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New Zealand Maori siblings Darwin and Newts embark on adventures sparked by their imaginations as they experiment with early scientific principles.
  • Swampy Mess

    Episode 1 - 11 mins
    Darwin and Newts are tidying up the treehouse, but Newts is causing a real mess.
  • Sailing Away

    Episode 2 - 10 mins
    Wapiti gets blown away so Darwin and Newts use the power of wind to rescue their friend.
  • Snail Chase

    Episode 3 - 11 mins
    Darwin and Newts use the zip line to take Heni to see a giant snail, and a malfunction is overcome thanks to their knowledge of magnets.
  • Worm Dance

    Episode 4 - 11 mins
    Darwin and Newts give Heni a hand in her garden with the help of their friends – the worms.
  • Burpee's Lost Lunch

    Episode 5 - 11 mins
    Darwin and Newts help Burpee.
  • Chasing Rainbows

    Episode 6 - 11 mins
    Darwin and Newts want to touch a rainbow, so they go on an adventure to catch one.
  • Wapiti's Antler Party

    Episode 7 - 11 mins
    Darwin and Newts are puzzled when no one shows up for Wapiti’s Antler Day party.
  • Who's Eating the Moon?

    Episode 8 - 11 mins
    Darwin and Newts have fun making craters with Newt’s new catapult invention and solve the mystery of the disappearing moon.
  • Darwin's Lucky Fishing Hat

    Episode 9 - 11 mins
    Darwin and Newts go fishing, but when Darwin’s lucky fishing hat ends up in the river, they must work out how to get it back.
  • Awake at Night

    Episode 10 - 11 mins
    Wapiti takes Darwin, Newts and Heni on an adventure to discover creatures that are awake and active at night.
  • Burpee's New Shower

    Episode 11 - 11 mins
    Darwin and Newts build a rock wall so Burpee can have some privacy.
  • Baby Blue Ducks

    Episode 12 - 11 mins
    When Heni and Darwin discover blue ducks nesting by the stream, Newts invents a periscope to let them get a closer look.
  • Hiding and Seeking

    Episode 13 - 11 mins
    Wapiti challenges Darwin and Newts to learn about how some creatures use camouflage before he lets them play hide and seek with him.
  • Pumpkin Pulley

    Episode 14 - 11 mins
    The team experiments on ways to lift a giant Halloween pumpkin up to the treehouse, eventually succeeding with a rope and pulley.
  • Monarch Butterfly

    Episode 15 - 11 mins
    Darwin tries to record the life cycle of a butterfly and Newts tries to paint one with symmetrical wings.
  • Burpee's Cousins Come To Stay

    Episode 16 - 11 mins
    When Burpee’s Cousins come for a visit, Darwin and Newts discover how tadpoles turn into frogs.
  • Manuiti Learns To Fly

    Episode 17 - 11 mins
    Darwin and Newts help teach Kea's young nephew how to fly and along the way learn how birds take to the air.
  • Crabby Crabs

    Episode 18 - 11 mins
    Darwin and Newts learn about tides when they build sand castles out of wet sand and find they've disappeared the next day.
  • Cheeky Kea

    Episode 19 - 11 mins
    Darwin is confused when Kea knocks over his seeds, so he must grow the plants to find out which seeds make which plants.
  • The Big Apple Run

    Episode 20 - 11 mins
    Darwin and Newts work together to utilize the power of gravity to get Heni’s apples from the top to the bottom of the hill.
  • Our Little Forest Friends

    Episode 21 - 11 mins
    Darwin and Newts find an old log full of various insects fallen across a forest path, they then build a bridge over it to protect their new friends.
  • The Big Sticky Web

    Episode 22 - 11 mins
    Inspired by a spider, Darwin and Newts build a web-like trap to nab a food thief.
  • Heni Paints a Picture

    Episode 23 - 11 mins
    When Newts mixes all of Heni's paints into one colour, the kids decide to create new paint from the natural substances they find around the garden.
  • Noisy Newts

    Episode 24 - 11 mins
    Darwin and Newts learn about sound and vibration; when Newts becomes obsessed with drumming, Darwin takes what they've learned to make a homemade telephone.
  • Burpee and Croakette's Ice Skating Rink

    Episode 25 - 11 mins
    Newts tries to preserve some ice from a frozen pond to make Burpee and Croakette an ice skating rink, and she and Darwin learn about the different states of water.
  • Bluey the Penguin

    Episode 26 - 11 mins
    Darwin and Newts learn the environment needs protecting from plastic bags when they rescue a little blue penguin who got stuck in a plastic bag.
  • Balloon-Powered Rocket Car

    Episode 27 - 11 mins
    Darwin and Newts discover how a balloon moves when air rushes out of it and use their discovery to build balloon-powered cars.
  • Eggspedition

    Episode 28 - 11 mins
    Darwin's wish to lead a successful expedition comes true when he and Newts stumble over the egg of a giant, extinct bird.
  • The Muddy Path

    Episode 29 - 11 mins
    Darwin and Newt discover what a fossil is and make their very own special fossil handprints.
  • The Annual Frog Jump

    Episode 30 - 11 mins
    Burpee wants to jump further than Croakette in the Annual Frog Jumping Contest, so Darwin, Newts and Heni help him train.
  • The Treasure Map

    Episode 31 - 11 mins
    Newts and Darwin pretend to be pirates and Newts wants to hide some treasure, so she and Darwin have to draw a map to find where X marks the spot.
  • The Five Senses Games

    Episode 32 - 11 mins
    Darwin and Newts compete in Heni’s Five Senses Games and discover that they are good at different things.
  • It's Snowing in Kiwifruit Valley

    Episode 33 - 11 mins
    Darwin and Newts have fun when it snows in Kiwifruit Valley and discover that every snowflake has six sides.
  • The Story of Sheepy

    Episode 34 - 11 mins
    Darwin and Newts observe different cloud shapes in the sky and Newts lets her imagination run wild.
  • The Festival of Bubbles

    Episode 35 - 11 mins
    It’s the annual Big Bubble Festival at Kiwifruit Valley and Darwin discovers how to make the best long-lasting bubble mix for the big day.
  • Darwin's Precious Collection

    Episode 36 - 11 mins
    Newts and Heni go searching for gold to complete Darwin's rock collection while Darwin stays at the treehouse to grow crystals from his new crystal growing set.
  • Heni's Apple Orchard

    Episode 37 - 11 mins
    Newts and Heni go searching for gold to complete Darwin's rock collection; Darwin stays at the treehouse.
  • Garden Emergency

    Episode 38 - 11 mins
    Darwin and Newts try different methods to water their garden.
  • Invisible Ink

    Episode 39 - 11 mins
    Darwin discovers how to write secret messages and with Newts’ help plans a surprise for Heni.
  • How Thunder and Lightning Work

    Episode 40 - 11 mins
    Darwin and Newts are building their friend Pupurangi the snail a new home, but when the weather gets stormy, they need to work fast.

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