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Dr. G: Medical Examiner

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With the aid of dramatic reenactments, medical examiner Dr. Jan Garavaglia explores complex cases and unexplained deaths in Orlando, Florida.
  • Lethal Intake

    Episode 1 - 49 mins
    A man becomes violently ill and dies after eating a fish sandwich.
  • Last Gasps

    Episode 2 - 49 mins
    A baby is found nonresponsive in his crib; a developmentally disabled woman collapses on a bus.
  • Deadly Silence

    Episode 3 - 49 mins
    An infant stops breathing; a woman returns home to find her husband unresponsive.
  • Fatal Twist

    Episode 4 - 49 mins
    An elderly man dies hours after falling on a sidewalk; a florist dies while meeting a client.
  • Deadly Decisions

    Episode 5 - 49 mins
    A trucker sees something suspicious.
  • Bruised and Battered

    Episode 6 - 49 mins
    A woman finds her son unresponsive.
  • Deadly Storms

    Episode 7 - 49 mins
    A child may have died of bacterial meningitis.
  • Fatal Flaw

    Episode 8 - 49 mins
    Two very different patients die after a hospital trip.
  • Deadly Dive

    Episode 9 - 49 mins
    Accident victims may have played a part on their deaths.
  • Deadly Descent

    Episode 10 - 49 mins
    A plane goes down with the pilot inside.
  • A Deadly Deal

    Episode 11 - 49 mins
    A man dies hours after arriving in the U.S.
  • Disturbing Behavior

    Episode 12 - 49 mins
    A woman dies five years after a brutal mugging; a man dies after falling off a 15-foot ladder.
  • Evil Intent

    Episode 13 - 49 mins
    A man in peak physical condition suddenly dies; a middle-aged woman dies in her bathroom.

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