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In the ultimate game of deception, contestants work together on thrilling missions in the Scottish Highlands to win a prize of up to $250,000.
  • Betrayers, Fakes and Fraudsters

    Episode 1 - 59 mins
    An all-star cast arrives in Scotland; the Traitors are chosen, but there’s a twist this time around.
  • Welcome to the Dark Side

    Episode 2 - 61 mins
    The Traitors want a newcomer; a mission reveals hard truths; the first murder and banishment occur.
  • Murder in Plain Sight

    Episode 3 - 60 mins
    The Traitors are given a daunting task for their next murder; the players face a dark mission.
  • The Funeral

    Episode 4 - 58 mins
    The Traitors' next murder is done in plain sight; one player must take their last breath.
  • A Killer Move

    Episode 5 - 59 mins
    The castle welcomes a new arrival; the Faithful fight back; one of the Traitors is in the hot seat.
  • Backstab and Betrayal

    Episode 6 - 58 mins
    The Traitors start to turn on each other and face a difficult dilemma that could backfire.
  • Blood on Their Hands

    Episode 7 - 60 mins
    The Traitors discover whether their seduction was successful; Alan has a deadly surprise.
  • Knives at Dawn

    Episode 8 - 58 mins
    The Traitors find their backs against the wall; a special guest appears during a beastly mission.
  • A Game of Death

    Episode 9 - 57 mins
    A Faithful and a Traitor clash; a Faithful must decide their fate after being given an ultimatum.
  • The Weight of Deceit

    Episode 10 - 58 mins
    The Faithful seem to be closing in as doubt spreads among one Traitor’s loyal supporters.

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