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  • The Enemy Within
    Episode 151 mins
    Det. Malik uses connections in the Arab community to track down two youths involved in a killing.
  • Death at the Station
    Episode 251 mins
    When a local Aboriginal anti-drug crusader is killed, Det. Malik and Det. Kao try to find the truth.
  • Islander Sacrifice
    Episode 350 mins
    Malik and Koa investigate the deaths of two Lebanese youths and the drive-by shooting of a girl.
  • Hunt for the Killer
    Episode 451 mins
    A middle-aged Vietnamese couple is murdered, leading Malik to check gangland murder trial notes.
  • Haunted by the Past
    Episode 551 mins
    Malik, Koa and major crime squad members work to solve a Serbian car salesman's murder.
  • The Hand of Friendship
    Episode 651 mins
    After Malik is accused of murder, the makings of a bomb are found in his garage.
  • The Lost Boy
    Episode 152 mins
    Det. Zane Malik of Sydney's Major Crime Squad investigates a car bombing.
  • A Prodigal Fear
    Episode 252 mins
    A Lebanese businessman, Akmal, is the prime suspect in the car bombing; Malik goes undercover.
  • Just Cargo
    Episode 352 mins
    Akmal's girlfriend is killed, and he wants revenge.
  • Ice in the Veins
    Episode 452 mins
    An ambulance officer is stabbed to death.
  • Men of Conscience
    Episode 552 mins
    A child sees her mother killed; a car-bombing informant in Canberra is found dead.
  • Another Life
    Episode 652 mins
    Craig fights for his life in the hospital; Malik realizes his investigation has become personal.
  • Atonement
    Episode 752 mins
    A truck driver is killed and the fertilizer he was hauling stolen.
  • The Hero's Standard
    Episode 151 mins
    A hold-up of an armored car ends with four dead, leading to questions about the victims' identities.
  • Heart of Darkness
    Episode 252 mins
    A Somali teenager is beaten to death in a train tunnel; Koa and Malik try to find the killer.
  • Jerusalem
    Episode 351 mins
    A Jewish couple is murdered, and their son seems to be hiding important information from the police.
  • The Transit of Venus
    Episode 452 mins
    Wright gets involved in a murder case whose main suspect had gotten off on similar charges before.
  • The Price of Salvation
    Episode 552 mins
    Koa helps his friend's son, Sam, who is in a gang, but Sam is soon involved in a violent robbery.
  • Behold a Pale Horse
    Episode 650 mins
    A visiting Afghan cop with answers to Malik's questions is murdered.
  • Revelation
    Episode 751 mins
    Two youths are killed on a fishing trip.; detectives find that they were witnesses to an execution.

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