Below Deck Mediterranean

Below Deck Mediterranean

Reality4 SeasonsTV14
Sandy Yawn, Hannah Ferrier, João Franco
A new boat, crew and location in this series that follows nine members of a crew who live and work aboard a 150-foot yacht. As the ship journeys through the Mediterranean, each episode features a new group of elite passengers.
  • Pardon Your French
    Pardon Your French
    Episode 143 mins
    Capt. Sandy embarks on another season in the Mediterranean; Hannah returns as chief stew; Joao returns as bosun hoping to prove he can lead a deck team that includes his best friend, Colin; Cordon Bleu trained chef Mila takes control of the galley.
  • Recipe for Disaster
    Recipe for Disaster
    Episode 243 mins
    The crew's first beach picnic gets off to a rocky start, leaving Colin shattered; chef Mila faces her biggest challenge yet; Joao continues to experience growing pains in his new leadership position; a crew member makes a shocking revelation.
  • Cannes You Cook?
    Cannes You Cook?
    Episode 343 mins
    The crew comes to terms with Mila's controversial views; Capt. Sandy's friend, Dr. Jennifer Berman, returns with the expectation of leaving the dock this year; Joao struggles to motivate Jack; Colin wonders if the new crew is too bawdy for him.
  • Too Many Cooks in the Kitchen
    Too Many Cooks in the Kitchen
    Episode 443 mins
    Joao confides in Capt. Sandy about his heartbreak; chef Mila continues to struggle; Hannah takes on double duty trying to please unhappy charter guests who teach Travis a valuable lesson -- that there are no pants in the South of France.
  • 99 Problems but a Chef Ain't One
    99 Problems but a Chef Ain't One
    Episode 543 mins
    A recording artist charters Sirocco to shoot a music video and uses the crew as her production assistants; Jack begins to develop feelings for Aesha; Colin has a bout with the anchor chain that could leave Sirocco stranded.
  • Knot Today, Anchors
    Knot Today, Anchors
    Episode 643 mins
    Anastasia fills in as the temporary chef and Travis helps out as sous chef; the exhausted crew continues to work with a person down in each department; Ashley films her music video; João acts quickly in a dangerous situation involving the anchors.
  • All Hail the Queen
    All Hail the Queen
    Episode 743 mins
    The Sirocco braces for its most exclusive charter guest yet -- the Queen of Versailles; Joao faces old demons after a drunken night out as well as an increasingly defiant deck crew; a new third stew joins the boat.
  • What Eze the Problem?
    What Eze the Problem?
    Episode 843 mins
    Hannah and Joao have a miscommunication over a guest excursion; Anastasia is forced to prepare foods that go against her vegan lifestyle for charter guest, the "Queen of Versailles;" June continues to struggle to impress Hannah.
  • A Whole Different Ball Game
    A Whole Different Ball Game
    Episode 954 mins
    Former MLB player Johnny Damon comes on board with a group of rowdy friends; Jack and Travis fail to respond to an alarm; questions arise about Anastasia's food; Jack takes Aesha on a date; Travis and Joao must rescue the anchor.
  • Docked and Loaded
    Docked and Loaded
    Episode 1043 mins
    Joao and Travis continue their deep dive to set the anchors free; baseball player Johnny Damon and his group go against the bad weather as well as a neighboring yacht owner; Sandy fields a complaint that makes her second-guess her decisions.
  • Monte Car-Loco
    Monte Car-Loco
    Episode 1143 mins
    The crew enjoys a day off at a resort in Monte Carlo, Monaco; Joao and Hannah have a heart to heart; Travis confronts Joao over his treatment of Aesha; Anastasia tries to regain her swagger after poor reviews from the previous charter.
  • Don't Cry for Me, Sirocco
    Don't Cry for Me, Sirocco
    Episode 1264 mins
    Capt. Sandy determines that one of the positions is redundant; Joao confronts Jack over his work ethic; an overwhelmed Anastasia is pushed to her breaking point; when Colin learns that someone will have to leave the boat, he makes a bold move.
  • It's Ben a Long Time
    It's Ben a Long Time
    Episode 1343 mins
    Colin faces a tough decision; Anastasia accepts her new role; an all-female group of guests comes onboard, and they flirt with the crew; Jack and Aesha move in together making Travis feel isolated; a familiar face returns, and Hannah is on her toes.
  • Nauti Girls Need Love Too
    Nauti Girls Need Love Too
    Episode 1443 mins
    Guests aren't as impressed with Ben's first dinner as he'd hoped; Anastasia struggles to adjust back to her previous role; Travis stews over losing Jack to Aesha; a sudden burst of wind sends the deck team scrambling.
  • Holy Ship!
    Holy Ship!
    Episode 1543 mins
    Ben is determined to regain his sea legs, but Sirocco's faulty galley has other plans; Travis' latest drunken night has Sandy at the end of her rope; Jack writes poetry for Aesha; rough seas has everyone holding on for dear life.
  • Sweet White Glove o' Mine
    Sweet White Glove o' Mine
    Episode 1643 mins
    The charter guests request a White Party for their final dinner; Joao's ego gets him in hot water with Capt. Sandy; Jack enlists the crew to help him ask Aesha to be his girlfriend; Hannah's leadership skills are called into question.
  • Love, Love Me Stew
    Love, Love Me Stew
    Episode 1743 mins
    The crew prepares for the final charter of the season; with Joao sidelined with a fever, Travis is forced to step up; bad weather rolls into the South of France; when Anastasia gets on Sandy's bad side, Hannah bears the brunt of the captain's fury.
  • Au Revoir, Sirocco
    Au Revoir, Sirocco
    Episode 1843 mins
    A boat catches fire in port stranding Sirocco with nowhere to go; the interior team resents Sandy's harsh criticism; Jack and Aesha contemplate their future; Sandy calls out Hannah's lack of passion for yachting.

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