Comedy11 Seasons
Ted Danson, Rhea Perlman, George Wendt
Sam Malone, former relief pitcher for the Boston Red Sox, runs a cozy Boston bar called Cheers, where everybody knows your name.
  • Rebound
    Episode 125 mins
    Sam resumes his excessive drinking habits, and Diane has a new lover.
  • Rebound
    Episode 225 mins
    Diane tells Sam the truth about her relationship with Frasier Crane.
  • I Call Your Name
    Episode 324 mins
    Sam believes that Diane is still madly in love with him; Cliff catches a co-worker stealing.
  • Fairy Tales Can Come True
    Episode 425 mins
    During a Halloween party at Cheers, Cliff meets the girl of his dreams.
  • Sam Turns the Other Cheek
    Episode 524 mins
    Sam breaks one of his cardinal rules when he dates the wife of a jealous man.
  • Coach in Love
    Episode 624 mins
    Coach falls in love and proposes to a woman he has never seen before.
  • Coach in Love
    Episode 724 mins
    Coach's engagement to Irene becomes complicated after she wins a $2 million lottery.
  • Diane Meets Mom
    Episode 824 mins
    Diane meets Frasier's mother, who quietly threatens to kill Diane if she doesn't leave him alone.
  • An American Family
    Episode 924 mins
    Carla announces that she is giving up the fight for custody of her son.
  • Diane's Allergy
    Episode 1024 mins
    Diane suffers a mysterious allergic reaction after moving in with Frasier.
  • Peterson Crusoe
    Episode 1125 mins
    When a suspicious spot appears on Norm's chest X-ray, he decides to sail around the world.
  • A Ditch in Time
    Episode 1225 mins
    Sam romances an attractive woman (Carol Kane) who resorts to threats of suicide whenever rejected.
  • Whodunit?
    Episode 1325 mins
    Frasier is devastated when he discovers that his learned mentor has been dating Carla.
  • The Heart Is a Lonely Snipehunter
    Episode 1424 mins
    The boys resent Diane's insistence that Frasier go with them on a fishing trip.
  • King of the Hill
    Episode 1524 mins
    Sam agrees to pitch in a charity softball game against a team of Playmates.
  • Teacher's Pet
    Episode 1624 mins
    Sam and the Coach are taking the same night school course in geography.
  • The Mail Goes to Jail
    Episode 1724 mins
    Norm is arrested for mail tampering after he agrees to take Cliff's route for a day.
  • Bar Bet
    Episode 1824 mins
    Sam stands to lose the bar to an old friend because of a long forgotten bet.
  • Behind Every Great Man
    Episode 1925 mins
    Sam's machismo offends a Boston reporter doing a story on the singles scene.
  • If Ever I Would Leave You
    Episode 2025 mins
    Nick, rejected by his new wife, attempts to regain Carla's love.
  • The Executive's Executioner
    Episode 2124 mins
    Norm learns he is being promoted to a job requiring him to fire other employees.
  • Cheerio Cheers
    Episode 2224 mins
    Diane secretly hopes that Sam will prevent her from taking off to Europe with Frasier.
  • The Bartender's Tale
    Episode 2324 mins
    Carla finds the perfect replacement for Diane, who is traveling through Europe.
  • The Belles of St. Clete's
    Episode 2424 mins
    Carla hatches a self-styled plot for revenge against her high-school principal.
  • Rescue Me
    Episode 2524 mins
    Diane hopes Sam will profess his love for her after Frasier proposes.

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