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Watch The Real Housewives of New Jersey Season 4

A glimpse into the indulgent lives, adventures and personal relationships of five affluent and strong-willed women from the Garden State.
  • High Tide Low Blow
    Episode 1 - 44 mins
    Caroline receives a health diagnosis; Jacqueline's daughter overstays her welcome.
  • Poker Face
    Episode 2 - 44 mins
    Ashley has a hard time leaving the nest; Teresa's attempt at an apology turns into a violent brawl.
  • Third Eye Blind
    Episode 3 - 44 mins
    It's a gossip filled cruise down the Jersey coast; Jacqueline plays referee.
  • Drowning Pool
    Episode 4 - 44 mins
    Caroline celebrates her anniversary; Kathy hosts a pool party; Teresa and Joe have a blow out.
  • Spoiled Sports
    Episode 5 - 44 mins
    Joe gives Teresa a shocking ultimatum; Jacqueline hosts a dramatic family field day.
  • Uncivil Union
    Episode 6 - 44 mins
    Jaime announces he will marry Rich; Caroline, Teresa, and Jacqueline come together.
  • True Love, True Lies
    Episode 7 - 44 mins
    Caroline finds out what Teresa really thinks of her; Melissa debuts her new song with a party.
  • Best Friends For Never
    Episode 8 - 44 mins
    Jacqueline's daughter, Ashley, is running out of options; Lauren makes a shocking decision.
  • Public Displays of Rejection
    Episode 9 - 44 mins
    Teresa takes a big step with her brother; Melissa hosts a party for her radio debut.
  • Temporary Shrinkage
    Episode 10 - 44 mins
    Kathy tries to find love for her sister at the gay bar; Rosie visits Teresa.
  • The Sniff Test
    Episode 11 - 44 mins
    Teresa and Jacqueline share an awkward exchange at Antonia's birthday party.
  • The Jersey Side Step
    Episode 12 - 44 mins
    A live music festival courts drama; Caroline's family goes to the Fancy Food Festival.
  • Sit Down and Man Up
    Episode 13 - 44 mins
    Kathy opens a gelato stand in Patterson; Teresa is accused of profiting off her family's recipes.
  • Pack Your Baggage
    Episode 14 - 44 mins
    The women flee to the California coast to escape from Hurricane Irene; Teresa confronts Kathy.
  • If This RV Is a Rockin'
    Episode 15 - 44 mins
    The housewives decide to try surfing; Caroline has family issues.
  • Whine Country
    Episode 16 - 44 mins
    The Housewives' horseplay threatens to jeopardize a business meeting at a local vineyard in Napa.
  • Hot Tub of Sour Grapes
    Episode 17 - 44 mins
    Friendships may be beyond repair after Caroline overhears a conversation between Teresa and Kathy.
  • Dinasty of Denial
    Episode 18 - 44 mins
    New alliances are formed after the trip; Kathy goes to college for a day with her daughter.
  • A Bald Canary Sings
    Episode 19 - 44 mins
    Kathy tries to make a business deal while Melissa meets with a music hot-shot.
  • Strip Down Memory Lane
    Episode 20 - 44 mins
    Melissa prepares to confront her past; Teresa and Jacqueline's friendship is tested.
  • Reunion Part 1
    Episode 21 - 44 mins
    The women discuss some of the highlights of the season. Hosted by Andy Cohen.
  • Reunion Part 2
    Episode 22 - 43 mins
    The women answer questions from viewers; Joe Giudice discusses his behavior. Hosted by Andy Cohen.
  • Reunion Part 3
    Episode 23 - 43 mins
    The women and their husbands discuss dramatic moments of the season.
  • Lost Footage
    Episode 24 - 43 mins
    Extended footage of the best fights and funniest moments from Season 4.

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