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The Real Housewives of Atlanta

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Atlanta housewives live fabulous lives in Georgia's capital city, experiencing ups and downs in their love lives while juggling their personal and professional concerns.
  • New Attitude

    Episode 1 - 44 mins
    Kim reveals her affair in the tabloids; Dwight is spreading rumors about NeNe.
  • Model Behavior

    Episode 2 - 44 mins
    NeNe attends Atlanta's Dogwood Festival; Shereé agrees to go on a blind date.
  • White Hot

    Episode 3 - 44 mins
    Kandi travels to Palm Springs to support Kim; NeNe discusses Brice's brush with the law.
  • Petty Boughetto

    Episode 4 - 44 mins
    NeNe is determined to be happy again; Phaedra and Cynthia get to know each other.
  • Hot Mama's Day

    Episode 5 - 44 mins
    Kim is a guest on Kandi's web chat show; NeNe makes a revelation to Cynthia.
  • Trashed Collection

    Episode 6 - 44 mins
    NeNe hopes Cynthia's boyfriend will inspire Bryson; Kim and Kandi work on the new track.
  • She Can Dance?

    Episode 7 - 44 mins
    Sheree is determined to prove she can dance; Peter surprises Cynthia; Phaedra packs for the birth.
  • Is There a Doctor in the House?

    Episode 8 - 44 mins
    Phaedra and Apollo arrive in Augusta; Kim and Cynthia grill Dwight.
  • Nene Get Your Gun

    Episode 9 - 55 mins
    Phaedra adjusts to motherhood; Kim deals with her daughter's questions.
  • Auto-Tuned Up

    Episode 10 - 44 mins
    Kim works with a vocal coach; Sheree auditions for a local play; Peter confronts NeNe.
  • Contract Player

    Episode 11 - 44 mins
    Kim is more concerned with weight-loss than learning choreography; Sheree receives good news.
  • Not So Fine Print

    Episode 12 - 44 mins
    Kandi has a week to finish her album; Cynthia tries to reconcile with NeNe; Phaedra confronts Kim.
  • Tour-Ture

    Episode 13 - 44 mins
    Phaedra worries about having Kim at the baby debut; NeNe is confident about her interview.
  • Flamingo Road Block

    Episode 14 - 55 mins
    NeNe presents her first on-air interview; Peter's revelation hinders the relationship.
  • Floridon't

    Episode 15 - 55 mins
    Kandi's tour bus makes it to Miami; Kim and NeNe fight; Cynthia breaks down.
  • The Bride and the Doom

    Episode 16 - 66 mins
    Cynthia struggles with last minute wedding jitters; Phaedra returns to work.
  • Reunion Part 1

    Episode 17 - 44 mins
    The cast discusses the most talked-about antics of the season.
  • Reunion Part 2

    Episode 18 - 44 mins
    The cast discusses the most talked-about antics of the season.

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