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Cameron McCormick shares his knowledge from a 20-year coaching career, including his creative approach to incorporating a wider perspective on what it takes to improve golf performance.

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  • Contact Is King
    Episode 122 mins
    Major championship caliber instruction with Cameron McCormick.
  • Curve Control Is Queen
    Episode 221 mins
    Setup and swing keys that help you curve the ball on command.
  • Next Level Trajectory
    Episode 320 mins
    Being able to hit it high and low on command allows players to maintain precise distance control.
  • Battle Plans
    Episode 420 mins
    Integrating what has been learned in the first three episodes and apply it on the golf course.
  • Finese Wedges
    Episode 521 mins
    How to execute one of golf's most difficult shots - the short wedge shot.
  • PhD Wedge Play
    Episode 621 mins
    Cameron McCormick shares instruction to help golfers perfect the short wedge shot.
  • Greenside Vitals
    Episode 721 mins
    Cameron McCormick teaches how to play those all-important stroke saving shots from around the green.
  • Greenside Mastery
    Episode 821 mins
    How to get up and down with tour-level precision. McCormick dials in your green-side wedge play.
  • Swiss Army Knife Short Game
    Episode 921 mins
    Preparing for an assortment of difficult shots around the green with teacher Cameron McCormick.
  • Sand Mastery
    Episode 1021 mins
    2015 PGA Teacher of the Year Cameron McCormick shares his tips for better bunker play.
  • Putting Triad
    Episode 1125 mins
    Cameron McCormick helps golfers make more putts. Focusing on line, speed, and read.
  • PhD Putting
    Episode 1222 mins
    Improving putting by using specific drills that allow you to self-detect tendencies in your game.
  • The Playbook - Power Play
    Episode 122 mins
    Cameron McCormick talks about the underlying principle of distance -- clubhead speed.
  • The Playbook - Takeoff
    Episode 222 mins
    Cameron McCormick, coach to Jordan Spieth, unlocks the secrets to a championship-caliber golf game.
  • The Playbook - Use the Force
    Episode 322 mins
    Cameron McCormick scientifically proves how ground forces affect the golf swing.
  • The Playbook - Fore Right
    Episode 422 mins
    Cameron McCormick explains how club delivery with the face and path dictates curve.
  • The Playbook - Snake in the Grass
    Episode 522 mins
    Cameron McCormick moves to the putting green to teach the best strategies to making more putts.
  • The Playbook - Foundation and Coordination for Juniors
    Episode 622 mins
    Cameron McCormick unlocks the secrets to building a championship-caliber golf game.
  • The Playbook - Tour Shots
    Episode 722 mins
    Cameron McCormick teaches the what and how behind the score-saving shots that are amazing.
  • The Playbook - Mission Impossible
    Episode 822 mins
    How to execute fairway bunker shots, mid-range bunker shots, and buried bunker lies.
  • RX - Distance and Direction
    Episode 121 mins
    Cameron McCormick gives advice to gain more distance from the tee.
  • RX - Contact and Trajectory
    Episode 221 mins
    Cameron McCormick shares solutions to combat the most common contact and trajectory problems.
  • RX - Sand Survival Tips
    Episode 321 mins
    Cameron McCormick seeks to end all fear that players encounter when faced with a bunker shot.
  • RX - Fix Your Yips
    Episode 421 mins
    Cameron McCormick offers a prescription to remedy the most prevalent symptom of the yips.
  • RX - Ball Striking and Amplifying Practice
    Episode 521 mins
    Cameron McCormick unlocks the secrets to building a championship caliber golf game.
  • RX - Greenside Practice and Games
    Episode 621 mins
    Cameron McCormick demonstrates four practice session games designed to emphasize fundamentals.
  • RX - Practice Putting
    Episode 721 mins
    Cameron McCormick provides a prescription to create more structure during putting practice sessions.
  • RX - Practice Wedges
    Episode 821 mins
    Cameron McCormick shows off a series of skill-based games.

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