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For 6-year-old Luna, the Earth is a giant laboratory for her to explore with her little brother and her pet ferret Clive.
  • The Waggle Dance
    Episode 1 - 12 mins
    Luna, Clyde and Jupiter realize bees must communicate in some way.
  • When Yellow Met Blue
    Episode 2 - 12 mins
    Luna paints a beautiful picture of her backyard one sunny afternoon.
  • Banana Seeds
    Episode 3 - 12 mins
    The trio thinks about all other sorts of things it might be fun to plant and grow in daddy's garden.
  • Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
    Episode 4 - 12 mins
    Luna wonders why the stars twinkle.
  • Rings Around Saturn
    Episode 5 - 12 mins
    Saturn plays hula hoop with its rings.
  • The Tale of Kale
    Episode 6 - 12 mins
    Luna suggests eating kale for lunch.
  • That Just Rained Smell
    Episode 6 - 12 mins
    Luna becomes intrigued after a sudden rainstorm; she investigates what causes the just rained smell.
  • How Water Became Rain
    Episode 8 - 12 mins
    On a hot afternoon, Luna ponders how water becomes rain.
  • Luna’s Lunar Quest
    Episode 9 - 12 mins
    Jupiter and Clyde are fearful of a howling noise under a full moon.
  • Mirror, Mirror on the Wall
    Episode 10 - 12 mins
    On a cold winter's day, all the windows and mirrors in the bathroom fog up.
  • In Clyde’s Eyes
    Episode 11 - 12 mins
    It's Clyde's grooming day and Jupiter sees through his eyes.
  • Butterfly Feet
    Episode 12 - 12 mins
    Luna, Jupiter and Clyde follow a little butterfly.
  • Wing of a Bird
    Episode 13 - 12 mins
    Luna and her friends go into their imaginations to learn how birds fly.
  • Martians, Martians, Martians
    Episode 14 - 12 mins
    Luna, Jupiter and Clyde are no closer to answering all their questions about Martians.
  • Luna-saurus Rex
    Episode 14 - 12 mins
    Jupiter is excited to check out the brand-new dinosaur exhibit at the zoo.
  • Do Fish Drink Water
    Episode 15 - 12 mins
    The group pretends to be a bunch of fish and has an aquatic adventure.
  • Strong as an Ant
    Episode 16 - 12 mins
    The gang transforms into ants and finds out what's behind the ants' incredible feats.
  • Shooting Stars
    Episode 17 - 12 mins
    With her little brother and super ferret friend, Luna tries to find out where shooting stars land.
  • The Ice Giants
    Episode 18 - 12 mins
    Luna becomes an iceberg; she discovers just how cool the ice giants really are.
  • As the Bread Rises
    Episode 19 - 12 mins
    Luna and her friends find out the secret ingredient to make bread fluffy.
  • It All Falls Down
    Episode 21 - 12 mins
    Luna, Jupiter and Igor enjoy ice cream and check out Igor's astronaut sticker album.
  • Flying Lights
    Episode 22 - 12 mins
    Luna, Jupiter and Clyde discover a lightning bug that flashes its light on and off.
  • A Snail Tale
    Episode 23 - 12 mins
    Luna, Jupiter and Clyde have fun taking care of Luna's pet snail on a foggy day.
  • Nighty Night, Sun
    Episode 24 - 12 mins
    No one is ready for nightfall in Luna's backyard.
  • Reaching the Rainbow
    Episode 25 - 12 mins
    A sudden rain shower catches everyone by surprise.
  • The Sinking Grape
    Episode 26 - 12 mins
    The gang learns about weight, floating and sinking.

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