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Meet the Vampire Academy Cast

Get to know who plays who at St. Vladimir's.

Rose Hathaway Image

Sisi Stringer

Rose Hathaway

Fiery and outspoken, Rose is a true fighter in spirit and in practice.  Even when she’d be better off keeping her mouth shut and her fists in her pocket. Loyal, funny, vulnerable and strong, Rose never hesitates to stand up for herself, her friends, and her beliefs even when they’re unpopular.

Lissa Dragomir Image

Daniela Nieves

Lissa Dragomir

Growing up the younger sister to the heir apparent, Princess Vasilisa Dragomir is a carefree, kind-hearted, royal princess uninterested in the political machinations of the Royal Court or the hypocrisy of Moroi royal society.

Dimitri Belikov Image

Kieron Moore

Dimitri Belikov

Lethal, disciplined, discreet, and totally committed to his role as bodyguard to the ruling Moroi, the mortal vampires of his world.

Christian Ozera Image

André Dae Kim

Christian Ozera

A thoughtful, intelligent Royal Moroi vampire and the pariah of the school and royal court due to his parents’ unforgiveable societal sins. In a quest to understand his parents’ path, he searches for faith-based answers and discovers a kindred spirit who is also looking for the truth.

Jamie Image

J. August Richards

Victor Dashkov

A Royal Moroi vampire, Victor has dedicated his life to the well-being of not just of his husband and two adopted daughters, but to his entire community, Royal or not.

Tatiana Vogel Image

Anita-Joy Uwajeh

Tatiana Vogel

A Royal Moroi vampire who’s new in town, Tatiana is a political underdog who slowly takes the royal court by storm as she boldly makes a play for the crown.

Jimmy Image

Mia McKenna-Bruce

Mia Karp

A student at St. Vladimir’s Academy, Mia is witty, cutting, and just the right kind of ruthless when necessary. Non-Royal Mia has a long-term plan to social climb her way into the ranks of royalty, with all the privilege and freedom that entails.

Meredith Image

Rhian Blundell

Meredith Beckham

A smart, strong-willed Dhampir who is a keen observer, which makes her an excellent strategist and a valuable asset. She has little patience for Rose’s volatility or Mia’s elitism, and regularly calls both of them out. 

Sonya Karp Image

Jonetta Kaiser

Sonya Karp

Quiet, careful and odd, Sonya prefers to spend her time in the library or her garden and is taken by surprise when a Dhampir Guardian named Mikhail shows interest in her, a relationship that will expose both the brightest and darkest parts of her heart. 

Sonya Karp Image

Andrew Liner

Mason Ashford

Charming, loyal and popular, Mason is Rose’s main competition in the quest to become the number one Guardian-in-training.

Frequently Asked Questions

Dimitri Belikov is played by Kieron Moore.

Yes, the characters are the same but the series has a few new characters such as Mikhail Tanner and Tatiana Vogel. The casts are very different between the series and the movie.

The cast of Vampire Academy tv show includes Sisi Stinger as Rosemary Hathaway, Daniel Nieves as Lissa Dragomir, and Kieron Moore as Dimitri Belikov.