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Bob and his building machines take on many projects and come up with thoughtful solutions as they work and play together to fix problems around town.
  • Mr. Beasley's New Friends

    Episode 1 - 10 mins
    Bob and his building machines work and play together.
  • Spud the Pilot

    Episode 2 - 10 mins
    JJ travels into the countryside to try out his remote-controlled plane, then loses control of it.
  • Trix and the Otters

    Episode 3 - 10 mins
    Trix scares away the family of otters Molly found playing in the stream.
  • Speedy Skip

    Episode 4 - 10 mins
    Wendy swaps JJ's old chest for a better one, but there are important files in the old one.
  • Mr. Ellis' Art Exhibition

    Episode 5 - 10 mins
    Mr. Bentley holds an art exhibit.
  • Bob and the Badgers

    Episode 6 - 10 mins
    Bob makes a fence to keep the rabbits out of Farmer Pickles's field, but it gets trampled.
  • Bob and the Goalie

    Episode 7 - 10 mins
    Bob builds a new exercise park, which Mr Dixon's brother, a famous goalkeeper, is going to open.
  • Dizzy Goes Camping

    Episode 8 - 10 mins
    Dizzy and Muck spend the night at Farmer Pickles' new campsite.
  • Pilchard's Pets

    Episode 9 - 10 mins
    Bob is still building a pets' corner in the park when the animals arrive.
  • Snowman Scoop

    Episode 10 - 10 mins
    Scoop wants to enter the town's snowman competition.
  • Lofty's Long Load

    Episode 11 - 10 mins
    Wendy goes to JJ's yard with Lofty and Dizzy to collect a steel joist and other materials.
  • Hamish's New Home

    Episode 12 - 10 mins
    Mr. Fothergill has a nasty case of dry rot, so Bob and crew will have to use chemicals to fix it.
  • Dizzy the Sheepdog

    Episode 13 - 10 mins
    One of Farmer Pickles's sheep goes missing, making Dizzy wish she could be a sheepdog and help.

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