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The Six Million Dollar Man

The Six Million Dollar Man

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Lee Majors, Richard Anderson

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Scientists save a pilot after a near-fatal plane crash by implanting him with high-tech devices as limbs that give him superhuman abilities.
  • Nuclear Alert

    Episode 1 - 51 mins
    Steve hides on a plane carrying an illegal A-bomb.
  • The Pioneers

    Episode 2 - 51 mins
    Steve must use all his powers to subdue the male of a cryogenically frozen couple.
  • Pilot Error

    Episode 3 - 51 mins
    Blinded Steve must take the controls of a plane.
  • The Pal-Mir Escort

    Episode 4 - 51 mins
    Assassins stalk Steve and an ailing prime minister.
  • The Seven Million Dollar Man

    Episode 5 - 51 mins
    Another bionic man is created, even more powerful than Steve, but he is mentally unstable.
  • Straight on 'Til Morning

    Episode 6 - 51 mins
    Steve uses his power to help a radioactive alien return to her mother spacecraft.
  • The Midas Touch

    Episode 7 - 50 mins
    Steve's imprisoned when he tries to clear Oscar of smuggling.
  • The Deadly Replay

    Episode 8 - 51 mins
    Steve tests a rebuilt version of aircraft that caused his accident.
  • Act of Piracy

    Episode 9 - 51 mins
    Steve's trapped in a submerged diving bell when his ship is seized.
  • Stranger in Broken Fork

    Episode 10 - 51 mins
    Steve, suffering from amnesia, defends a woman who befriended him.
  • The Peeping Blonde

    Episode 11 - 51 mins
    A TV reporter's story makes Steve a kidnap target.
  • Cross-Country Kidnap

    Episode 12 - 51 mins
    Steve tries to protect a computer expert from kidnappers.
  • Lost Love

    Episode 13 - 51 mins
    Kidnappers disrupt Steve's reunion with an old flame.
  • The Last Kamikaze

    Episode 14 - 51 mins
    A lost Japanese pilot acquires a missing atomic warhead.
  • Return of the Robot Maker

    Episode 15 - 50 mins
    A robot duplicate of Oscar Goldman is used in a plot to destroy Steve and steal a secret formula.
  • Taneha

    Episode 16 - 51 mins
    Steve tries to save a rare cougar from hunters.
  • Look Alike

    Episode 17 - 50 mins
    An undercover agent becomes embroiled in a complex case of mistaken-identity.
  • The E.S.P. Spy

    Episode 18 - 50 mins
    Steve teams up with a clairvoyant teen to stop a foreign power from obtaining laser-weapons secrets.
  • The Bionic Woman Part 1

    Episode 19 - 50 mins
    Steve's fiancée becomes a candidate for bionic surgery.
  • The Bionic Woman Part 2

    Episode 20 - 50 mins
    Jaime uses her new powers to nab counterfeiters.
  • Outrage in Balinderry

    Episode 21 - 50 mins
    A patriot leads Steve to the kidnappers of an ambassador's wife.
  • Steve Austin, Fugitive

    Episode 22 - 50 mins
    Steve escapes police custody after being wrongly nabbed for murder.

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