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Experts and specialists offer an in-depth look at some of the world's most dangerous murderers, featuring evidence and interviews from notorious cases.
  • Lee Ford

    Episode 1 - 44 mins
    Lee Ford kills his wife and four stepchildren in a cold-blooded murder spree.
  • Jamie Reynolds

    Episode 2 - 45 mins
    A 23-year-old killer murders 17-year-old former head girl Georgia Williams in 2013.
  • Trimaan Harry Dhillon

    Episode 3 - 45 mins
    A killer attacks his ex-girlfriend in a jealous frenzy and commits a brutal murder.
  • Stuart Campbell

    Episode 4 - 45 mins
    Stuart Campbell is convicted for the murder of his niece, even though her body has never been found.
  • Sarah Williams and Katrina Walsh

    Episode 5 - 43 mins
    Sarah Williams and Katrina Walsh carry out the jealousy-fuelled murder of Sadie Hartley.
  • Pawel Relowicz

    Episode 6 - 44 mins
    Pawel Relowicz rapes and kills 21-year-old Hull student Libby Squire.
  • Daniel Gonzalez: Freddy Krueger Killer

    Episode 7 - 44 mins
    The story of a killer who took four lives during a chilling two-day killing spree in 2004.
  • John Shaw and Geoffrey Evans

    Episode 8 - 45 mins
    Geoffrey Evans and his accomplice John Shaw hit headlines after the murders of two women in Ireland.
  • Mark Martin

    Episode 9 - 45 mins
    The story of Mark Martin, who murdered three women to become Nottingham's first serial killer.
  • Malcolm Green

    Episode 10 - 44 mins
    Malcolm Green is jailed for life for the brutal murder of a Cardiff prostitute.
  • John Allen Muhammad and Lee Malvo

    Episode 11 - 45 mins
    John Allen and his teenage accomplice carry out a brutal series of shootings that kill ten people.
  • Robert Pickton

    Episode 12 - 45 mins
    A prolific serial killer is dubbed "The Pig Farmer Killer" by the media.
  • Sean Vincent Gillis

    Episode 13 - 46 mins
    A serial killer brutally snatches away the lives of eight women during a decade-long killing spree.
  • Judy Buenoano

    Episode 14 - 44 mins
    A killer murders her own son and becomes the first woman to be executed in Florida since 1848.
  • Don Miller

    Episode 15 - 44 mins
    A terrifying killer murders four victims before being caught while trying to claim his fifth.
  • Gary Ray Bowles

    Episode 16 - 45 mins
    The I-95 killer, who brutally killed six men in 1994, is executed three years later.
  • Derrick Todd Lee

    Episode 17 - 45 mins
    The Baton Rouge Serial Killer, known for murdering seven women is sentenced to death for his crimes.
  • Velma Barfield

    Episode 18 - 44 mins
    The first woman executed by lethal injection after taking six lives.
  • Chester Turner

    Episode 19 - 45 mins
    A cold-blooded serial killer takes the lives of eleven people during a decade-long murder campaign.
  • Genene Jones

    Episode 20 - 45 mins
    A serial killer works as a nurse in Texas and kills infants by injecting them with drugs.

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