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Tom Majors learns his video game remote control scanner is actually a portal able to transport him into an online game where magic, suspense and adventure abound in a multidimensional world.
  • Welcome to Chaotic Part 1
    Episode 1 - 19 mins
    Tom learns the truth about Chaotic and embarks on an adventure.
  • Welcome to Chaotic Part 2
    Episode 2 - 21 mins
    Tom struggles to survive his first match in Chaotic.
  • Unexpected
    Episode 3 - 21 mins
    The behavior of Tom's new opponent baffles him; H'earring leads Kaz on a quest.
  • Over under Rent Asunder
    Episode 4 - 20 mins
    Kaz enrages an unbeaten Chaotic player and fights for the honor of his favorite tribe.
  • Crash Course
    Episode 5 - 20 mins
    Kaz fights Klay in a competition; Tom meets Yokkis in Perim.
  • The Thing about Bodal
    Episode 6 - 20 mins
    Tom and Kaz have an unexpected encounter with Bodal.
  • Buggin' Out
    Episode 7 - 20 mins
    Tom, Kaz and Peyton stage a daring assault on the Danians to try to save captured Sarah.
  • Everything Is in Flux
    Episode 8 - 21 mins
    When Tom and Kaz foil her plan, Krystella teams with their archenemy to get revenge.
  • Castle Bodhran or Bust Part 1
    Episode 9 - 20 mins
    A wealthy Chaotic player offers Tom and Kaz rare cards.
  • Castle Bodhran or Bust Part 2
    Episode 10 - 21 mins
    Tom and Maxxor must conquer a common enemy.
  • Lord of Treachery
    Episode 11 - 21 mins
    Kaz must battle against Van Bloot to uncover the suspected traitor's secrets and strategies.
  • Battledrome of the Sexes
    Episode 12 - 20 mins
    A series of snaps leads to a boys vs. girls match; Sarah tells Tom the story of Intress.
  • Battle Lesson
    Episode 13 - 20 mins
    A player Tom meets in the wilds of Perim offers to teach him some Chaotic tips.
  • The Birth of Borth-Majar
    Episode 14 - 21 mins
    Kaz scans Borth-Majar, a two-in-one monster; Tom goes to Perim to learn more about Borth-Majar.
  • Shifting Sands
    Episode 15 - 21 mins
    Tom looks to unload his Mipedian cards, which portray the lizard-like warriors.
  • Fallen Hero
    Episode 16 - 21 mins
    Tom tags along with Kaz, hoping to get a new scan of his hero, the mighty Maxxor.
  • Scavenger Scan
    Episode 17 - 22 mins
    Kaz and Peyton engage in a Scavenger Scan match.
  • Allmageddon
    Episode 18 - 20 mins
    Tom and friends face an powerful, terrifying, destructive Allmageddon Attack.
  • A Fearsome Fate
    Episode 19 - 21 mins
    Tom makes a startling discovery when he transforms into the OverWorld leader during a Drome match.
  • Maze of Menace
    Episode 20 - 20 mins
    Lord Van Bloot and Chaor race to seize Maxxor's powers.
  • Out in the Cold
    Episode 21 - 21 mins
    Kaz accidentally traps a Creature during a Scan Quest.
  • ChaotiKings
    Episode 22 - 22 mins
    A group of Chaotic players ask Kaz to join their clique.
  • Stelgar Strikes
    Episode 23 - 22 mins
    Tom, Kaz and Peyton investigate the lab where Mommark mixes and matches different creatures.
  • The CodeMaster Chronicles Part 1
    Episode 24 - 21 mins
    Tom is summoned to battle a CodeMaster.
  • The CodeMaster Chronicles Part 2
    Episode 25 - 21 mins
    Tom confronts a team of crafty new creatures with powers he has never seen.
  • The Ultimate Scan
    Episode 26 - 21 mins
    Peyton trades another player for a map that is said to lead to a mythical Creature named Iparu.
  • An Easy Win
    Episode 27 - 21 mins
    Peyton challenges a chronic loser to a match.
  • A Flux Too Far
    Episode 28 - 21 mins
    A game of Chaotic turns tense when Sarah and Tom compete in BattleDrome Hotekk.
  • Chaotic Crisis
    Episode 29 - 21 mins
    The Creatures of Perim have cracked the Chaotic Code.
  • The Curse of Korbek
    Episode 30 - 21 mins
    The kids make a dark discovery at the beach; an underwater battle.
  • Fire Fighters
    Episode 31 - 21 mins
    Kaz fights with a player who uses a fire attack.
  • Chasm Quest
    Episode 32 - 21 mins
    A ferocious force is unleashed in the Prexxor Chasm, threatening Tom and all the Chasm's Creatures.
  • Train Wreck
    Episode 33 - 21 mins
    When Kaz finds himself on a losing streak, Peyton tells him he should get a Chaotic trainer.
  • Trading Cards
    Episode 34 - 22 mins
    Tom and the boys go on a wild card quest to help Sarah acquire a hard-to-get scan of Danian Mugic.
  • Dual, Duel Part 1
    Episode 35 - 21 mins
    Krystella and Klay ambush Tom and Kaz.
  • Dual, Duel Part 2
    Episode 36 - 21 mins
    Tom and Kaz's battle against Krystella and Klay continues.
  • Going Under
    Episode 37 - 22 mins
    Tom keeps getting burned in battles, and UnderWorld players line up to take him down.
  • Big Time
    Episode 38 - 20 mins
    During a fight, Kaz learns that his opponent has a Creature he has never faced before.
  • Eye of the Maelstrom
    Episode 39 - 20 mins
    Tom's attempt to track a mysterious Creature leads him to a pack of UnderWorld raiders.
  • Fighting Friendly
    Episode 40 - 22 mins
    Kaz suspects Tom of cheating when he is forced to battle his best friend.

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