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Simon Templar acts as a modern-day Robin Hood by traveling around the world stopping affluent criminals from taking advantage of innocent people.
  • The Miracle Tea Party
    Episode 1 - 49 mins
    The Saint helps out after an agent of England's Special Branch is murdered.
  • Lida
    Episode 2 - 49 mins
    The Saint helps crack a blackmail ring in the Bahamas.
  • Jeannine
    Episode 3 - 48 mins
    The Saint tries to prevent thieves from stealing the necklace of a foreign diplomat.
  • The Scorpion
    Episode 4 - 49 mins
    The Saint seeks to learn the identity of a man responsible for two deaths.
  • The Revolution Racket
    Episode 5 - 49 mins
    Simon runs into a gang of gun runners in South America.
  • The Saint Steps In
    Episode 6 - 48 mins
    A woman asks for Simon's help when she receives a threatening note.
  • The Loving Brothers
    Episode 7 - 48 mins
    The Saint helps a miner in Australia open up his enterprise.
  • The Man Who Liked Toys
    Episode 8 - 49 mins
    The Saint is called into a case by an old friend and becomes involved with bribery and murder.
  • The Death Penalty
    Episode 9 - 49 mins
    The Saint comes upon the body of a dying racketeer.
  • The Imprudent Politician
    Episode 10 - 48 mins
    Crooks attempt blackmail to learn the contents of a bill concerning import tariffs.
  • The Hi-Jackers
    Episode 11 - 48 mins
    The Saint helps crack a gang of thieves at an Army base in Germany.
  • The Unkind Philanthropist
    Episode 12 - 49 mins
    The Saint helps a woman working for a charity organization.
  • The Damsel in Distress
    Episode 13 - 48 mins
    The Saint helps out when the daughter of a friend has an illegitimate child.
  • The Contract
    Episode 14 - 46 mins
    The Saint picks up the pieces of an old robbery and tries to find the hidden loot.
  • The Set-Up
    Episode 15 - 48 mins
    A visit to a London gambling club leads the Saint to a gang of thieves.
  • The Rhine Maiden
    Episode 16 - 48 mins
    The Saint helps a woman seeking a man who is supposed to deliver a lot of money.
  • The Inescapable Word
    Episode 17 - 48 mins
    The Saint discovers strange goings-on at a research laboratory in the Scottish Highlands.
  • The Sign of the Claw
    Episode 18 - 48 mins
    The Saint is on the trail of a terrorist responsible for the death of one of his friends.
  • The Golden Frog
    Episode 19 - 47 mins
    The Saint helps an old friend who has been swindled out of his life savings.
  • The Frightened Inn-keeper
    Episode 20 - 48 mins
    The Saint responds to an S.O.S. from the daughter of an innkeeper.
  • Sibao
    Episode 21 - 48 mins
    The Saint learns about voodoo while vacationing in Haiti.
  • The Crime of the Century
    Episode 22 - 47 mins
    The Saint impersonates an expert safe cracker to infiltrate a gang of thieves.
  • The Happy Suicide
    Episode 23 - 48 mins
    The Saint meets a famous television personality.

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