benson, Richard Newman.
  • Mindset
    Episode 622 mins
    Mindset: J.T. Marsh and Marsala help Napier and the Resistance rescue the imprisoned leaders of the Homeworlds Congress. Robby Benson, Richard Newman.
  • The Last Man
    Episode 722 mins
    Captain Butler and the jumptroops attack a Neosapien outpost.
  • Dragon's Rock
    Episode 822 mins
    Bronski and Nara Burns become captured by the Neosapiens on Venus.
  • Inner Dark
    Episode 922 mins
    J.T. Marsh and the ExoSquad battle a renegade pirate faction on Chaos.
  • The Dogs of War
    Episode 1022 mins
    Rita Torres helps Eve Hanley and the Earth Resistance try to capture a Neomega scientist.
  • The First Step
    Episode 1122 mins
    The Exofleet attempts to liberate Mercury; Takagi battles the Neosapiens' greatest E-Frame pilot.
  • The Greatest Fear
    Episode 1222 mins
    Marsala faces the dreaded auto-mutation syndrome, when he is captured.
  • Flesh Crawls
    Episode 1322 mins
    DeLeon and Weston leave for the planet Chaos with a captured Neomega.
  • Behind the Shield
    Episode 1422 mins
    Behind the Shield: The liberation of Venus begins, but the Neosapiens have built a secret GRAF shield which threatens to destroy the Exofleet. Robby Benson, Richard Newman.
  • Venus Rising
    Episode 1522 mins
    Draconis attemps to destroy the Venusian capital while the Neosapiens evacuate Venus.
  • Miracle
    Episode 1622 mins
    Miracle: Marsh and the ExoSquad must destroy Phaeton's new super-flagship to save the Exofleet and prevent the Neosapiens from retaking Venus. Robby Benson, Richard Newman.
  • Under the Skin
    Episode 1722 mins
    Neomega scientists create a human-looing Neosapien to assassinate Admiral Winfield.
  • Ultimatum
    Episode 1822 mins
    Marsala is captured by renegade members of the Venus Resistance.
  • Warrior Brood
    Episode 1922 mins
    The Australian Resistance disobeys orders and liberates Australia.
  • The Dream War
    Episode 2022 mins
    Marsh and the Australian Resistance are besieged in Canberra.
  • No Surrender
    Episode 2122 mins
    No Surrender: Shiva offers to let the Australian Resistance escape from besieged Canberra if Marsh will surrender himself to the Neosapiens. Robby Benson, Richard Newman.
  • Fire Ship
    Episode 2222 mins
    Barca betrays the Exofleet and plots with the Neosapiens to destroy Admiral Winfield's flagship.
  • Martian Luck
    Episode 2322 mins
    The Able Squad must fight the Neosapiens, an artificial humanoid race, to protect the Terrans.
  • The Lost Patrol
    Episode 2422 mins
    The Able Squad must fight the Neosapiens, an artificial humanoid race, to protect the Terrans.
  • Call of the Unknown
    Episode 2522 mins
    The Able Squad must fight the Neosapiens, an artificial humanoid race, to protect the Terrans.
  • Heart of Mars
    Episode 2622 mins
    Mars is destroyed when the fight for the alien complex causes an explosion.
  • Winged Fury
    Episode 2722 mins
    Marsala gets captured by the Neosapiens after being betrayed by a traitor.
  • Night of the Traitor
    Episode 2822 mins
    Marsala agrees to help a group of Neomega scientists try to capture Phaeton to end the war.
  • Trial by Combat
    Episode 2922 mins
    J.T. Marsh and the ExoSquad attack a Neosapien research base in Antarctica.
  • Perfect Warrior
    Episode 3022 mins
    Galba helps J.T. Marsh defeat the Militon and destroy the research headquarters in Antarctica.
  • The Price of Courage
    Episode 3122 mins
    Shiva leads Neosapien forces in a final attempt to retake Venus and change the course of the war.
  • Dark River
    Episode 3222 mins
    J.T. Marsh, Marsala, and Nara Burns search for a human scientist in the Amazon Basin.
  • The Art of War
    Episode 3322 mins
    Bronski, Eve Hanley, and the Resistance need to save art stolen to complete their mission.
  • One Small Step
    Episode 3422 mins
    As a prelude to the assault on Earth, the Exofleet retakes the moon.
  • Fifth Column
    Episode 3522 mins
    Napier and the Resistance commence the battle to liberate Earth.
  • The Last Jump
    Episode 3622 mins
    Captain Butler and the jumptroops try to take over Washington, D.C.
  • The Night Before Doomsday
    Episode 3722 mins
    J.T. Marsh and the ExoSquad attempt to destroy Phaeton's Doomsday device.
  • Abandon Hope
    Episode 3822 mins
    Marsh is being held prisoner; ExoSquad begins its final assault.
  • Beyond Chaos
    Episode 3922 mins
    The war is over and thus begins the task of rebuilding.

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