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In a tiny village, a young mouse embarks on a series of adventures with his family and friends that teach him about life and growing up.
  • Down with the Rules

    Episode 1 - 7 mins
    Tip decides that rules are boring and useless; Mom agrees to try a day without rules.
  • Shazam!

    Episode 2 - 7 mins
    Tip and his mom are visiting Jody and Marilou; the pups pretend to be wizards.
  • I Don't Want to Take a Bath

    Episode 3 - 7 mins
    Tip has a great time with his and Billy's family; when he gets home he refuses to take a bath.
  • I Want to Go with You

    Episode 4 - 7 mins
    While Mom and Dad go to visit friends, Tip and Tippy have to stay with their aunts.
  • Boys Are Better than Girls

    Episode 5 - 7 mins
    Tip thinks boys are better than girls; Betty is determined to prove him wrong.
  • The Toys Are Mine

    Episode 6 - 7 mins
    Lily brings along her 18-month-old son to visit Mom; Tip doesn't want him to play with his toys.
  • I Want to Win

    Episode 7 - 7 mins
    Jumper, the gym teacher, has organized a run for the kids; Tip and Jody set out to win.
  • Wake Up, It’s Snowing!

    Episode 8 - 7 mins
    Tip's village wakes up under a soft layer of snow; Tip wants to play with his sled all day.
  • Telling Tall Tales!

    Episode 9 - 7 mins
    Tip seems to have a great imagination today, coming up with exaggerated stories to his family.
  • You’re Not My Friend Anymore

    Episode 10 - 7 mins
    Tip has a bad day at kindergarten; he thinks his friend Jody doesn't want to play with him.
  • Babysitters Are Monsters

    Episode 11 - 7 mins
    Tip's parents go out for dinner; Tip doesn't want a babysitter but is in for a surprise.
  • A Pet for Tip

    Episode 12 - 7 mins
    Tip finds a caterpillar in the garden; he wants to bring it into the house and keep it.
  • I'm Not Hiding

    Episode 13 - 7 mins
    Tip plays hide and seek with friends next to Jody's house.
  • Nothing Scares Brave Pirates!

    Episode 14 - 7 mins
    Tip plays with his friends on the banks of the creek.
  • I Want to Be a Policeman

    Episode 15 - 7 mins
    The pups have the opportunity to experience a real job.
  • I Want to Be Handsome

    Episode 16 - 7 mins
    Tip's mom plans to take a photo of the whole family, but Tip doesn't want to be part of the photo.
  • Scary Dark

    Episode 17 - 7 mins
    It’s a summer evening and Tip doesn’t want to go to sleep; he is afraid of the dark in the bedroom.
  • Jody’s Favourite Toy

    Episode 18 - 7 mins
    Jody lends Tip his favorite robot toy; Tip brings Jody's toy with him to his aunt's house.
  • I Will Never Eat Veggies

    Episode 19 - 7 mins
    Tip doesn't want to eat his vegetable soup at lunchtime and even refuses to just taste it.
  • What a Fear of the Storm!

    Episode 20 - 7 mins
    A storm during the pajama party frightens pups and tests two fearless friends.
  • In Dad’s Crib

    Episode 21 - 7 mins
    Tip stays home with Dad while Mom is away; Tip promises not to disturb dad, but soon gets bored.
  • Finding Teddy

    Episode 22 - 7 mins
    Teddy falls out of Tip's backpack; Tip tries to find him with Betty's help.
  • I Am Not Going To the Doctor's

    Episode 23 - 7 mins
    Tip has a cold but doesn't want to go to the doctor; Tip tries to escape going to the doctor.
  • I Am Not Good at This

    Episode 24 - 7 mins
    Tip goes to Jody's to work on his costume for the masquerade, but is discouraged after seeing hers.
  • A Guest at My House

    Episode 25 - 7 mins
    Tip is excited that Billy is coming over to his house for the day.
  • I Want to Play!

