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To pursue their dream of succeeding in the manga industry, Mahiro and Takagi join forces while sharing experiences, successes and failures along the way.
  • Stubborness and Decision

    Episode 1 - 24 mins
    Good news for the boys as Aoki is on the list to play the heroine when Iwasa finds the secret.
  • Every Night a Collaboration

    Episode 2 - 24 mins
    The boys are shocked they may be canceled but step up their game.
  • Ending and Code

    Episode 3 - 24 mins
    The boys are in despair about ratings but Hattori may find a way to turn things around.
  • Leeway and Trap

    Episode 4 - 24 mins
    The boys find out news from Hattori and everyone should now be drawing their own manga.
  • Step Up and Watch

    Episode 5 - 24 mins
    Takagi is to write and Shiraton wants his own series.
  • Punch and Striking Out

    Episode 6 - 24 mins
    Ashirogi joins the Fest but Mashiro wants to draw on his own.
  • Photoshoot and Classroom

    Episode 7 - 24 mins
    An award party is held for the 50th chapter and Hiramaru wants a date with Aoki.
  • Aims and Assessment

    Episode 8 - 24 mins
    Mashiro and Takagi act as judges for the manga contest.
  • Confidence and Resolve

    Episode 9 - 24 mins
    The boys find the origin of Nanamine's ideas but won't be outdone.
  • Consideration and Provocation

    Episode 10 - 24 mins
    Nanamine's new series reveals his method.
  • Anxiety and Turn Back

    Episode 11 - 24 mins
    Nanamine adds an old friend to his staff but ratings start to suffer.
  • Hot-Blooded and Total Defeat

    Episode 12 - 24 mins
    The challenge is accepted but they realize Nanamine has been lying.
  • Copycat and Unconscious

    Episode 13 - 24 mins
    Ashirogi is shocked by a crime and Nizuma is now worried about ratings.
  • Continuity and Obstruction

    Episode 14 - 24 mins
    Yujiro worries about Niizuma ending his manga.
  • Cover and Center

    Episode 15 - 24 mins
    The editorial staff is upset of CROW ending and want to beat Niizuma.
  • Final Chapter and Comment

    Episode 16 - 24 mins
    Three weeks left to beat CROW to take the top spot.
  • Zombie and Demon

    Episode 17 - 24 mins
    Iwasa is sad about ratings and thinks of quitting.
  • Weekly and Monthly

    Episode 18 - 24 mins
    The editors are having a hard time deciding which is better and publish both.
  • Slow and All at Once

    Episode 19 - 24 mins
    Reversi is approved and Mashiro is pushed to the limit.
  • Breather and Party

    Episode 20 - 24 mins
    The boys tell Hattori what's important about Revrsi.
  • Hot Spring and Choices

    Episode 21 - 24 mins
    At the award party the boys learn of requests for Reversi anime.
  • Correction and Declaration

    Episode 22 - 24 mins
    Reversi gets an anime and the boys are overjoyed.
  • Microphone and Script

    Episode 23 - 24 mins
    Azuki speaks of Mashiro on her show and the director wants to keep things fair for the open role.
  • The Way and The End

    Episode 24 - 24 mins
    Reversi's story heats up and Ashirogi needs convincing to continue the series.
  • Dreams and Reality

    Episode 25 - 24 mins
    Mashiro wants to propose to Azuki and make his uncle's dreams come true.

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