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Tinky Winky, Dipsy, Laa-Laa and Po's world is full of love and laughter as they explore Home Dome and the magical countryside of Teletubbyland.
  • Making Friends; Watering Can

    Episode 1 - 25 mins
    The Teletubbies say 'eh-oh' to flowers; Po waters objects using a magic watering can.
  • Up and Down; Favorite Things

    Episode 2 - 25 mins
    The Teletubbies do the Dipsy Tubby Phone dance; Tinky Winky, Dipsy and Po have their favorite toys.
  • Babies; Hiding

    Episode 3 - 25 mins
    The Teletubbies eat tubby custard and ride the Custard Train; Tinky Winky stands in Laa-Laa's way.
  • Bubbles; Musical Box

    Episode 4 - 25 mins
    The Teletubbies chase and pop Tubby Custard bubbles; the Teletubbies watch an old music box.
  • Puddles; Wake Up Time

    Episode 5 - 25 mins
    The Teletubbies spend the day splashing in puddles; Po needs an extra snooze before waking up.
  • Windy Day; Bumps

    Episode 6 - 25 mins
    Dipsy's hat blows away; the Teletubbies bump into one another and watch children in bumper cars.
  • Muddy Footprints; Bouncy Ball

    Episode 7 - 25 mins
    Laa-Laa leaves muddy footprints on a rug; Laa-Laa's bouncy ball makes a mess in Home Dome.
  • Roundy Round; New Toy

    Episode 8 - 25 mins
    The Teletubbies do a roundy round dance; the Dup Dup delivers toys for the Teletubbies to play with.
  • Sing Song; Messy Fun

    Episode 9 - 25 mins
    Laa-Laa makes up a lovely song; the Teletubbies get very messy on a Tubby Custard ride.
  • Silly Sausages; Red

    Episode 10 - 25 mins
    Dipsy does a funny dance and the Teletubbies all laugh; a red balloon floats into Teletubbyland.
  • Reflections; Big Dance

    Episode 11 - 25 mins
    Dipsy's hat falls in a puddle and gets wet; the Teletubbies do a new dance.
  • Train Ride; Wait for It

    Episode 12 - 25 mins
    Po makes a lot of tubby custard; the Teletubbies wait for Tubby Toast to be ready.
  • Snowball; Packing

    Episode 13 - 25 mins
    The Teletubbies find big snowballs and dance with a snowman; the Noo-Noo vacuums up Dipsy's hat.
  • Number Four; Flying

    Episode 14 - 25 mins
    The Teletubbies count to four; Po goes so fast on a scooter that he takes off and flies.
  • Taps; Party

    Episode 15 - 25 mins
    Home Dome overflows with tubby custard; the Teletubbies are ready for a party.
  • Custard Chaos; Tallest Shortest

    Episode 16 - 25 mins
    The Tubby Custard Machine goes on a messy ride; the Teletubbies stand up straight.
  • Rolling; Conga

    Episode 17 - 25 mins
    Laa-Laa and Po roll a ball down a hill and then each other; the Teletubbies do conga dances.
  • Waving; Catch the Ball

    Episode 18 - 25 mins
    The Teletubbies enjoy watching children waving; Po and Laa-Laa play catch with a ball.
  • Loop the Loop; Follow the Leader

    Episode 19 - 25 mins
    Children watch a plane loop-the-loop in the air; the Teletubbies follow the Tubby Custard Machine.
  • Purple; Ballet

    Episode 20 - 25 mins
    A boy learns to knit with purple wool; Dipsy ballet twirls with the Tiddlytubbies.
  • Taking a Ride; Photos

    Episode 21 - 25 mins
    The Teletubbies ride the Dup Dup and the Tubby Custard Machine; the Teletubbies take pictures.
  • Knock Knock; Things

    Episode 22 - 25 mins
    Tinky Winky knocks on a door; the Teletubbies find different uses for their favorite things.
  • Breakfast; Keep Fit

    Episode 23 - 25 mins
    The Teletubbies decide between Tubby Custard or Tubby Toast; the Teletubbies exercise.
  • Party Invitation; Taking Turns

    Episode 24 - 25 mins
    The Teletubbies are invited to the Tiddlytubbies' party; Laa-Laa and Po take turns while playing.
  • Horses; Running Race

    Episode 25 - 25 mins
    Tinky Winky, Dipsy and Laa-Laa pretend to be horses; the Teletubbies do running races.
  • Fixing Things; Being Quiet

    Episode 26 - 25 mins
    The Noo-Noo fixes the Tubby Custard Machine; Tinky Winky can't sleep and goes outside to play.
  • Music; Making Sounds

    Episode 27 - 25 mins
    The Teletubbies become a pop group; Po makes silly, funny sounds with levers and buttons.
  • Rainbow; Twinkle Twinkle

    Episode 28 - 25 mins
    The Teletubbies go for a walk, but clouds appear and it starts to rain; Tinky Winky sees a star.
  • Football; Again Again

    Episode 29 - 25 mins
    The Teletubbies play football; the Teletubbies can't get enough of the Tubby Custard Ride.
  • Tall Tower; Inside Outside

    Episode 30 - 25 mins
    Laa-Laa watches Dipsy stretch up tall; the Teletubbies play inside and outside Home Dome.

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