    Episode 26 - 7 mins
    Tip has the idea to give a concert to Maggie for her birthday.
  • I Am Not Tired at All

    Episode 27 - 7 mins
    Tip doesn’t want to go to bed at bedtime and decides he going to stay up late.
  • Work Is No Fun at All

    Episode 28 - 7 mins
    Sadly Dad can’t join the family for a trip to the river, because he has a job commitment.
  • I Want My Mommy

    Episode 29 - 7 mins
    Tip’s mother takes him to his circus lessons, but when she is about to leave, he finds it scary.
  • I Can't Stand Good Manners

    Episode 30 - 7 mins
    Leo gets bored of always being nice to everyone, so he and his friends play the cheeky badger game.
  • I Didn't Mean It

    Episode 31 - 7 mins
    Tip is going to learn how to play tennis, however, Jumper forgets to bring enough rackets.
  • I'll Be Angry Forever

    Episode 32 - 7 mins
    Tip realizes that by being angry, you miss out on the fun and can't enjoy the day.
  • I'll Help You Mom

    Episode 33 - 7 mins
    Tip wants to help his very busy Mom.
  • Who Finds It, Keeps It

    Episode 34 - 7 mins
    Tip and his friends are searching for treasures to put in a box they got from Maggie.
  • The Super-Mega-Funny Joke

    Episode 35 - 7 mins
    Tip decides to play a joke on Tessa, but instead of making her laugh, she ends up crying.
  • Tasty Sweets

    Episode 36 - 7 mins
    Tip can’t wait for afternoon snack time because Mom has planned something special.
  • I’m Not Ice Skating

    Episode 37 - 7 mins
    Mom takes Tip, Jody and Henry ice skating with a very special teacher.
  • I Won't Play Anymore

    Episode 38 - 7 mins
    The annual village fair is held; Tip learns to take care of nature.
  • Taking Care of Nature

    Episode 39 - 7 mins
    Maggie and the pups have an afternoon snack in the forest and take care of nature.
  • I Want to Be Tall as a Tower

    Episode 40 - 7 mins
    Tip thinks that being tall is much better than being short, as there are so many things that you can do.
  • I'm Not a Lazybones

    Episode 41 - 7 mins
    Tip is very lazy and calls mom and dad for everything, even for things he can do by himself.
  • The Magic of Recycling

    Episode 42 - 7 mins
    The annual Marionette Show is coming up and each pup will make a marionette for it.
  • I Want It

    Episode 43 - 7 mins
    Tip wants a toy, but his mother points out that it’s not his birthday and he already has a lot.
  • How Boring Bad Weather

    Episode 44 - 7 mins
    Tip wants to picnic with his grandparents, but when it starts to rain, they have to stay inside.
  • It's Just a Bad Dream

    Episode 45 - 7 mins
    Tip recounts how he dreamt of being attacked at the playground by a big black dragon.
  • Let's Go Camping!

    Episode 46 - 7 mins
    It's a nice summer morning and Tip's family is getting ready to go camping on the riverbank.
  • It’s Fun to Be Nice

    Episode 47 - 7 mins
    It’s Saturday morning and Tip is surprised to see his mother ready to leave the house.
  • Don't Touch My Tuft

    Episode 48 - 7 mins
    The family is having breakfast, but Tip’s tuft is so long that he can’t see what’s in front of him.
  • A Promise Is a Promise

    Episode 49 - 7 mins
    Tip promises to let Jody play with his new toy car but keeps putting it off until later.
  • The Most Precious Gift in the World

    Episode 50 - 7 mins
    It’s Mom’s birthday, and the family is planning to celebrate with a surprise party for her.
  • I'll Tidy Up Later

    Episode 51 - 7 mins
    Tip has just finished playing in his bedroom, and now the room looks like a battlefield with toys everywhere.
  • Being Little Is No Fun

    Episode 52 - 7 mins
    Tip is at his grandparents’ house and all the adults are doing things Tip wants to do too.

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