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To pursue their dream of succeeding in the manga industry, Mahiro and Takagi join forces while sharing experiences, successes and failures along the way.
  • Silence and Party

    Episode 1 - 24 mins
    The boys get a new editor and go to a party.
  • Yearbook and Photobook

    Episode 2 - 24 mins
    Azuki's agent wants her to do a racy shoot, but Mirotaka leaves his work for an urgent matter.
  • Window and Snow

    Episode 3 - 24 mins
    The boys are worried about results for Det TRAP and Aoki teams up with Koogy.
  • Pandering and Patience

    Episode 4 - 24 mins
    The boys worry their new work may be in danger due to TRAP's surveys.
  • Jokes and News

    Episode 5 - 24 mins
    Miura wants the boys to improve TRAP's rank; it goes neck and neck with CROW.
  • Illness and Motivation

    Episode 6 - 24 mins
    Mashiro collapses and is rushed to the hospital needing surgery and rest, but still wants to work.
  • Life and Death and Stationery

    Episode 7 - 24 mins
    The boys fight against a hiatus and Sasaki visits Mashiro in the hospital.
  • Recall and Call

    Episode 8 - 24 mins
    The boys hear about Fukuda's strike; the final drafts are brought to the hospital.
  • Restart and Low Rank

    Episode 9 - 24 mins
    Mashiro is back at work and school, but things are different.
  • Gag and Serious

    Episode 10 - 24 mins
    Miura suggests a gag manga, but the boys don't think it's right.
  • Manga and Youth

    Episode 11 - 24 mins
    Future Watch got great reviews, but the results aren't released so the boys can focus.
  • Experience and Data

    Episode 12 - 24 mins
    Miura makes a comment about a decision he quickly regrets.
  • Alliance and Classmate

    Episode 13 - 24 mins
    Aoki and Takagi see each other at the zoo and make an agreement.
  • Distrust and Trust

    Episode 14 - 24 mins
    The boys call Miyoshi to find out where he's been only to get a surprise.
  • Monkey and Marriage

    Episode 15 - 24 mins
    One fight leads to another and then Takagi wants to explain himself.
  • Prince and Savior

    Episode 16 - 24 mins
    Aoki meets Ishizawa despite the boys' feelings.
  • Relationship and Home

    Episode 17 - 24 mins
    There are big changes at the meeting and Iwase brings in a great story.
  • Complaint and Declaration

    Episode 18 - 24 mins
    The feud between Takagi and Iwasa heats up and then the truth comes out.
  • Fate and Star

    Episode 19 - 24 mins
    Akito sees Miyoshi's parents about the wedding and finds a link to his uncle Taro.
  • Love and Denial

    Episode 20 - 24 mins
    Tagaki hunts for jokes as Mashiro approaches Hattori at the wedding.
  • Selfishness and Advice

    Episode 21 - 24 mins
    The boys learn a certain someone has been trying to help them.
  • Hint and Best

    Episode 22 - 24 mins
    Hattori puts the boys in a different direction and then they follow him for a day.
  • Win and Lose

    Episode 23 - 24 mins
    Miura loves the storyboard for "Perfect Crime."
  • Visualization and Imagination

    Episode 24 - 24 mins
    The committee rethinks its vote while Miura is now editor for plus Natural.
  • Vote and Chart

    Episode 25 - 24 mins
    Ashirogi works on a new series and is up against Fukuda.

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